Thanks to a Good Friend

I have been able to end the pain for my senior girl. Robert went under the house a few hours ago and extracted her. I rushed her to the  vet where a mass was discovered in her stomach and we put her to sleep. I gave them a check.  She had a good, long life even being outside and yes, Dash was a brave kitty right to the very end.

I discovered when I got home that my check isn’t fully covered. It is $50.00 short. 🙁  I have to figure out how to cover it now and quickly but at least her agony is over and she is up in heaven with her family now. The vet said she wouldn’t have made it through another week.

5 thoughts on “Thanks to a Good Friend

  1. Good for Robert. Well done. I’m sorry Dash’s time was at hand, but she died wih a friend, and is now out of pain.

    I wish I could send you something but I don’t have anything right now. How long do you have to find the funds?

  2. I have a few days. It will be okay (I hope!). I can always pawn something. I just didn’t want her to be in pain any longer. She went from weighing over 25 pounds down to 10! Because her hair was so long and she was so elusive, the weight loss went unnoticed. She was beautiful, she had a long, good life and now she is with her family in heaven. Her kittens have preceded her- Chappy was her son and he was her favorite. He died this year as well. 🙁 Robert is a Saint. He is 5 foot tall and slender as a string bean. He was able to get his arm through the two crisscross beams supporting some of the ramp and pull her through. She didn’t hiss, claw or fight. Her fight was pretty much over. They suspect it was cancer. 🙁

  3. Poor girl. Thank God for Robert’s help. Dash had as good a life as an outdoor cat is going to get; thanks to you she did indeed live a long, full life. Godspeed, Dash.

  4. I sent you something, I do hope it helps and I am so sorry I can not do more. Run with Chappy free, You set the terms for the love you received. Be blessed!

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