An Open Thank You-

Canned Food has started to arrive for the cats and we are so grateful for the giving hearts behind the arrivals. Not all of the packages contain the name(s) of the contributor though, so thanking the nameless ones behind the love is the reason behind this posting.

Another reason is , if you could let me know ahead of time so I can keep an eye out. I would be grateful. Our home sits beside a busy highway and there have been times in the past when packages vanish. If you could email me at beforehand that would be great.

Thank you again for the gravy pleasers, the meow mix wet food and the fancy feast canned as well as Friskies Pate. Our cats here send you a BIG “Thank Mew very much!”

2 thoughts on “An Open Thank You-

  1. that is a great idea about putting in your email address, I am sure there are those who are not in this room for public accolades. I think God likes us to do kind acts not for the glory but because we care, but by having an email you can give thanks to them in a private manor, oh and YAY for those that have sent food for the kitties!

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