Unable to Escape Rescue

Although we have had to make a conscious effort not to actively rescue (until we can secure a place to get weekly donations of food or a donation that allows us to secure the food needed) Our phone still rings off the hook from people pleading for help. One such call from the Parks Department sent me to a local park where some lowlife decided to dump a manx kitty  not very old. I tried to set up a cat house using leaves, ivy and tree branches to hide it- as the kitten was seen close to a hiking trail. It has taken a few days but I finally captured the little darling and she was covered in fleas and dirt and has since had a bath, been de-wormed- de-flead and given groceries. She is quite skinny I am calling her Winter and I know that once she gets spayed, she will go to a home rather quickly because Manx mixes are highly desirable.

Here she is and I am so thankful I got her quickly as the temperature is unseasonably colder than usual (in the 30’s for pity’s sake!)

5 thoughts on “Unable to Escape Rescue

  1. absolutely beautiful little girl, you are a godsend to these babies, is just a shame that those that call on you like the parks dept. can not help you secure donations and food.

  2. Oh how I wished I lived closer! I adore the manx breed – was lucky enough to adopt one from my local shelter in 1996. Butterball was the absolute best cat. Had the best temperament of any cat I have had – never in the 12 years I had him did he ever growl, hiss, or take a swipe at me. Best of luck with Winter!

  3. She apparently has a brother/sister as I was this morning taking down the shelter when I saw him/her Where winter is patterned, her sibling is solid gray with white patches and also a Manx mix. I am leaving the shelter up a bit longer doing the feedings and pray that I catch this beauty as well. 🙁 This sibling is short-haired as well and wilder than Winter.

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