Kota Needs Prayers

His growth on his leg is not going away. He has been to two vets thus far- one is leaning toward mass cell 🙁 He just turned a year old! I took him for a second opinion and was told that it is not cancer, it is an infection. Something stuck into him and now it is heavily infected. We got him an inflatable surgical cone collar. But on the second day, he ripped it off his neck and tore a huge hole in it. So I went out and got him the hard “cone of shame.” I put it on him last night and he just froze. He was terrified. He stayed in one place for over an hour. I tried bribing him to like it, lectured him into liking it- comforted him into liking it, but when I discovered that he was shaking uncontrollably and had peed all over himself- I quickly discarded the idea of putting anything around his neck to stop him from removing bandages and licking off the medicine. To see this huge beast who intimidates most people because he is a German Shepherd, he is BIG and he is Black reduced to a piddling puppy broke my heart. Not worth it to have him so terrified. I have never seen such a reaction to these cones in a dog before.

So I just change his bandage three times a day (every time he has to have the medicine put on his leg) and he is on pain meds and they gave him an anti-inflammatory shot. If it doesn’t go away in a weeks time, they will surgically remove the growth (but not the leg).

It has not changed his behavior. he and Cooper still run together daily- he still goes for walk when the weather permits. He is eating and playing and I just hope it vanishes within a week’s time. He has eaten so many bandages off his leg. I have used all sorts of deterrents to stop him from licking the bandages and he embraces them all. Tobasco Sauce? Loves it! Bitter Apple? Yum! No Chew Em- loves the taste. What a weird dog. I even coated his bandage with Vaseline and sprinkled ground pepper over the ointment- he licked it all up! Yes, I am feeding him (he is 95 pounds now) he is not starving- he is just weird. LOL

I really don’t want him to have surgery. We would have to keep him heavily sedated to keep a cone on him. He just won’t stand for it. It scares him too badly.

5 thoughts on “Kota Needs Prayers

  1. praying it goes away, any chance he got bit or scratched by Flecther, maybe cat scratch fever, I don’t know much about it but if Fletcher got him. what ever it is I hope and pray he don’t have to have any surgery and gets better with antibiotics

  2. Thank you Chris. It’s his front left leg. Right now I am using a large adhesive bandage, wrapping that with gauze, putting on paper tape then wrapping it with Coban. I bought some ghost pepper sauce and diluted it with a bit of water. I lightly spray the coban keeping away from the wound area. Success! One lick and he stopped trying. The only thing is, it has to be done three times a day because the ointment has to be applied multiple times.

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