Saying Goodbye to Sarah

I just gave permission for Sarah to be put to sleep. The last two options we tried 2 injections of B-12 and the appetite stimulant did not work. Sweet Kitty who deserved so much better was just put to sleep and is now out of her pain and confusion and her altered state of mind. We will never really know what claimed her- but her babies are doing okay for now and I hope that continues

3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Sarah

  1. I was praying she would recover so she could continue to be a good mom to her babies. I started crying as soon as I read this. RIP sweet Sarah.

  2. that is so sad to hear, yes she did deserve better, she did not deserve to be so young with babies. Thankfully she had you come into her life and give her love and let her now her babies were in good caring hands and they will not have to go through what she did. Go in peace little Angel Sarah. Be at peace Mary Anne, God has your back!

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