Kenner, Mira and Gunny


Three kittens ended up going to the vet. Turns out they got into something caustic and have burns on their tongues, back of the throat and roof of the mouth. The vet reminded me that when he examined Cassie, when he sniffed her- she smelled like DAWN soap as I had bathed her but also a strong chemical. Because of my ongoing cold, I couldn’t smell anything. He believes that whoever dumped the family also dumped some sort of chemical on the queen perhaps to hasten death? It worked because Cassie passed away this afternoon. And yes, I am digging yet another grave. šŸ™

The kittens are on antibiotics because they all had fairly high fevers and I am assist feeding them 7 times a day. But it was not the calicivirus so the littermates are back together and Ben said they should be doing better in a few days. The hardest part of this is when they open their mouth- you can see this white tissue just laying on the sides of their mouth and I have to take a warm q-tip and roll it off and pull gently because according to the vet, this is the toxin solidifying. Vet bill down to $800.00 now thanks to those of you digging deep. I am doing allĀ  I can on this end to solicit funds to get this paid off. My heart breaks for these babies who did not ask for all thisĀ abuse toĀ happen to them.


5 thoughts on “Kenner, Mira and Gunny

  1. The kittens must have burned their tongues trying to nurse off their mum. What an evil thing for someone to have done.

    Godspeed, Cassie; you gave your all for your children.

  2. How can they honestly live with themselves after something like this?
    Marian in Houston

  3. ahhh, I am so sorry to hear of Cassie passing. I do not want to imagine how she suffered at the hands of some monster. I just can not fathom how anyone can be so cruel. you did all that you could for her and she was blessed in the end to have you. RIP little Cassie, your babies are in the best hands. You did what yo could do Marry Anne, be at peace with that!!

  4. Bless you, Maryanne, for the heartbreaking work you do. It all too often shows you the ugly and horrific nature of some humans, but for the cats and kittens you rescue – even if it is all too often simply to help them on their passage to a better world – you are a heroine. I grieve for Cassie and pray her kittens to be returned to full health.

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