I Believe I might be back now

Thanks to my husband’s talented knowledge of building computers and my stepson Dennis who is an IT Wizard, I am back online. I am on Mike’s computer though- mine has been gifted to him and he can get it up and running and have the better computer. I don’t much care- I just want a computer that runs,

I took the five babies back to the vet yesterday because their mouths were turning into quite the mess. Even though they are young (just under 7 weeks old, we have them all on antibiotic and painkillers- so you know its bad because kittens this age rarely get prescribed painkillers.

The only thing they can eat is baby food- they seem to prefer ham over the chicken and turkey. I found them at Winco for $0.98 apiece which is cheaper than Wally World. They cry when they eat and it breaks my heart. I mix the food with meaty homemade broth to help them get it down better. Several of them can only chew on one side of the mouth, so there is a lot of head-tilting going on. Their gums are still shredding but the vet assures me that the antibiotic will take care of it in due time. Couldn’t be quick enough for me.

Mira had a name change, turned out the vet was wrong and Mira is a boy- so I call him Hooty. He is in love with a stuffed owl that I have and the name seems to fit him. He no longer leaks blood into the food bowl (his mouth was the worst of the littermates). So he is getting better. The other kittens tend to pick on him fiercely so he has been placed in foster care to recover. I believe that he will give as good as he gets when he starts feeling better and getting stronger.

We are chopping away on this sky-high vet bill even though someone once again made off with one of our donation boxes at the local grocery store. I wish they would just take the monies and leave the boxes- but I ordered two more and have permission to place it back into the store as soon as it arrives.

I will be posting photos of the kittens in a few minutes. They are beautiful tuxedo babies and they are warriors! They want to fight and they want to be here which I hope and pray will happen!

2 thoughts on “I Believe I might be back now

  1. Day by day, in small increments, these poor tormented kittens are getting better. You are literally holding their lives in your loving hands. It sounds that things are turning around, and there will be a happy ending. God blessed these kittens by sending them to you.

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