The Five Strays

They have been elusive since being dumped here. I suspect I know who brought them here and why, but at this point it is my focus to just get them some vet help. Last night, I managed to finally see one long enough to somewhat evaluate him/her. He is old, he is sick, his eye is messed up, his ear is torn and bloody, he is paper thin. If I had to guess I would say leukemia has him/her in its grip. I can’t set the trap-too many other critters to catch so I will start by going out at night and building a fire in the shop where he hangs out and keeping it warm so he doesn’t freeze to death. We had a limb go through the shop last year and although we removed the limb- fixing the shop wasn’t in the budget so it was just tarped over until we can repair the roof. I don’t like going in there- even though Mike’s buds put a lot of braces on the roof to keep it up. But I have to keep these strays warm. I will start feeding in there and see if I can gain their acceptance- but if he is any indication of what the others look like, then they are all in trouble. This boy/girl is orange and white and I suspect a tom just by the nature of the injuries I see on him. He did stay still long enough for me to put a plate of food near the fence where he was sitting- but it can take weeks to gain their trust and it is weeks I don’t think he has. 🙁

4 thoughts on “The Five Strays

  1. Oh No! The food I ordered from your wishlist got sent to my house. I guess I don’t know how order/ship from charity wishlists. Today, I sent you a money donation via Paypal instead.

  2. Thank you Valerie, you have no idea how you have blessed us! I just wanted to add that if we were in the summer months- we wouldn’t feed at night- it wouldn’t be necessary. Plus we don’t feed canned in the summer due to bees and ants and flies. But in the winter when the temp is so low one of the ways these beautiful cats stay warm is by eating. I can’t take that away from them even when I know that the wildlife is consuming a large portion of the food.

  3. These ones sound in very poor shape. Good luck in bringing them in. If one has leukemia, then at least you can give him rest. The poor strays…

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