Hobbit has been Adopted!

She has been missing her brother, Bud like crazy after he got adopted a few weeks ago. Now it is her turn for her forever home and it is a wonderful place with four adults who will love her like another member of their family. They have a 10 year old orange tabby but are ready to expand their home and take on a kitten.

I took her over there this morning, lifted her out of the carrier, put her on the bathroom floor and she immediately went over and crawled on the mom’s Jill’s lap like she belonged there!  Jill is an older woman with two sons college-age, a hard-working husband and a beautiful home. Jill has COPD she has degenerative spinal disease and she wanted a kitten for comfort and companionship. I knew the minute Hobbit crawled in her lap that this was the right home for this little girl. Jill told me that for her animals are not animals, they are a member of the immediate family and will treated as such.

I had to laugh because I went out to the truck to get the kitty care package and coming back into the home, I couldn’t remember which door led to the master bedroom where Hobbit will be staying. The three bedrooms are right next to each other and all the doors were closed. I accidentally opened up the son’s door. He was in the kitchen and he called out “Look someone is opening up my bedroom door!” I was embarrassed and spun around to apologize and saw he was smiling. he said “Don’t worry about it, I was just getting excited thinking maybe the new kitten was going to sleep with me! ” LOL  Again another confirmation that Hobbit has found a home.

I asked Jill where she heard of me and she said last year she read a story at Christmas time about a cat named Cyclone who went missing for 9 years and returned back to us. She had clipped out the article and hung it on her bedroom wall. Said she knew that when they were ready to expand their heart and home, I would be the one to lead her to the right kitten!

Speaking of publicity, I contacted several radio stations with Quince’s story hoping to get some air time for him and some more donations to hit this vet debt. Please pray that the people reading the story and seeing the photos will be led to share it with their listeners and hearts will be moved.



2 thoughts on “Hobbit has been Adopted!

  1. oh my, she will be so loved, she is such a cute little thing. I want one!!!!!! sadly is not to be but I can love them thru you, bless you Mary Anne for what you do and for all that you do for them.

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