The Flood of Kittens

It is unprecedented for us, but this year finds us with 19 kittens in Foster care! There are two more that are here with me- Draco and Muggles- fast running out of supplies and most of them will be hopefully moving on to new homes (via other rescues). But they will be weaned off the bottle soon and returning here to be spayed/neutered and fed! Draco and Muggles are now eating canned kitten food, which is another unprecedented event for us. We usually don’t wean them until they are around 6 weeks old- but this year out of necessity and the fact that the formula no longer satisfies- we have accelerated the weaning process. We are feeding currently FF kitten food wet and Iams Kitten food dry. I just updated the wish list if someone has a few dollars they don’t need- well, we need the food. And still the phone rings constantly with people having abandoned kittens. Our Inn is full up at this time. It is just crazy madness at the moment.

Ashley is coming back to us on Saturday. Apparently she has been hiding under the bed of the Meowvillage volunteer since being dropped off over two weeks ago. They want to take another kitty in her place, so Barney, a 4 year old mack tabby tomcat (no more!) will be switched for her. Barney wandered into a garage in Albany and immediately started baptizing the walls, the cars, the equipment etc… He was finally trapped on Tues. Neutered on Weds and will be at Meowvillage on Saturday. He is not feral- but he hasn’t been inside a home either for a very long time where Ash has been living with us. They just don’t feel it would be fair to Ash to put her in a barn or a shop- so she will be picked up by me on Saturday.

Thanks for any help you can be with the kitten food. Adults are covered, it is the kittens who need the help.


11 thoughts on “The Flood of Kittens

  1. Hi Mary Ann!

    Just ordered wet food and dry from Amazon, wish it could be more. Should be there in a week or so, the order says by May 10-May 13. God bless you and each of your fur babies. Jo Ann

  2. Good Heavens, what a busy time. As busy as Eaton’s basement, as we used to say in Canada. I’m glad another of yours can go to the volunteer. I’ll see what I can send.

  3. I sent a little via chase quick pay. I wish I could help more, but every little bit helps. It should be enough to tide you over until supplies from Jo Ann and others arrive. Be Blessed!

  4. I just ordered 4 cases of kitten food. It should arrive to you on Sunday. Hope it helps you out.

  5. Thanks you guys, we really couldn’t do this without you. I’ll try to get photos up soon of Draco and Muggles and the rest. Right now my camera appears to be broken not sure why? Every time I try to snap a photo it tells me the card is protected? Then it just doesn’t take the photo.

  6. I just ordered kitten food wet and dry. You should be receiving in 2 days.

  7. Be on lookout for shipment delivery sometime before 8 p.m. don’t want anyone stealing the delivery.

  8. I have talked to the UPS driver and asked him to set the packages behind the gate. But the food has started to arrive and not a moment too soon! Thank you all again- three more kittens are merging from foster care and will be here tonight. Lake has been adopted out to a loving former adopter friend of ours. I know that Kim will follow through and spay her in a few weeks- but when they saw each other for the first time, it was love at first sight!

  9. Hoping you still accept Fresh Step Paw points. I just donate mine to you. Not many (425) but maybe can get something with it.

  10. I do accept and love the Fresh Step Paw Points Janice. Thank you for the point donation!

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