On the Topic of Cat Litter

It is extremely expensive to ship litter to us- BUT if you award CATS Inc., points from Fresh Step, we can order the litter with the points and they pay for the shipping. That works for us- so just wanted to put that out there for others to consider.

This morning while feeding, I saw a stray I am not familiar with feeding. She is in bad shape- possibly pregnant- a long-haired gray with a wound on the back of her leg (probably from a tom) I am going to set my traps tonight- please pray that I don’t capture other wildlife instead of her. Probably only get another one of our free-roaming sanctuary cats. I have taken Bentley out of so many cat traps lately! You would think he would learn not to go in them-but he loves the wet food too much I guess. He has his own supply of wet food in the 24/7 enclosure but that doesn’t seem to deter him from robbing the traps of their wet food! This gray kitty looks quite young and her wound is pretty severe.

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