Moochie’s Challenge

The rest of the test results came back and sadly, Mooch has intestinal lymphoma. We are going to give the special food and meds a try for about two weeks and if the diarrhea goes away, then we will put her on Steriods and a chemo pill. But if it looks like she is suffering or losing her quality of life, Rosa has asked me to step in and stamp her Bridge pass. 🙁  Doggone it anyway- was just hoping this would be a matter of an intestinal parasite and not cancer.

2 thoughts on “Moochie’s Challenge

  1. So sorry to hear this. But I will hope that as happened with one of my oldsters (diagnosis was lymphoma vs severe ibd), that the steroids will do the trick. My cat did quite well, and it extended his quality of life time with us.

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