I am so Thrilled, I am so Happy, I am so Jazzed!

Jet-Eye has a home! He is going to meet his new owner on Monday. Ironically, Jasmine also has a heart murmur. She understands the kitty is living on borrowed time, she lives by herself with no other animals and we have been texting and talking since the ad hit online. She sounds like the perfect candidate for him- but will know on Monday when we meet up in person.

I picked up the new stray this morning. A male, now neutered. He  has a white stripe down his back! I have decided to call him Odie Cologne which is the name of a famous skunk of King Leonardo. His name is also significant because he reeks of tomcat pee and I do mean reeks. He is NOT feral and when they gave him back to me, I saw there was blood on the towel in the cage and I said something to the girls. They were reluctant to even tell a vet about it because he was “so unhandable” their words not mine. I was stunned- it wasn’t just a little bit of blood- it was enough to raise my red flag, but they didn’t want to bother? So I took him to my other vet and explained the situation without telling them the name of the clinic where he got neutered. Funny thing about this “feral” cat. I was able to  using a towel, lift him out of the carrier gently and place him on the table. We put a towel over his head, and I  held him while he was checked out from head to toe. No “feral” cat would tolerate such  handling. His blood was coming from his paw- looked to me like being in the trap for five days, he had slashed his pad open on the wire. We put salve on it and I brought him home. He is in the deck enclosure decompressing. I put Revolution on him because he has really bad ear mites and tons of fleas- but his bath is going to have to wait for 8 days. He is so stinky right now- he is about two years old and is really a beautiful boy with that white stripe down his back.

So, as it always seems- one out, one in. If Monday works out, waiting in the wings is a feral queen and six, four day old kittens. I hear they are also crawling with fleas- but I don’t have any place to put them right now- so hoping the person takes my advice about putting diacotomous earth crystals in the nest.

3 thoughts on “I am so Thrilled, I am so Happy, I am so Jazzed!

  1. Good for Jet-eye! I hope his prospective person is all you want her to be. And we are all living limited lives, aren’t we? The healthiest person (or cat) may be hit by a car tomorrow, while a sickly creature, by care and affection, may outlive us all. I think I’d rather a cat live a short happy life than a long miserable existence; quality, rather than quantity.

  2. Jet-Eye’s eye is totally dead which is good because there is no pain. I did let the person know that if the eye starts swelling or gets hot or inflamed, chances are the eye will have to be removed. She seems really nice on the phone- but time will tell. Monday will be here soon enough and we will see if this pans out. There are two more people who have answered the ad waiting to hear how Monday goes. One of them, I would say at this point- no way would I even consider a meeting with, the second one shows promise.

  3. I have to trust your judgement for my little guy. you know I love him already. I pray that he will get the best home and be an only kitty or made odie cologne as a room mate. love the cow kitties also. ok so I love them all but still.

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