Slip-Day 2

I know she looks sad and pathetic in this photo, but this was taken right after she arrived home from the vet’s. She is still not eating, so I have moved her into the bedroom (much to the resident cats’ dismay!) They looked at me as if to say: “But Mom, you promised us! No more kittens!” I explained that Slip (and the others when I capture them) are flukes- lovable flukes, but flukes all the same. When I get my hands on her, she leans into the pets, headbumps and wants so much more. Her incision looks good, her crummy ears are now all cleaned out and she really is a sweet, sweet, girl which gives me the hope, the others out in the yard are the same.

This morning, Tripp brought us a frog for breakfast! Thankfully not a toxic toad or salamander but a tree frog that I released back in the orchard. It appeared unhurt. I told Tripp I would pay him back in a few days with fresh turkey meat for his hunting prowness.

4 thoughts on “Slip-Day 2

  1. Your an amazing person…I hope you and Mike have a very happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all you do…

  2. I’d be a bit discouraged after a veterinary visit, too. She sounds as if she will come around with the right care.

    And good work, Tripp – I’m glad he didn’t hurt the frog.

  3. Hi. I live out in the country in the Upper Peninsula, People saw we had a cpl cats and drop offs began. My barn, now called the cat barn, is over run w/wild kitties. I saw your outdoor kitty homes and was wondering if you could send me more pictures or plans so I can put together cat condos for them to keep warm? The barn has a chicken coop, a horse shelter/run in and has a lot of “stuff” stored in it, I have tried to set areas up with hidey holes that are sheltered but I am afraid I need a lot more w/separation they have been fighting a lot this year. I get so frustrated where I live most just shoot the unwanted… I can NOT do that, so I feed them and try to keep them warm. ANY ideas you can share would be great. How do you catch them to get them fixed??? Most are full grown and terrified, we have managed to calm several but I really need to get them fixed, pretty sure they are inbred several are sick but crazy scared. I know you are busy so Thank you for any help/ideas. Gods blessings for you, the furries and your husband.

  4. I am not sure where you are located- but are there any feral cat rescue organizations in your immediate area that can step up and help you out? Trapping these cats and getting them tested and spayed would be the first order of business so the population won’t keep increasing. Because I don’t know where the Upper Pennisula you are referring to is located, I cannot help you in your search- but you need someone who is expert at TNR to come in and lend a hand.

    The problem with trapping large numbers of stray cats is once the traps start going off, the clowder is alerted and the cats will skedaddle quickly. To aid in their quick capture, we pull food from them for 48 hours making the desire for food deeper than the desire to flee. Once they get in the trap it is best to cover them with a dark cloth and remove the trap from the area to a holding area away from the others. If they don’t sound the alarm of distress by crying- they will do it in a pee-mail and that scent carries quickly and over a long distance. Putting them into another outbuilding is usually best.

    I just wish I could reach out through the computer and give you a hand- but as I tell anyone who contacts us who does not live in Oregon- you just google the town, city, village wherever you live and add in the search feral cat rescue. For example, we are in Sweet Home Oregon so I would type that in then type in feral cat rescue after the city/state. You should get a list of organizations and I would start calling them immediately and explaining the situation. Sometimes, offering them a donation will get you a response quicker- yes, I guess you can call it a bribe, but trapping cats is not easy and most organizations are generally full up and swamped around this time. Telling them also that you are willing to take all the cats back after the spays/neuters will also make the response time quicker.

    As far as plans for our cat enclosures- we have no blueprints- we just converted other outbuildings that existed into workable cat enclosures to accommodate the cats here. We currently care for 17 stray cats here.

    I have to take Molly back to the vet here in a few minutes, her wound has gotten re-infected so she has to have another procedure done on her wound. But when I get home, I will make a free standing post that shows the before and after of the buildings we turned into cat enclosures to give you some idea. You can also go to Google Images and type in catios and they will show you different cat enclosures that people have built- there are blueprints available (I believe on Alley Cat Allies Website and also LisaViolets Cat House website has some as well- or just google cat enclosure plans and see what comes up. Best of Luck-

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