Oh Happy Day Moment!

This morning while feeding the two porn kitties. 🙂 (Sorry, that’s what we call them because that is their history.) Anyway, I had to clean and straighten the place up so while I am in there, I just talk to the kitties like I am talking to another person and letting them know what I am doing.

I was in there longer than normal because we had a bad storm last night, and poor Fletcher, I guess you can say he is scared of thunder because he trashed the place. So there I am, putting things right. Dumbledore the big gray polydactyl until now has stayed inside the carrier inside the cage and growls at me any time I approach the carrier. (I hadn’t fed him yet that morning).

I’ve bent over to pick up a litter pan, and I hear this soft “Thump” behind me (where the cage is). I turn around and see Dumbles out of the carrier! I grab a can of food and a bag of dry, take a deep breath and go over to the door expecting him either to rush it or growl and advance on me. He just stood there looking at me.

I step inside, praying he won’t attack me. And ignoring him (he’s in the corner watching but not growling). I pop the lid, pour the food into the bowl and shake some dry. He steps out of the corner goes right to the food and starts eating!

I am just sitting there in the moment, the very first time, this Lost Boy and I have shared personal space since his arrival. I kneel down and talk softly to him and started to pet him! AND he let me!! I petted him a few times, he never ceased eating the entire time and since I didn’t want to push him. I turned around to leave with a big smile on my face. I want to get my scanner out and see if he is chipped but that is for another time. I can’t imagine anyone intentionally dumping a polydactyl they are highly desirable cats in Oregon. I am thinking he was once owned and either got out of the house or was owned by someone who didn’t want to spay or neuter. But he is not feral.

4 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day Moment!

  1. Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! That’s so exciting 🙂 Honestly I was so happy when my little Beau let me pick him up. (He was also a stray!)

  2. Well, like I always say: “Two steps forward, three steps back!” Dumbles is back to attack mode now at afternoon check. That’ll teach me to get my hopes up! LOL

  3. It doesn’t mean he won’t be friendly (or at least non-hostile) again. He let you touch him once. I think it will happen again. Time is on your side.

  4. Four holes placed in my hands this morning tell me otherwise! LOL We will get there. Apparently he only can be petted right now when distracted by food. I need to put flea treatment on both cats, but I dare not or risk losing a finger!

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