Her uneasiness has worn off, she is eating and using the litter pans now. She is racing around the room like her paws are on fire, so I let a few of the kittens into the room to see what happens. She’s a spitfire- took on even the biggest of them (Pidgeon). He’s three times her size- but he backed down and just looked at her as if to say “If mom weren’t here right now little one, I would eat you for lunch!”

I finally got her to eat some KFC chicken sans skin- added some warm water and pureed it down. She scarfed it up. She’s figured out that the master bedroom is now her domain and she will protect it at all costs. LOLĀ  Such a tiny kitty with such a big personality. It’s a joy to see her feeling better.


Here she is the day after her spay-

6 thoughts on “Hollister

  1. Well, right now she is being spayed, so in a few days times, her spirit will be a bit dampened. At least that is the hope! I slept with her last night, or tried to- she was a total whirling dervish.

    I went out to the food cupboard in the storage room this morning and this is the first time since opening this rescue, that our canned food supply is so low. It’s a bit unnerving as Friday’s pick-up revealed no canned food- mostly litter and one bag of dry. Andy and his son want to think about the adoption, which we love, because it is not a decision to be made in haste. They want a less active kitten and I told them there really isn’t such a thing unless they go with an older cat or kitten. Hollister is 4 months old and after being so confined, she is loose to get all her ya’s ya’s out!

  2. less active. no such thing, kittens are like toddlers, a mile a minute, 2 speeds, 100mph or sleeping. Of course this is when they are fun to play with, get to know and fall so deep in love you don’t know what hit you!

  3. Mr. Andy just called and said they decided to NOT adopt Hollister at this time. It is good that he realizes that this kitten needs a very active household with possibly other kittens her age to play with. Plus, Hollister does not like dogs and they have a cocker spaniel.

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