Food is Arriving

Thank you nameless ones 🙂 We have bags of cat food arriving almost daily and although some bear the buyer’s names, others do not. I cannot thank you enough for your generous spirit. Small boxes, big bags, it matters not- it all is going for the good of the cats here. I keep seeing new strays all the time and I am puzzled and figure they were just dropped here. The strangest part about it is all the new strays are orange or orange and white or calicos? Not a common color here usually. One gorgeous girl looks young and very pregnant. I am hoping to trap her fairly soon but so far, am only trapping the cats already fixed here. This little girl looks to be about 6 months old, she is long-hair and likes to peek out at me from under the deck or behind a tree. She is gorgeous though- hoping soon to be able to blog that we caught her.


Mike is not doing well. This morning I went and talked to his doctor (he has an appointment tomorrow afternoon) I have asked the doctor to either put Mike in the hospital or in Respite Care. As selfish as it sounds- I need a break. Also he is NOT doing well. He is barely eating, he sleeps almost all day and he is weak and has been re-diagnosed with MRSA. He also has another serious problem that would be TMI if I shared it. He needs to be in a hospital to get the best care. We will see how tomorrow goes after the idea is approached to him.


2 thoughts on “Food is Arriving

  1. I’m sorry about Mike’s condition. It’s not selfish to want a break from caring for him. And it would do him good to be in a hospital, too. As good as you are at caring for him, you can’t do everything, and the more tired you become, the greater the chance of a mistake. I hope he co-operates with the idea to put him in the hospital, at least for a while.

  2. I agree with John. As the caretaker for so many, you need some care too! I hope Mike’s spirit rebounds, and that his health improves.

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