A Day in the Life of Kitten Rescuer

A local clinic just called and a woman has found 3 two week old kittens in her backyard. She wants to bring them to the clinic to be euthanized! I told the gal to give the woman my phone number and have her call me instead. I can’t imagine someone wanting abandoned kittens killed versus saved. 🙁

The kittens are here at the house and there are four of them, not three. They are a cross between mackeral tabbies and torties. At their first feeding, the boys fought the nipple. I tried using a new product I recently received- a critter litter titter- but they really didn’t take on to that either. I managed to feed each one using a small feeding syringe as they are really young (about a week and a half old) to know how to suck a nipple. A queen’s teat is another story, but I am fresh out of queens.

There are (I think) three boys and one girl. Stimulation produced only urine no stool but there is no telling how long it has been till they have eaten.

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