Despite the Nasty Weather-

Jet-Eye’s mom made it to the house and picked him up. He is now on his way to his new forever home! I hope all goes well when he is introduced in a few weeks to the resident kitty. Like I told Robin, Jet Eye may need you as much as you need him, but for now, it is Clancy’s ball court to see what happens. Out of all the indoor kitties here, Jet only clashed with a kitten around his same age- Quinn. All the others, he got along just fine with them. Fingers crossed Robin that this works for all involved.

Turner now has the enclosure all to herself. She’s to get 200 ml of sub cu’s daily for 4-5 days. She is now eating on her own and although a bit vocal about how unhappy she is being inside, she is adapting better than I thought. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

Got a call yesterday from a lady who has a tomcat trapped in her garage. From the description it sounds like an older mackerel tabby. She was asking me what I would do if I had the cat under my care. She said she had called the shelters but was told that if the cat was not “snuggable” they wouldn’t take it. I don’t think Barney is into snuggling from what I have learned. I told what our procedure was: testing, if positive kitty is put to sleep, if negative, they are vaccinated, neutered, socialized and hopefully will find a home someday. If not, they live here among us. So she said “what if I do everything except keep him?” She is willing to pay for all that needs to be done for him which is not an offer that comes our way often.

I went over there early this morning just to try and assess him- and yes, he is feral. He tried to bite me several times as I was attempting to wrap a towel around him and get him into a carrier. So no, Barney is not into snuggling. I did tell Janine that chances are he would get a name change too unless the neuter drastically changes his temperament! LOLĀ  I almost had him at one point but he was way up on a cupboard in the garage and wouldn’t you know it there was just enough space between the cupboard and the wall for him to slide down and stay out of reach. To get to him would have been a major undertaking and taken half the day to dismantle some shelves in the way. So I told her to set the trap up- wire it open. Start feeding him inside and also to drape a dark towel around the trap to create a safe cave atmosphere. Using tuna, bait the trigger, put the food in the back and once he is comfortable going in and out- take the wire off and catch him. We will see what comes of this sort of feral boy.

2 thoughts on “Despite the Nasty Weather-

  1. Only snuggable cats? They save only the politically correct ones? That’s like a hospital turning away injured people because they are grumpy or dirty.

  2. It’s called “selective rescue.” We take the ones no one else wants to take, and I am proud of that mission statement. They also let every pregnant queen have their babies (kittens adopt out quicker than the adults). Unless they are ready to pop, we spay the queens as soon as possible.

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