Turner has taken a turn for the worse

This time the vet visit included x-rays and blood work. Turner’s heart rate was 200- the bladder completely empty as is the colon. The blood work will be back tomorrow morning and we will know if this is kidney failure or cancer or something else. She just has no gas left in the tank. She got off the x-ray table and bit a tech but in 20 seconds she was exhausted and just panting in the corner. Still in rapid dehydration even with getting 180 ml of fluids daily. I am to bump it up to 200 ml a day. When I got her home, she bit me when I tried to lift her out of the carrier. I really don’t want tomorrow to come. I have a feeling I know what is going to happen to her.

7 thoughts on “Turner has taken a turn for the worse

  1. OMG that is terrible news, but you gave her every chance in the world and she has had a long life and she lived it her way. She is a strong girl and maybe its her time to rest now. Praying for the best, no matter what it is.

  2. I spent the night with her. I don’t need blood work to tell me that she is suffering. She is so weak and dehydrated and last night she went into the litter pan and passed so much urine it filled the pan up. That’s acute renal failure and with her hypertension all that is left for her is to seizure out of this life. I won’t let that happen. I am taking her in early this morning and ending her suffering. I told her last night that I was so blessed to have had her in my life and she will be missed to the end of days. But I am not a fan of letting an animal suffer when you know the end result isn’t going to be pleasant for them. In my past, I knew a woman who also rescued but she never put the animals down and they suffered for it mightily. I told myself that if I ever was in a position to help animals that suffering wouldn’t be on the table at all. She lived life on her terms. Had she lived life on mine would this have ended up differently? I don’t know- they get renal failure from many things including a steady diet of dry food, trauma to the kidneys, shock, rapid dehydration- so many things both known and unknown. But she isn’t a lab experiment, she is a beloved kitty that has been here a long time.

  3. am so sorry Marty Anne, I know you love them all, but you also know them all and your judgement is spot on. So glad that she had you to care for her and to care enough to let her go. No matter how hard it is for you. God Speed Turner, you spent your life with someone loving you!

  4. I should have followed my instinct yesterday and just put her to sleep. I was just hoping this might be something she could recover from. Instead she suffered another night while we waited for the results.

  5. yes you waited but you can look at it as if you gave her one more night of being loved, she knew you were there to comfort her and I am sure that meant something special to her. I think I drank to much water today and it seems to be coming out of my eyes. God Speed little one(s) be blessed Mary Anne

  6. Thanks Guys- I just lost it this morning. A friend of mine, the same one who takes adoption photos of the cats here had made for me for Christmas my own personal calendar with photos of my cats. I was flipping through the calendar recording mike’s future doctor visits and there in May in all the glory sits Turner! God Bless Midge because Turner used to lie right by the side of the house and then dart under if strangers approached and yet there sits Turner my focus cat of my calendar.

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