Quince’s Next Challenge

Poor kitty cannot catch a break. He has stones in his bladder and the trick is to get him to drink more. One way is to put him on a prescription diet of dry food (he only eats canned at the moment) or to present him with a pet fountain. I just put two pet fountains on our wish list if someone would be kind enough to order one for him- that would be awesome. Otherwise his urine is so concentrated that he is facing big issues in the future. I can’t give him fluids very easily. I don’t turn him into a sprinkler, but he turns me into one! LOL He’s had his fill of getting poked with needles and now does some deep poking of his own. I am adding water to his canned food- but he really needs to start drinking on his own.

I just made a huge vet payment. I should of held some back for this but I didn’t know at the time, and my vet debt is still giving me nightmares. Thank you for any assistance

3 thoughts on “Quince’s Next Challenge

  1. The poor guy. He really does need a break – and so do you. Even if you can’t buy a fountain right now, the vet bill is reduced. That will keep you going with the cats’ doctors, at least.

  2. Royal Canine now makes a gravy morsel wet food. My cat, who is prone to struvite crystals loves it. I know those stones can beat the bladder up pretty good.

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