The Night Feeder

The skinny orange stray will now jump into the center of the wet food tray and make it impossible for the others to eat out of the same tray. It breaks my heart to see him so hungry yet still so elusive. I could use my catch pole but those aren’t the best thing for cats. They can do great harm and are easier on feral dogs as a catching device than cats. He is coming to the night feedings- I have been sprinkling the food with antibiotic powder as probiotics and his eye looks a bit better. I try to stay out there while he’s eating so he will get used to me, but if I stay beyond 5 minutes he will leave. I would rather he get to the food- so will still be using the slow, soft approach with him rather than a trap or the pole.

Last night when I was out there, Mama Possum and her 6 young ones came to the feast. They are getting so big and mom is huge. I don’t want to tangle with her- out of all the wildlife here, I would put her as the most aggressive. One of her babies looks like it is an albino! But maybe the coloring hasn’t kicked in yet- since I know little about when the babies colors start to change.

We are still turning down more rescues on a daily basis.Nothing I can do about it except recommend other rescues in the area that might help these people. We still just have one store donating on a weekly basis but the bags are 4 pounders so far. Our storeroom- thanks to those of you who sent either food or money our way, is a bit fatter these days. We have 15 bags of dry food of various weights and a cupboard of wet food- so thank you all of you again for your help.

On a somber note, Mike has now been diagnosed with Stage III Kidney Disease. We are told that the transplant list is 7 years long and they put the more critical (and youthful) patients first. There are apparently five stages of this disease and ironically, he has this because of all the antibiotics he has been prescribed in the last three years.They have now ceased giving him Bactrum and are resorting to lesser strengths of antibiotics to help clear up his infections and issues.

3 thoughts on “The Night Feeder

  1. You can stay in stage 3 CKD for a very long time especially if you follow the kidney friendly diet. My mom has been barely in stage 4 for over 2 years. Hang tough.

  2. I know that you’ll find a solution to getting the skinny orange kitty to eat politely. Always amazes me that the other cats will tolerate that stuff, rather than giving a few whappy paws (or worse!) so they can all eat. Here’s hoping Mike’s new antibiotics do the trick.

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