The World According to Tripp

Watching Trip try and fight his way out of the neurological state he seems trapped in has been frustrating. The vets have tried all sorts of medication to even him out, but nothing seems to be working for very long. We took him in Friday for a second opinion and this time, the new vet seems to think that not only does Tripp suffer from Pica, but he also has feline hyperesthesia. Years ago, we had a kitten here with feline hyperesthesia and no amount of prescribed meds seemed to help Kahuna level out. So, I did some research, talked to a few people and decided to put Tripp on CBD oil. We have started giving him 10 drops (5 drops in the morning 5 at night) It does not turn him into zombie cat. It does not make him drool. He does not fight the medication. Have we actually found something that will level him out? Normally, he will wake me in the night choking because he acts like a Hoover vacuum at night- sucking down anything he finds on the floor including carpet threads. The past few nights, he has slept through the night only waking a few times to use the pan or to eat his food.

He is no longer chasing his tail until he falls over exhausted- his fixation on certain spots in the walls doesn’t seem to occupy him full-time anymore. He’s not chewing on the wall anymore in an effort to rid himself of whatever it is he sees on those walls. He’s calmer when he is with Michael- no longer climbing on Mike’s head and hanging on for dear life. Time will tell if this too will fail for him. But so far, it all looks good. We are crossing our fingers and toes.

4 thoughts on “The World According to Tripp

  1. I’m glad it’s helping, and hope it continues. I take CBD oil for pain, and it works wonders.

  2. medical Marijuana is a miracle drug for so many people as well as pets, I hate that Jeff Sessions our Country attorney general is doing all he can to rid the country of this. I do not believe the people will allow it to happen but still scary to those who need it and that take it. He doesn’t understand that it is a natural product and is extracted from a plant, sorry I get on a soap box about this subject, when i know that some states do not have it and so many need it. So glad you found something that works for him and is not a “drug”

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