You Can’t Save Them All

This morning, with a lot of tears and prayers, we let Fletcher go to the Bridge. He suffered from unpredictable and unprovoked acts of aggression and this cat was not kidding around. He put Molly in the hospital for two days, he attacked Magoo and Gadget. He would rush the fence and try to get to Kota, he has attacked me over a half-a-dozen times. I could pet him, sure could do that, but paid for it in the end. As I would walk away, he would charge me and bite my ankles. I had to start wearing boots and tucking my jeans down into my socks for extra protection.

I kept working with him, hoping I could step into his aggression, but there was no tell on when he would attack. No tucking of the tail, narrowing of the eyes, pinning of the ears, no posturing, nothing to alarm anyone. He was on you in seconds- and out for blood. No sound, just a silent attack that left several victims (including me) shaken in the aftermath.

A few days ago, he got out of the enclosure he has been in for months and returned two days later covered in blood and carrying a dead chicken! I know he killed this chicken, there is no doubt. I have done all in my power to get him to merge with the group without bloodshed- never worked. I covered the end of the tunnels with wire so he could meet the indoor kitties safely and he would charge the wire until he was bloody. It broke my heart, but I called my vet this morning and explained the situation and that I couldn’t in good conscience adopt him out without believing that he would harm another person or an animal. He is a drop-dead gorgeous kitty and would normally have flown out the door as orange kitties are all the rage here. But I couldn’t save him from whatever broke him in the first place, so we put him to sleep. That’s the only way I could save him from himself.

3 thoughts on “You Can’t Save Them All

  1. I’m sorry about Fletcher. You did indeed try your best. There was just something about him that wouldn’t be cured, and in a cases such as this, it was a matter of the life or death of other cats, possibly of humans, if the circumstances had been right – or wrong… Fletcher is where he is at peace and contented, with no desire to hurt or kill. Godspeed, Fletcher.

  2. Sending you hugs and purrs for Fletcher. When you weigh the quality of life thing, there of course is the subject cat, and the rest of the family too. My heart goes out to you and Angel Fletcher.

  3. I’m so sorry. I know it breaks your heart when you lose one. I know you tried everything. Whatever had happened to him, or whatever was already broken inside when he was born, this is one you could not win. I think he is better off now, without his constant anger and need to hurt everyone around him. Please give Molly an extra hug from me.

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