Unsettling Phone Call

Received a phone call this morning from an elderly woman who had gotten a kitten so her dog could play with it. As we talked, the hairs on my neck just kept raising up as she described how she was keeping this kitten (since it ended up scratching her dog up ) She was keeping it on a leash in her living room- other than that she was keeping it a cage that sounded less than adequate.  She sounded almost like she was punishing this baby for not being “nice” to her dog (who turned out to be a hyperactive older Chihuahua and not at all nice). Something told me to get over there quickly and when I did, it was a horrid place.It smelled so bad inside her house, it was hard to breathe.

I got the kitten home, she is terrified. She had a collar on. I took the collar off. She had another collar on! Took that one off.What? Another collar? Started to take that one off and it was becoming embedded. We had to  soak her neck underneath where it had started cutting into her. She’s 3 months old for pity’s sake!

She is here, she is safe but she is having a hard time eating, so I am giving her baby food right now. I suspect swallowing is hard for her after having to endure three friggin collars around her neck. I am calling her Hissy, because that’s what she is currently doing a lot of. She was crawling with fleas- so we flea-treated her, de-wormed her and put her in the bedroom. She’s in the warming cage with the door open. She was ice cold and her temp was subnormal.

I know someone who is looking for a kitten right now, so once she goes to the vet, gets tested and spayed, she will go to a great home. During that phone call even when I told the woman that I couldn’t take her, something else was telling me to get over there fast. I am glad I listened. Her eyes, they are stunning- they are an emerald green color.

I decided to give her a more user friendly name and am calling her Hollister. She is so funny- all the time she is hissing at me now, she is also smelling and licking my hands. I guess she’s wondering why I smell like so many other cats! I just gave her regular wet kitty food and she ate a bit of it. She is still hunkered down in her corner but she’s not on a leash and having to deal with a yappy, snappy dog.

2 thoughts on “Unsettling Phone Call

  1. Good Lord, some people. I can’t imagine what goes through their minds, if anything. I know you are not officially rescuing any more, but when a retired policeman sees an emergency, he doesn’t pass it by because he’s on a pension now.

    Hollister is lucky not to have spent any more time in that hell. I feel sorry for the dog; it probably was nice at one time.

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