Moochie Update

Yesterday, we went and visited Rosa and Moochie and I am happy to say that Moochie’s diarrhea is gone and she is feeling much better. We started her on the steroids and the anti-nausea medicine as well as the chemo pill. I am not sure why they are giving her the chemo pill, I always thought you got that after the radiation therapy when you are chasing cancer- but I am not a vet and I trust mine. Jerry, Rosa’s husband of 65 years is being placed into a nursing home then will go into a memory center to manage his altzheimers. I am glad we didn’t take Moochie away from her- all the time we were there yesterday, Moochie was sitting on Rosa’s lap and I know bringing her great comfort. I know with our home, Tripp is Mike’s kitty now and brings him a lot of smiles in his day. Cats are important to our well-being so I am glad both kitties are doing well. and can provide support for their humans. Mike has MRSA again (this will┬ábe his fifth go-around with it) They did a culture on his leg yesterday because it looked inflamed. His doctor is still a bit miffed at me because I didn’t take Mike to his appointment last week. I was too sick to make the drive and we didn’t have anyone else who could take Mike. I was a bit surprised at how nasty the doctor was to me when I called to cancel the appointment- but I am trying to stay open-minded about this new doctor. He makes it hard to like him though when he acts like a child and throws mini tantrums on the phone! LOL

2 thoughts on “Moochie Update

  1. So happy for Rosa and Moochie that they have each other. And that Mike has you and Tripp. Don’t let a hissy doctor get you down!

  2. Yes, cats and dogs – whatever our favourite animal – can work wonders. Mike must be very tired of having to see doctors and hospitals. I hope things improve for him. The poor man seems to go from one thing to another.

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