Quince is Home!

Poor boy, he has staples in his feet and pain in his eyes. They gave me three days of Robenacoxib to give him. He has a bad URI so they gave him a shot of Covenia and he is all snuggled down in the cat enclosure. No feral bone in this boy’s body. I believe he was lashing out because he was in such incredible pain and had no idea what was coming next. The vet said the reason he looks like he has mange (which is rare for cats here in Oregon) is because of the lice. They gave him revolution for both the fleas and the lice and told me to keep him on Revolution from here on in.  I am to brush him out daily as he tolerates, keep groceries in front of him and monitor his feet for unusual bleeding or swelling. he was doing roll overs earlier when I started petting him. he is only four years old even though he looks ancient. My friend Midge came by to take photos and they can be seen below. He looks so much better!  am blessed just by him being here. He loves belly rubs and head rubs. I haven’t heard him purr yet- give it time, I think there is a purr or two around the corner. I just have to be patient.


One thought on “Quince is Home!

  1. The poor guy looks like he’s had everything bad happen to him that can happen. Whatever occurs now, it will be much better than what has gone before. Good luck to his recovery!

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