Two Up For Adoption

Besides Jet-Eye going up for adoption, we are also listing Delilah the kitty who was owned by meth heads. They left her behind after a drug raid on the trailer park and never came back to claim her. She is a beautiful 2 year old Mack Tabby with copper points. Midge came over this morning and gave her a photo ops moment. I am sure she will end up on our 2018 Calendar!




And here is Jet-Eye who I hope finds a home this week!



3 thoughts on “Two Up For Adoption

  1. I like Delilah’s second photo but she doesn’t look at her slimmest! Clearly it’s just the pose, as may be seen from the other pictures. And that second image of Jet-eye looks good, too. Is his left eye removed now, or is it just dead for him?

  2. She was skinny when she arrived here. Not so much now! No one has expressed an interest in her yet and she keeps trying to get outside. I know if she does- it will be up the tallest tree (200 feet) and then what? She just has this urge to climb- but she doesn’t show other alpha tendencies like pushing others away from the food or fighting with other cats. She must just want to see what is coming for her so she can be ready. Right now she is on the top shelf of my home office looking out the window as I type this.

  3. The right person – knowledgeable in the ways of cats – would have to be Delilah’s family; someone very careful about opening doors. I go out backwards ever since I have had cats, just to make sure no one is following me out the door.

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