Twirl is now earless

I took Twirl into the vet today to have her surgery. I felt so bad, but she is in so much pain and discomfort, I am hoping I am doing the right thing by her. They gave her a full check-up and that’s when they noticed she has these funny growths on all four of her foot pads. To me, they resemble planter’s warts. But the vets assure me that they are not warts. In fact, the vets say, they have never seen anything quite like this before. They are reddish brown and white, some growths are in the center of the larger foot pads, others appear on the nail pads. I authorized a biopsy to find out what in the devil this is. I wonder if maybe as a young kitten, she walked in something caustic?

Since there were so many hands in the room helping with this exam. The exam was to search for further evidence of cancer- they also determined she is four years old, not like the one vet at the other clinic told me- just over one year old. I swear, some vets shouldn’t be! Oh well, I am not going to start that rant about overpriced vet clinics where I seem to know more than the vets who examine my cats!

So, I just called the clinic, and Twirl has had her operation and is coming out of the anesthesia so she is still groggy. They will be keeping her overnight, because these ear flap operations cause the cat to bleed a great deal, plus she needs to be on pain meds. They have clipped her claws, and will call me if something untoward happens. Otherwise, we are in a wait and see status to see what the biopsy reveals. Poor little girl, she has to be so confused. I just hope that after the initial pain of the surgery goes away, she will be feeling no pain at all.

Came home to find Guinevere in a state. Her right eye is partially swollen, her third eyelid is almost covering her eye and it is rimmed in pink. I wonder if she scratched herself. I put some eye wash in her eye, and some ointment. But if she isn’t better by tomorrow, she gets to go with us to pick up Twirl so she can be seen. When it rains here, sometimes it really pours.

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