Photo of Hooty

This might show you some of the damage done to these babies more than anything else. My computer is up and running-even paypal now works but all my photos had been lost in translation, until Mike found them late last night and brought them back from the black internet hole they fell into! That white on his tongue (according to the vet) is the chemical solidifying and when it falls off some of the barbs on the tongue go with it- making kitties very painful and super reluctant to eat or drink. 🙁

2 thoughts on “Photo of Hooty

  1. Geez, what an on-going torment for the poor creatures. I assume the tongue will heal, but will the barbs grow back? Grooming must be painful, too.

  2. They cannot groom themselves. They get fed, medicated, bathed, dried and flea combed three times a day. They have even come to accept the blow dryer on low without struggles. I am happy to say that this morning- Coal the biggest boy was trying to eat on his own. Bindle, Burl, Pocket still can’t manage it. Hooty in foster care is now eating 1/2 jar of food a day without being fed. He just started this the other day. I am hoping his gum linings will grow back but don’t know if that is possible?

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