Look What I Found~

Yesterday morning, lying in the grass was this baby possum! I thought at first it had met its demise from one of the cats, but it was playing possum. I picked it up with a towel and put in a heated snugglepad because it was as still as a ghost. Using a rolled up banana leaf, I made a funnel and trickled some water into its mouth hoping if it was in shock- it would revive it. I saw it swallow so knew there was hope. Still wouldn’t move, so I covered it up and placed it in an empty enclosure. When I went back a few hours later- again expecting it not to have survived, it had latched on to the bars of the carrier and wanted out. The minute I went to reunite baby with mama (she is living under our haybarn with 8 little ones- it went all silent again which was pretty funny considering it paused mid-leap to get out of Dodge. I had to back away and keep the cats away before it finally made its escape.

Between Queen Possum with 8 babies and Mama Skunk with five babies, our place can get a bit busy early in the mornings!

2 thoughts on “Look What I Found~

  1. So cute! I love possums. My nickname just happens to be Possumlady. They are great to have around as one Possum can eat up to 5,000 ticks in a season!

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