Well if that don’t beat all!

Yesterday I was blessed to receive 16 cases of canned cat food. Instead of bring them all inside (it was raining to beat heck!) I stacked them inside a cardboard box in my carport. I figured I would carry them in when the weather got nicer. This morning, I go  out there and the box is gone!

I admit to being scatterbrained, so I looked inside of all the cat enclosures, inside the house- in the truck, The food is gone- vanished into thin air. Nothing else has been tampered with. They can’t access our back yard unless they climb the fences because we lock the gates now . I’m so bummed. We had 10 cans left from the last donation and now I am going to have to make those cans stretch to next week.

I am going to do one last look around before I call the sheriff and report the theft.:( They left the cat litter- just not the food.

On a better note, Ms. Turner is eating on her own and I popped her on the scale. She has gained one pound since the vet visit. She is still getting fluids and being very vocal about her inside stay- but she is still with us and not in pain so that is all that matters to me.





3 thoughts on “Well if that don’t beat all!

  1. Sixteen cases is a lot to lose. There must be people who see when you receive large supplies. Let’s hope it goes to cats in need.

    As for Turner, a whole pound! She may have some time with you yet. And she ill probably settle down to life inside. Outside is too harsh for a senior like her.

  2. I hope it went for the right reason rather than to be sold off to buy cigarettes or beer- which has happened in the past. It just makes me heartsick.

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