A Different Type of Rescue

This morning, on my way to feed a feral cat colony, I saw in the highway this shape- it looked like a rock. I wondered what a weird shaped rock was doing in the road and as I got closer the rock moved! It was 8:00 a.m. and there was traffic (not heavy) so I pulled over and darted out into the road and picked up this tiny  turtle! Thank God it wasn’t a snapping one!


It didn’t seem to be injured, so I took it over to a friend of mine and we decided to release it out into a local lake near her home. We were having a really bad storm and the lake was so choppy but this little guy- he couldn’t get in the water fast enough! I was just glad I noticed him and he hadn’t been hit by a car or had any wounds on him. This lake has a lot of turtles so hopefully, he will find a mate and live a happy life of 20 plus years!

Also, thanks to a friend of mine who runs www.felinefurniture.com (who by the way is also selling his business now) Scott designed a special outdoor cat house with doors that opened, but once the cat got inside, he couldn’t get out. There is wire on the side of the cat house so you can see who is in there and also to provide air for the trapped kitty. The only way the kitty can be let out- is by someone human. I trapped Chappy! Finally! it worked as soon as I put the house out by the enclosure. Chappy went in- and he was trapped.

I took him in the bedroom and just wanted to cry. He is bone skinny. He’s been outside I think about 8 months since the escape. He smells terribly, he was horribly matted (he’s part Persian) He hissed and growled at me at first, but he was so dehydrated and worn out I was able to work on a few mats with a seam ripper. I also gave him 180 ml of fluids- gave him a B-12 shot, force fed him some AD and started him on Clinedrops (he has a wound on his belly). I have done all I can to get him comfortable and come Monday, I will once again be at the vet. I’m so tired of being at the vet all the time- our bill now sits at $800.00. I was trying to keep ahead of it this year, but then we had all these really bad cases come through.  But he needs to be seen. When I pet him, all I feel is his backbone and mats. I will just have to work on the mats slowly over the next day working as he can handle it. He is growling at me and swearing but has not tried to bite me. I think he is just too depleted.


One thought on “A Different Type of Rescue

  1. Thank God you trapped Chappy. What a long time he was out on his own – and nature hasn’t been kind to him. You brought him home just in time. He will be all right once he realises he is safe again.

    Good work with the turtle! Those little fellows are in worse spots than sitting ducks on the roads.

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