Playing Catch Up

Mike’s youngest son left this morning and I have to say that the visit went much smoother than I thought it would. He does not like cats. He wouldn’t hurt them, but he just doesn’t care for them. But, just like cats will, they knew he didn’t like them so they were all over him! LOL He tolerated the invasion quite well and in the end of the visit, admitted to really liking Pita and Pigeon. He fixed some things around here that seriously needed attention and he saw a different side to his Dad than he remembers. He and I had a long (almost two hour) cleansing talk on this fourth day here. He asked me to tell him all- and so I did. I wasn’t going to- but I have been carrying all this for so long and to finally let it out to someone who knows Mike was quite the relief.

I told him that initially, I thought he might be coming to check up on  how I take care of Mike and then would report to his brothers and sister about how the care fell short. He just looked at me when I said that, and hugged me and said nothing could be further from the truth. He came because he wanted to see for himself, all that was involved in taking care of his Dad.

He is on his way driving back to Denver (a 20 hour drive) so if anyone is just checking into this blog and could say a prayer for Dennis to get home safe- he is headed into some pretty nasty weather after he leaves Ogden Utah that would be appreciated.

Kota has a growth on his leg and I took him to the vet. They suspect it is mass cell but he is only a year old! I will take him for a second opinion on Weds. They did a scraping and said that the growth wasn’t like anything they normally see on a dog- and there were so many inflammatory cells that it causes them to suspect cancer. We just want a second opinion before any other action is taken.

This morning, when I went to pick up cat food, we got two small bags of fancy feast and one pack of canned ff. Won’t last too long I am afraid. We have the low protein stuff in storage Meow Mix, Kit-n-Kaboodle but the cat chow and kitten chow is long gone. Just one foot in front of the other is how we are playing this now. I have called the recipients who are getting our old donations and they always tell me they have no cat food available. It’s frustrating and bit scary at times.

Still haven’t caught one-eyed kitty or the new gray long-hair but will keep trying. We are not quitters-

Everybody be safe on New Year’s love and hug those around you and practice acts of kindness when you are out and about. So many are hurting right now- so many broken souls wandering around.

5 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. I just sent you (4) 16 pound bags of Purina Cat Chow from Petco. They say delivery in 3-5 days. Best wishes to you, Mike, family & pets for a Happy New Year!

  2. It’s good to read that the visit was better than you had anticipated. It’s good to know that family is on your side. I suspect Mike’s son has a greater appreciation of all you do for his father now.

    Best wishes for Kota. He’s so young to have such tribulations.

    I will be writing more before new year’s…

  3. I think you need to add more items to your wish list on Amazon. I don’t see anything unless I’m looking in the wrong stop. Could be the case.

  4. When I go to my wish list to add items, the screen starts flashing and I am unable to type anything new or edit anything there? I have several emails out to Amazon for help- so far nothing but an automated response that they received my email and will be answering it soon. I don’t know what is going on- hope to hear from them soon.

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