When do you say “Enough?”

Bentley is not responding to any of the treatments being offered. I have told my vet several times to please just let him go, but he seems reluctant to do so? He keeps referring to Bentley as “the kitty with the fun tail.” But, I know that because of the inbred situation of the colony these four kittens shouldn’t have even hit the ground.

I told the tech earlier even though it pained me to say it that every new treatment they try on this little boy and fails they are diminishing the care of the kittens here at the house and adding to the pain that Bentley is experiencing. I gave them permission to run films as a final attempt to find answers. But if that fails, I have to just say “Enough” and please just let him go.

Knowing that tailess domestics run into these type of problems (according to what I have found out since he has gotten ill) would lead me to keep him here with us to ensure he has a good home. But I don’t know if he can overcome all of this and so what happens next time when he encounters an infection or an illness and his system goes haywire?

It’s the reality and the heartbreak of rescue that these situations pop up and I am hindered by financial restraints and the well being of the rest of the group here. And frankly, it sucks.


He is still at the vet and they are puzzled and troubled. Even after getting fluids he remains so dehydrated his penis is visible pulled back from the foreskin. He is flat, unresponsive. The vet wants to give him to tomorrow morning before making any more decisions. I will have to cancel the upcoming neuters in order to cover this expense, but this sweet boy is so worth it. The vet said he cannot equate this kitten with the same one who was trying to climb up his legs less than three days ago-

Please pray for Bentley tonight as I know he is suffering and it is breaking my heart

Fever of Unknown Origin

Bentley who was just at the vet and got a 100% a-ok health check is now back at the vet with 104.7 fever that apparently they can’t break.

He is part of the litter of inbred kittens, his sister was the manx who was born without a rectum. I just want him to survive, he is such a love-bug and his tail that looks like someone tried to tie it in a knot would make him easy to place with an adoptive family.

They reminded me at the clinic about my high vet bill but what can I do? Nothing I was doing on this end was working and he wasn’t eating and he was shutting down. I just wish they could tell me why his fever went so high so quickly because yesterday he was snuggling with Mike on the bed most of the day.

Brace Yourself

Tomorrow, Mike gets fitted for his leg braces. When they showed me the apparatus my husband will be wearing for the rest of his life, I was reminded of the scene in Forrest Gump where he is running from the bullies and sheds his braces and never looks back. Sadly, Mike will never be able to not wear these braces if he wants to walk again without the aid of a walker, cane or a wheelchair.

I am not litter!

This sweet baby, although once a part of a litter he is not garbage, yet someone threw him out of a window of a speeding car! He has a fractured pelvis, an UTI and URI

There is a special room in Hell I believe for people who abuse animals to this extreme.


Old Friend Reunion

I have not seen Trace in over thirty years and this afternoon as her and her husband passed through Oregon, we met up at a local diner. What a hoot to see her, I would know her anywhere and she said the same for me. We worked together for years at Donnelley Information Publishing- I was one of three chosen way back when to pioneer a new program called the Field Editors and Trace was the secretary at the time who followed us into the field offices all over Southern California.

It was so wonderful to see her, to get away from demanding bottle babies for a few hours and other concerns and just sit and play catch-up and reminesce about the crazy things we used to do together. Her husband Bob is delightful and we had a great time slurping ice tea and laughing.

She told her husband I had an interesting life and proceeded to explain about the cats which monopolize most of my time. It was amamzing listening to her because most people just think I am flat wierd for spending so much time and effort with these cats. It was nice to know she didn’t share that sentiment. She showed me photos of their house and I asked if she would adopt me! LOL They just finished installing on their own a beautiful pool/lagoon in their backyard complete with river boulders and waterfall. Their home in Vegas is beautiful!

We left with promises to meet up again next year and hopefully at this meet, Mike will be able to join us, but someone had to stay home and keep an eye on the new arrivals-


Eight Kittens at the vet doesn’t go unnoticed!

Took the toxic kitties and the inbred kitties to the vet today for a health check. Dr. Steve was amazed at how well the toxic crew is doing and told me job well done. The inbred kitties were also given a thumbs up. Out in the waiting room everyone was oohing and ahhing about the kittens. I cheated though *S* I chose a dark carrier to put each litter in, but I lined the inside with soft white towels so the gray and black kitties would show up well. When I went into the lobby, I made sure to turn the doors to the carrier toward the seated “audience” and left them there. It might have paid off as three people took my business cards and said they would call me.

I was telling a friend today that I am starting to feel like a hamster caught on a hamster wheel. I had just gotten my vet bill down (again) and now it is back up in outer space. I have two weeks to raise the monies to get three of the these kittens spayed. I took a leap of faith and made the appointment for Sept 4th for Toad, Willow and Sullivan. I have a family looking hard at toad but I want him neutered before he leaves here.

Abandoned kittens

The July 3rd arrivals; Sullivan, Willow and Toad went to the vet today and tested out a-ok! I talked to the vet about the possibility of neutering these kittens earlier than usual to increase their chances of finding good homes. He agreed! I have 11 neuters to plan for- he will do them at 3-4 months instead of waiting for 6 months. As soon as I am able to- I will be making appointments for the July 3rd kittens to be neutered. I ALMOST had all three of them into a good home today at the clinic, but when the man called his wife, she said NO_ bummer! They are sweet, social, and loving and this guy wanted ALL of them!

The Transformation

In late June, I received a phone call from a gal who had adopted from me in the past. Her and her husband had been “junking” and in a near abandoned scrapyard, she discovered (after hearing faint meows) a little black kitty who had been stuffed into a letter box and left for dead!

When Reese arrived, she was in poor shape and terrified of people. Even when confined in the cage she would try to burrow her way out of my reach in the litter pan. It was quite sad.

Once her URI cleared and her other health issues were addressed, she was spayed and let out in general population. She would run in terror every time I went into the enclosure and I would only be able to observe her from afar.

This morning as I was feeding, she pranced up to me as pretty as a picture and demanded I pet her! We had a wonderful pet-fest and she has reconciled in her mind now that not humans are out to get her. By letting her just be herself in the group and not demanding she allow me to touch or pet her, she understands now the pressure is off. I do admit to wearing a wide smile this morning as she followed me around as I fed the cats and scooped litter pans.

Here she is relaxed and waiting for what is next which I HOPE is a good, loving home for her!


More goosebumps on a hot day

This morning, I stopped by the gas station where the teenager works- the one who delivered God’s message.

I was going into town with no reason to get gas but something pulled me into the station and he came right up to my car.

I thanked him for his gift and told him the whole sordid story of why I was so faithless that day. I told him some things that after they left my mouth, I thought “Now why did I tell him THAT?”

After I finished, he was quiet and turned away. I could see him wipe his face and then he turned back to me and told me something that astonished me.

He is a new Christian just recently coming to the Lord. He had been hearing these messages in his head since accepting God into his heart, but he had never said anything to anyone about what he sensed or felt or heard until I came along.

He said he was drawn to my car as it passed the station on the road as I going into town and the message began to speak to his heart. Then I came back around and swung into the gas station and he gathered all his courage and came over and delivered the message. he said he was unsure of how I was going to take it but he knew he had to deliver it.

I told him God has great things in store for him and that he pulled me out of a dark place and brought me back to my basic faith. he said that last night at church, he had asked about 20 of the members to stay behind and pray with him. He wanted to know if he had done right by speaking to me that day, and now here I was in his day confirming that he indeed speaks the wisdom of God.

I left for home, once more with goosebumps on my arms on a warm summer day.