I am so mad, I could spit nails!

Yesterday, I went to pick up the pet food donation early (because of the holidays). When I got home, I pulled into the driveway and opened the back of the truck. One of the barn cats jumped in (out of the rain) and I didn’t want to shut him in there so I left the top opened on the Suburban. I pulled out the cat litter first and ran it to the shed in back to put it away. When I got back all the canned cat food that had been donated was gone as well as some of the dry food. Who does that? I have some kitten food (canned) to feed but now it is the adults going without canned food because some slob took it upon themselves to help themselves to the canned cat food.

I feel like I did when we first moved here and planted our garden out in the front of the house only to come home during harvest time and find the homeless helping themselves to our potatoes, tomatoes and peppers! It is just a violation on so many levels. Most of the canned food is dented or crushed, yet they still took them. I have dry food thankfully- but the temp dropped to 32 last night and the barn cats keep warm by eating wet food. I can’t offer that this morning and the kitty is down to $12.00 which wouldn’t buy enough canned food to feed the masses here.

Well, I guess it is like Mike said- they must have needed it more than us. Serves me right to leave the truck in the driveway with the rear door open. At least they didn’t steal the truck! LOL  Gotta laugh, otherwise, I might cry.

Happy Thanksgiving ALL- Please stay safe if you are traveling or just staying home and give each of your furry ones a big hug- Sue, we are praying for you and Bob.

Love you guys!

Two Down- Nineteen to Go!

The two orange boys have been adopted by a wonderful, loving Chinese girl. Her name in English sounds like Meow (Miao) She fell in love with the two brothers and she understands about Barley’s deformity in his back leg and how he quivers at time, but it doesn’t matter. The boys were exploring their new home when I left- no fraidy cats here!

I have also called all the agencies I know to see if they can help lighten this kitten load over here. Hopefully, some will get back to me on Monday-



The little calico girl, Piewackett slid suddenly downhill last night and she is at the vets right now. I could hear her lungs full up with liquid, she has thick discharge coming from her nose and mouth mixed with blood. She was unable to walk and dripping stool- yesterday she was OK! Her temp at the vet’s was 105.4! I am waiting to hear about her prognosis. I asked them to save her if they could, but if unable to, please let her go with love. I also took Dickens in this morning for an x-ray. Yesterday, the trays were being cleaned so they couldn’t take film. Dickens does NOT have a broken leg. She is a victim  of inbreeding and was born without a radius. She is not in pain- she compensates by walking on her elbow. Short of amputation, which I don’t want to do for her- there isn’t much that can be done. She is a little scamp, full of the dickens and we already love her heart and soul! Took Pippen and Trent in to be neutered. These are the older males who are light gold in color.

Took Quincy and Journey to the Cascade trails earlier, and once again- Quincy the wonder dog saved all of us! We had gone off the main trail been walking for an hour (I just had to get away for a bit). We were following a logging trail and came to a curve. Journey was by my knee (both dogs off leash) Quincy was ahead and suddenly he stopped, started to growl and back up. His hackles were at full salute. Journey was stiff and growling and I have to admit, I was a bit scared. Quincy backed up slowly until he hit my knees and he pressed against me like “back up bonehead!” So I did. Then I put him on the stay command, told Journey to wait, and cautiously when through the curve to see what was going on. That’s when I saw a coyote dragging a deer through the forest! I backed up slowly but the coyote was intent on his prize and I was not downwind of him. All three of us hot-footed it back to the main trail and we weren’t followed. Did I tell you how amazing I think Quincy is lately?

3:25p.m. update on Piewackett- not a hopeful diagnosis. They believe she has a bad bacterial infection in her lungs and have given her heavy duty injectable antibiotics, painkillers, anti inflammatory. worming medicine and fluids! And she isn’t even 11 weeks old! They are keeping her overnight, and hoping she survives to the morning.

The Dickens you say-

Took li’l Ms. Dickens and a few others  to the vet today to see what is up with them. On Dickens the vet believes the kitten has been stepped on (in the past) and the breaks were ignored. One leg has healed and fused- the other has just mended (but not healed) :(  The surgery for fixing the break would be tedious, stressful and several thousands of dollars! Amputation was discussed, but I am not a fan of having such a young kitten lose a leg-so we are in a “wait and see” mode. He said she is past the point where the leg is painful. he says she probably feels a bit odd at the joint because of the dangling and she may in the future develop callouses on her elbows unless her care from here on in aids in her dealing with this old injury. The little calico girl Pocket who attacks the vacuum does so because she is stone deaf. The Cow Kitty Brumbles has a rectal tumor which will have to be removed down the line when she is stronger.

Please keep sending your nickels, dimes and quarters. After this weekend, I will be hitting the ground running talking to local merchants to see if anyone will help out with fundraisers. One merchant has said he will do a round-up for a good cause for me. It is the local feed store and if the customer wants to round up their purchase to the next dollar, that change will be added to our donation box. I am going to hit restaurants and stores and just do my best to knock this vet bill down. I thought it was smaller then it actually turned out to be. The last bill I got, apparently there was a mix-up. At any rate- these kittens are now safe, fed, warm and tearing up the room about six times a day.LOL Dickens is no longer in her own cage, she is with the group and holding her own quite nicely. Barley, Trent and Nemo the oldest boy kittens go to the vet tomorrow to get neutered. I know they will adopt out quickly- Nemo is a muted flamepoint and Trent and Barley are long-haired orange kitties. And life continues here along with all the worry and all the prayers-

“Thank You God-Thank You God-Thank You God-Thank You God-Thank You God-Thank You God-”

Finally got someone to listen to me and the authorities are now going to take over and visit the home and rescue the remaining kittens and the adults as well. I told the officer that it is not a case of intentional abuse. The woman is elderly and she has pumped a lot of love into these kittens- none are “feral.” It’s just she didn’t understand the importance of spaying and neutering and proper care for these cats and it just got out of control. He asked me a few minutes ago how many kittens were left. I told him, that they initially told me they had 25 kittens. I already had 20 in my carriers. IF there were only five left, I would have stuffed them in my carriers and ran home with all of them. I told him substantially more than five. He said that is what he would go on and he would take it from here.

I’ve had nightmares about the pile -up of kittens on that kitchen floor that I left behind so I am so grateful that someone has finally responded to the multitude of phone calls I made yesterday. He said this is common- they get calls from someone who says they have ten cats, they go over there and find 50 instead!

Two angels have left-

In the night, two more unable to overcome the neglect and malnourishment has left us. Both Mackerel Tabbies. People don’t seem to grasp the damage improper diet and fleas can do to the really young ones, and by the time they do understand, it is often to late. The others are still here- most of the gunky eye discharge has given way to clear drainage. We have the sneezers and one cougher who I hope doesn’t have asthma. But for now, no one is going to the vet to be tested, because quite frankly they don’t have enough blood right now to be able to offer up even a drop. Their appetites are increasing oy vey is it ever! LOL If I don’t leave enough wet food down- they ambush me and crawl up my legs or after I leave isolation they climb the screen screaming! I am feeding them fancy feast adult right now and those cans are so bloody small. I am also giving them generous helpings of baked chicken livers which they love and they need the taurine and the iron inside as well as sorghum syrup and goat’s milk and of course kitten chow. But kittens deprived of good food when it does finally start to arrive, they feel that it won’t always be available so they go a bit nuts. It will all calm down in time.

On a brighter note, got this in my email this morning- Axle in his new home- still not entirely relaxed but laying on the bed not under it!



THe Mystery is Solved-

The little tuxedo girl- Dickens, the one who hasn’t moved much since arriving here has a very good reason why she lays in one spot. She walks on her front elbows! I have placed her in a small cage and will take her to the vet in the morning. He tries to give every kitten and cat a chance, I hope that holds true with her. I know she is in pain, but all I have are painkillers for adult cats. Doggone it anyway-

Tried to take a  photo of what I am talking about but she didn’t want to stand up much- not that I blame her!


On a happier note, the calico who would hardly move the first 24 hours here is making me reconsider her name. “Pocket” and replace it with “Fearless!” The vacuum was on full tilt when she attacked it-LOL


Just wanted to add that the first available appointment isn’t until Weds at 3:40 if your prayers can fly during that timespot- please give them wings! I have called everyone I know, anyone I can think of that might be able to help and get in and get the rest of those kittens. Mike wants me to just go in and take them all regardless but I can’t. I took all I could and probably more than I should have in the first place.