Quince Update

Surprisingly this beat up Tom has tested negative for the nasties. The vets believe he has been hit by a car- three of this pads have been split wide open and his back paw is devoid of claws whatsoever, they have ripped completely out of their socket! He is crawling with fleas and lice- thankfully the lice is species specific. They have sedated him and are trying to repair all the damage done to him.

Rocky, I read your comment and I agree. The police here, they have little to do with cats. They move quickly for dogs and livestock- but cats are another matter. The other day I determined that I am indeed done with rescue. I took down my logos off my truck, changed my message on my machine and prepared to walk away. Had anyone else called me about this cat, I wouldn’t have responded but I keep hoping the police especially will get a clue someday that these cats matter.

I want to just settle the vet debt and go off into the sunset. Work on my ongoing book and help folks that way once it is published. Now I will have several hundreds of dollars to add to the debt- but the only other option for this old boy was to leave him on the streets and let him die slowly. I can’t do it. I thought he just had a bad case of pillow paws but that isn’t the case. The impact of the trauma he suffered split his paws completely in two. How he managed to get along as long as he has is a testament to the stray’s ability to fight off pain and trauma. I won’t let him down and just pull the plug because it is “easier or cheaper.” He is a fighter, and I will stay in his corner for as long as I see him fighting for his life.

I took a drive back to the location where I found him- near a dam and a park. I was cruising the area looking for signs of a hoarder but I didn’t see anyone. I knocked on a few doors but no one claims him as theirs. I didn’t expect them to- as I told you- he is bone skinny- dehydrated and no one has loved him for a very long time. More than likely someone dumped this boy in this out of the way park and just drove off.

I can’t walk away from him or the responsibility to cover this added cost. It’s not in my DNA.

1:00 update- with the extent of his injuries- they are keeping him until Monday on continuous drip of fluids painkillers and anti inflammatories. They had to knock him out to treat him so they also neutered him today. Poor kitty is not going to know what hit him! But I know what hit him: Love- love hit him, square in the nose~

If anyone wants to make a direct payment to the clinic:
Faithful Friends Animal Clinic
185 N. Santiam Highway
Lebanon OR 97355
Account is under my personal name Mary Anne Miller DBA Cats Inc.,


7 thoughts on “Quince Update

  1. I didn’t know the financial situation was so dire; that the guaranteed monthly donations were so low. I think you are so brave & strong to do what you do. Really awesome! I see that you made the decision to be done with rescue, and goodness knows, you’ve done your time. I can only begin to understand the toll this takes on your heart, and coupled with the troubles with your husband, I see why you are ready to lay this burden down. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a few years now, rarely comment & occasionally make small donations. I just sent you another donation to help with the vet bill. If by chance, you have a change of heart & continue rescue, I’m willing to make that a “pledge” donation every month. I know it’s a drop in the bucket against the tide, but at least you know it will be there. Always being short on funds, I’m kicking around some fund raising ideas – auctions or ebay – but not sure yet how to execute. At any rate, be assured there’s someone in NJ praying for you, Mike & the cats.

  2. At this point my friend- anything will help. I have plans to try and go on the radio Monday (if they will allow it) and plead for financial help on this particular bill

  3. the way the police call on you for help they should let you put a donation jar at the station, something, anything to help you take care of these babies

  4. I hope that helped, called tghe vet and made a cc donation for you, bless you for what you do Mary Anne

  5. Thank you so much Sue! We have never had such a high vet debt but then, we don’t take the easy cases here either. God Bless You!

  6. Mary Anne, I too called the vet and put something toward it. Thank you for all you do! I’ve moved so I haven’t been reading your blog like I used to! Now that I’m all settled in (Moved from RI to FL!) I’ll make sure to keep reading. You, Mike and all the cats have been in my thoughts and prayers!

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