Hollister Freedom Day

Today, I opened up the bedroom door and let her just find the cracked screen and make her way to the other cats. She was out four hours and there were no confrontations of any kind. I did keep Kota away from her space- because dogs terrify her at the moment. That will change in time.

Please enjoy the latest pics of her. You can see she is now fully relaxed and feeling right at home. Such a cute kitty!

5 thoughts on “Hollister Freedom Day

  1. The woman called me last night and she screamed at me that there was no way she would have put so many collars on a kitten. I had called and asked her after removing the multiple collars why this baby had so many on? She insisted she would NEVER have left collars on “her baby” like that. It got a bit ridiculous at one point, so I finally just said “Ok then, I will just throw all these collars away and pretend they don’t exist!” LOL She called me a name and hung up on me. In her defense, I believe she has dementia or is living in an altered state of reality. She kept telling me how much she loves this kitten and she misses her so much. It was on the tip of my tongue to tell her that I don’t think this kitten misses her at all- but again, I held my thoughts to myself.

    The bottom line is, this beautiful girl is safe here. She will go up for adoption soon- I still want her to be a bit more hungry than she appears to be. She will go to a good home, with no dogs and no small children. She would be a great companion for a young girl who could tell her all of her secrets as they lay down at night together.

  2. She is beautiful. If my cat I have now didn’t hate other cats so much I would love to adopt her. I hope she finds a really good home. Thank you for taking her in.

  3. People are weird, and the more I deal with them, the more I prefer cats.

    Hollister’s sounds like a good integration. I wish mine were all like that.

  4. she is beautiful, I know I always say I want , I could tell her some secrets but it would probably scare the fur off of her. A young girl would love her. so glad she is happy and relaxed thanks to you!

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