Sunday has a new home

She has been adopted by a lovely 22 year old woman and will be the only pet in the home. I was grateful for this adoption because the wee ones look at her as being their mom and were getting a bit aggressive trying to suckle this beautiful orange girl. She was very tolerant of it- until her spay- then of course it all changed.

Here she is in her new home just checking things out:


She hid behind the chest for about two hours then came out and spent some lap time with her new mom. Emily is thrilled with her. It was a great match-up arranged by one of the vet techs at the clinic I go to.

The Learning Process

Rescuing these wee ones is always a learning process for me. I embrace each moment spent with these kittens and celebrate when they find homes. Sunday just went to a new home and I think I might have finally located the perfect place for Jordan.

Took Pumpkin to see the feline specialist this morning. Pumpkin has small ulcers on her tongue which indicates a secondary infection. She has a bad case of conjunctivitis and if she starts circling, falling and drooling again, she could have a problem with her liver development where the shunt gets blocked up and toxins build in her blood and system. I am hoping not, as I started treating her with small amounts of Karo clear syrup and believe she was hyperglycemic.

I was told that all I am doing seems to be working and she should be just fine provided neurological signs don’t suddenly appear again. Praying and hoping she hangs in there with us until we can bring her fully to health and get her to finally play with all her brothers and sisters again.


Here she is feeling pretty poorly






In comparison, her sister Spice is doing just fine!



God gave me a miracle this morning-

I spent the better part of the night (at least till 2:00 a.m. with pumpkin snuggled deep in my chest while I tried to sleep in the chair. I left her at 2:00 and went to bed, praying that God would keep her with us if it be His will. I woke at 7:00 and went into the room and she came out to greet me! I poured out the warm formula in waiting bowls and she went to one and started to lap it up! This is a first for her. She generally stays tucked into a corner trembling, until I pick her up and hand-feed her. She is always hungry which is a good sign. I think she has tapeworms. Aurora was full of fleas and they don’t give baby kittens droncit until they are 8 weeks old. I think, although the roundworms are gone, she is still dealing with tapes. I’m hoping this morning with our feline specialist, that we can find an appropriate dose for her. Her eyes are still swollen shut and her fur feels oily. All signs of some sort of bug/bacteria inside of her.

We’ve treated her with amoxy, forte flora, homemade pediaylyte- the type you buy in the stores has way to many minerals for a little kitty to handle. I am also giving her a bit of laxatone to move things along.

I will take this small miracle and thank you all for your prayers. These little ones are so dependent on us to do the right thing. If you could add to your prayers that I do all the right things for her and not bring her into harm- I would so appreciate it.


Special Prayer is needed~

Pumpkin, the littlest orange girl out of Aurora’s litter isn’t doing well. After her vet visit yesterday, the thought is she lacks the capacity to digest food efficiently. It wasn’t Aurora’s milk that had soured, it was the lack of enzymes in this little one’s body to do its job and aid in digestion.

It could be a congenital defect, or she might outgrow it. She is the smallest of all of them and although some would separate her from her littermates, I am going to leave her with them. She has some fight left in her and until she shows me otherwise- we will continue to fight with her and for her.

When you pick her up, she feels flaccid in your arms. I have been giving her fluids and she is good to go for 20 minutes then she is flat again. We prayed over her last night, and this morning, I was thrilled to see her poop and not much of the curdled stuff is coming out now. I have her on wet kitten food (purina) I can’t find it locally here- most stores only carry fancy feast kitten- but that has a lot of milk in it and she can’t process it.

She’s such a tiny one- this orangeness that brightens our days. I told her she can’t go on my watch, I won’t allow it!

Jetta and Sunday are recovering nicely from their spay. I was worried about Jetta when I got home because it was almost as if she was hallucinating or something. I know they don’t use ketamine anymore (nasty drug for kittens at least) They use a new drug now. But this morning, she is back to her old self and last night, she curled up under Mike’s beard and went to sleep. They are recovering, but after being presented with the balance of our vet bill- I need to GO into recovery!   I told the girl I would once again pay it off as I can- I just got the darn thing paid down too. I told them I want my own parking spot!

When I go into the kitten room, they must think I am a tree. They all try to climb up my legs to come and see me and get snuggle time. Last night, I was so exhausted, I went in there in my pj’s! Won’t make that mistake again. My legs are full of holes. When I sit on the floor, they jump on my back and shoulders. I need 7 more arms to help me out here. But, they are all (except for Pumpkin) healthy and vibrant. I’m still on alert though because they are that age when anything can happen and often does.

Night-time Serenade

Last night both Jetta and Sunday went into their holding cages to wait for Monday morning and their spay appointment. They both made it very clear that this was not in their program. They hate being in cages and kept me up all night telling me so. Mike even went in front of Jetta’s cage with a flashlight and sang to her- but it didn’t matter- she was not a happy camper. Sunday was no different and I think they were feeding on each other anxiety even though they were both in different locations in the house. Sleep is over-rated anyway!

We have concerns that the smallest orange baby may not make it. She gets so quickly dehydrated- we give her fluids and she bounces back for about 20 minutes then sinks quickly again. I decided to put her back with Aurora. If she has any chance at all, it will be with mom. When I left them, she was nursing and Aurora was welcoming her back.

The feeding challenge

With so many mackerel tabbies, torties and torbies, it is hard for me to keep track of who has been fed or not. I tried putting them into a large carrier after feeding, but that just caused stress and skirmishes. So- I decided to put tiny pieces of paper tape on the ears of the kittens after they have been hand-fed. Works quite well and eventually, the tape just falls off. They are still so young that they all basically look alike and the fact that all the mackerels are boys doesn’t help us in identifying them. My friend Dee came over earlier to help with the feedings and after we were done, she looked at me and laughed and said “That’s quite a handful!” LOL

We decided to name them after presidents. As they grow, they will change and be easy to identify, but right now, it’s kind of a crap shoot.

Just venting

I just lost it heavily on the phone a few moments ago. I don’t generally tell people off who call here looking for help with kittens, but this woman pushed all my buttons hard. She had a small kitty walk in her kitchen last night- he stayed the night on some pillows in her laundry room and he was dripping blood out of his rectum and his eyes are discharging. I told her that it sounded like something pretty severe going on and he needed a vet and she screamed at me:

“Do you know how much it costs for a vet visit? I can’t afford that!”

I told her I was sorry, but I couldn’t help her out and she just exploded about how she has called “all you people” and they all tell her the same things- they are full, they can’t help her and why do we even bother saying we rescue when we don’t help people?”


I am ashamed to say that I got a bit testy with her so much so she hung up the phone on me. Her final words were: “Well I don’t know what we are going to do with this kitty- but it won’t be pretty!” GRRRRR

Do I wish I had behaved better? I sure do. I know better and getting mad at her because she is what she is shouldn’t have happened.

Then I went into the bedroom and this was the sight that welcomed me and I knew that yes, I do help people- WHEN I can. And then, I smiled.




Update on the Newcomers

All the Mackeral tabbies are boys, the torties, torbies and calicos are girls (of course) All were de-wormed, vaccinated and checked over. Other than being very hungry and some still have fleas,  they are all healthy. The vet just looked at me like I was nuts when I presented him with a carrier full of kittens-

So now Aurora has been removed from the room and is on a much-needed vacation from her mothering and the rest of the kittens are scampering about the bedroom tearing up the joint. God help us all! LOL