Hidden Kitty

Twirl has to be in such pain. She spends most of her day hiding under the futon. When I go upstairs, she will come out for a few minutes then she scoots under the furniture again. She quit eating this morning. I just sent hubby to the store with a list of different cat foods to buy to see if I can tempt her to eat. I called the vet to see if I could up the medication, but he says no, the pills are to strong and they are dosed out based on her weight.

She doesn’t care for me right now. She comes up to me and headbumps me, then hisses, backs away, headbumps, hisses. I know that the ears are so painful for her. I wish I could explain to her why they are and that headbumping should be off limits for now.

One thought on “Hidden Kitty

  1. Awww, poor little girl. But you are doing the right thing for her. I am keeping her in my thoughts, and my kitties send gentle purrs.

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