Morning Surprise~~

This morning, while feeding, I heard a familiar meow in the bushes. I whirled around to see a black kitty (Salem) rolling over and over on her back begging me to pet her! Whoever got hit on the road yesterday, was not part of our clowder. At feeding time all blacks  have been accounted for. I did post on FB lost pets about the girl who got hit. She showed all signs of being well cared for and someone is missing their kitty. I am glad it wasn’t Salem but sad that someone else is also feeling the loss of a black cat.






01morganfree 001

We lost Salem last night. Had her for seven years and adopted her out once when she was a year old and it didn’t work out and she returned back to us. After that adoption, she changed and refused to come inside wanting instead, to live outdoors and hunt and just be a cat.If she found herself inside the enclosure, she showed all the signs of restlessness- prowling, crying circling until I finally gave in and opened the door and gave her the freedom she craved.

I found her on the road this morning. I don’t know what possesses them to go out on a busy road when they have all our four acres to roam, a creek to play in and all the food and water and shelter they need.

We got Salem when I received a frantic phone call from a girl who said her boyfriend had just bought home a kitten. She of course said she was delighted to see this black bundle and expected he would hand it over to her. Not so- he was planning on feeding the kitten to his pet boa! She said she cried, and begged and pleaded and he wouldn’t budge, so she went in the kitchen and made drinks and spiked his pretty heavily. He crashed out on the couch and she called me. I was there within 45 minutes of the call. Salem was about 4 weeks old at the time.

In the mornings, when I would go out to feed, she would come over to me, flop over on her belly and beg me to rub her belly. No more belly rubs and thankfully, she did not suffer in the end but that gives me no comfort at the moment.

My owie is still fairly prevalent so I need to go. But Salem, her life mattered and I wanted her to know that before I start my day-

Life and all its challenges

Can’t stay long. Had a bicycle injury and sitting is not possible for any length of time. Was exercising Juno and a deer shot out in front of us on the trail. I jammed on the brakes, the rear brakes grabbed, threw me off the seat and I collided solidly with the handlebars. I’ll leave it to your imagination where I collided with those bars on my body. But all is good, no fractured pelvis which is what they were worried about. Just a beautiful Technicolor bikini I will never show off at the beach. LOL

Mike is planning a road trip without me. His good friend from grade school and Mike are going to hit the road in June and drive to Alaska for a two week fishing trip with his boys! Lots to plan for- lots to look forward to and this was just the motivation he needed to get out of his wheelchair and start using his new leg. I am sure it will be a trip he will never forget.

We are now almost to the printing stages for the 2017 Rescue Calendar. Glad for all the eyes on this project and if you want to buy one- the final price is $10.00 plus shipping. I can’t wait to see the final product.

Gotta go- sitting is dreadfully painful

A Time for Tears

Another goodbye today, this one so hard on our hearts. McGee recently diagnosed with cancer is now at peace. He was euthanized at noon and more then ready to meet up with friends at the Bridge. He had gotten to the stage where he was giving me more then subtle hints that he no longer wanted to be in this life. Although his appetite was strong- nothing stayed in or down very long and he was starting to show blood clots in his urine.

We initially got him at 2 weeks of age when a clueless a** threw him out a car on Hwy 20. He ended up with us. As he grew, he showed his preference to wanting to have access to the outside world, so we moved him into the patio enclosure. he quickly established himself as the Alpha of the outside clan and I know they will be lost for awhile without him. They will find a new Alpha soon- but there will be a temporary imbalance as they adjust to his disappearance.

I wrote a check on faith to get the dirty deed done, so hoping tomorrow when I check the donation boxes there will be the $50.00 there needed for this act of love. He would have been 14 in May.

Rest easy now Sweet Boy and for all the trouble you were- you will be so missed. You have no idea how much our hearts ache right now.

Please enjoy his life in pictures


01kittenonlog01mcgeecatbarn 002






Slade one final time :(

Slade did not make it through the surgery. They did a quick necropsy on him and he had a malformed heart. He could not make it through the anesthesia and the only way that would have been caught was through blood work which I don’t typically do on young, reasonably healthy cats. It also might explain his inability to eat only the softest of foods the vet said.

I made two difficult calls just now. First to the woman who rescued Slade in the first place and second to the anon donor of funds. Not calls that are fun to make. The vet said it would have caught up with him eventually, the anesthesia just hurried the final result along. It is not common, but it does happen. At least he went quickly without pain- other stray cats don’t often get that option.


Slade again


Someone who wishes to stay within the shadows of this blog has sent the monies needed for the extraction of Slade’s teeth. I will be calling on Monday to get him on the schedule and will have George help me capture him prior to his appointment. I am so happy for this kitty- he deserves to be able to eat all types of cat food- not just the softest most squishiest kind. I think it will also help his temperament. Once he travels out of pain, I know there is a sweet boy lurking within.

I am always so amazed when people contact me who have been reading this blog for years and want to help out. Sometimes, I just think I am talking to myself when I write something out and I get proven wrong every time. So thank you nameless one- Slade deserves a chance at a loving home, and you have helped in the first steps to make this happen.

Update: Slade goes in tomorrow morning for his dental work.(Tuesday)


Slade Breakthrough

Last night we had another wild storm- this one worse than the one yesterday. I heard frantic meowing from the gazebo and raced out to see what might be wrong with Slade. He was fine, but terrified by the high winds and the howling rain. I sat with him most of the night and by about midnight, he was huddled in my lap and I wrapped both of us up in a blanket and we slept. This morning, it was business as usual and he hissed at me when he woke up to discover he was still in my lap! LOL  Then he jumped down and demanded breakfast.

I also discovered a canned cat food he will eat. Fancy Feasts Medley collection. He really dives into this food so I can stop giving him baby food now. He is back to running from me when I go in there- but at least, last night I could offer him some comfort as the weather raged around us.



Storm Drama

Last night, we had a bad straight line wind blow through. Limbs down all over the place- one of the limbs pierced the screen window in the bedroom tearing out the plastic trellis we put up to keep the cats inside and allowing Beetle to escape. I didn’t find her until this morning- she is now in Mike’s shop. She isn’t the type of cat you can just scoop up and take back in the house, so I have decided to just leave her in the shop and work with her gradually so she stops biting people who come close. Not the best option, but the only one that seems feasible at the time. It is going to take me months to clean up after this freak wind. Thankfully, no cats are missing this morning- except for Beetle who is no longer in the bedroom.

Crossing my fingers….

Here are three of the calendar pages. Also should anyone be interested there is room for ads on this calendar for $50.00. The ad is one inch high and 5 inches wide (just saying) *G*




Our September kitty Molly, we have decided to make her a resident here at the house and not search for any more homes for her. She sleeps with us nightly, grabs my lap whenever I have one available and follows me around the house like a shadow.  I am not a fan of keeping cats- but she has been out on 4 failed adoptions and enough trauma to last her all her 9 lives. She is officially a core kitty here at the Miller’s Outpost. :)


Yay it worked!

Upcoming fundraiser

I am still a bit shocked that all this has come together, but the planets have aligned and God has smiled and CATS Inc., is about to embark on their latest fundraiser a 2017 Rescue Calendar. This came about in such a way that only one word covers it: miracle. A fellow cat lover has given freely of his time and considerable talent to take the photos that exist of the cats and kittens in our care and turn it into a lovely calendar. Some of the photos are before/after driving home what we are really about but the calendar is rustic and charming at the same time.

One of my past adopters, her and her husband are donating the money to purchase 200 of these calendars and we have secured a spot at a table at the upcoming Jamboree and with some local merchants to sell these around town. I will try to post a photo of one of the calendars months so you can at least see what I am trying to explain. I am still shaking my head in disbelief that this not only came together but there are local merchants interested enough in the project to buy an ad!