The Grim Reality

For the first time since opening up our rescue, our catfood cupboard contains only 12 cans of cat food. I have reduced the amount of wet food for the inside cats to feeding once a day, and for the outside cats, we feed them in the morning and in the night and only do the canned food if the temperatures are going to dip down into the thirties. There is dry food for now. We are going to meet on Monday and figure out if some of the volunteers might be willing to go beyond the outlying towns to secure donations. Wish us luck!

3 thoughts on “The Grim Reality

  1. Prayers that gracious people will come forward. On a good day of winter feeding, what food do you go through. 12
    Or 24 cans a day? That might help in how much to send. Thanks, Janice

  2. Good weather- 12 cans will cover feeding the outside/sanctuary cats. Bad weather kicks in up to 18 cans daily to cover them. I typically feed at 6:00 a.m. and again right before dark. On days when there are frost warnings, and this year there has been a lot of these- we can go up to 24-28 cans as we add another feeding at about midnight to keep everyone warm and hydrated. We started mixing the dry and wet together which has helped to some extent. We have three feral feeding stations and four enclosures to cover. Praying for warmer days to settle in soon.

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