And it isn’t even Halloween Yet!

Yesterday, I had such a fright. Mike fell getting out of the shower and was unable to gain his footing (no pun intended) This man did not call out to me until he was on the floor for 15 minutes! I went in there and it looked like a mini murder scene. 🙁 I called 911 and four paramedics had to assist Mike back up his chair. They all strongly suggested he go to the hospital, but he refused. You know, sometimes I wonder why I even bother? If he doesn’t care about his health, then why should I? I’m sorry guess it sounds like I want to throw a pity party but it is so infuriating when he doesn’t take accountability for his condition and be proactive in trying to make it better.

The other day at the dog park, I happened to meet a lady who is the same age as my husband. She is the last known polio victim in the United States and she has not lost one leg- but both. Instead of crawling into the corner and letting it overtake her and yes, she weighs probably as much as Mike does- she is out and about- running her dogs in the park and has the brightest outlook on life. I told her that I wish Mike and her could meet and talk but he’s not interested (I asked him when I got home). It’s hard to watch someone you love just give up on himself. There’s not much I can do about it- had he knocked himself unconscious yesterday, he WOULD be in the hospital.

Kota alerted me to the fall- I think he smelled the blood and got anxious because Mike wasn’t making much noise at all. 🙁 Sorry to vent, but sometimes, I just feel like I am going to explode backward and fly out the door never to return whole again.

3 thoughts on “And it isn’t even Halloween Yet!

  1. I’m sorry for Mike’s attitude, Mary Anne. Being a caretaker is complicated and emotionally difficult enough, even moreso when the one being cared for won’t admit the situation. Our animals are much easier in this respect–as soon as they begin to feel better, they resume life as much as possible and adapt to what has changed. We could learn.

  2. Sometimes taking care of someone is as hard on the care-taker as the person being cared for. Sometimes it’s even worse. The good we do will be rewarded with peace, just perhaps not on this side of life.

  3. Oh my! Well, it won’t make you feel any better, but The Hubby won’t see a doctor, and hasn’t seen one for anything other than an emergency since he was about 17 years old. That was almost 50 (yes, fifty!) years ago. He’s got a bad heart, and some other issues but won’t go. Have thought about making an appointment, then giving him knock-out drugs to drag him in! Or whack him with a two-by-four…
    What John commented above is lovely!

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