I Got Attacked by a Pumpkin this morning!

I stepped inside the kitten room and turned around to flip the switch on. I felt a kitten climb up my leg and slowly turned around to see this orange furrball quickly move up my leg to my chest. She clambered onto my shoulder, turned around and bit my neck, then she jumped down!  Before she moved off to join the others, she turned back to look at me as if to say:

“If you stuff another pill down my throat, put any more ointment in my eyes or on my fur, well buddy  you are history!”

Then she turned tail and went to join the others in play.

It was a totally glorious early morning moment!


Alaska at the vet


Turns out this poor kitty has colitis brought on by a huge invasion of worms. She also has explosive diarrhea because of all the inflammation in her bowels. They put her on medication and we are in a wait-and-see mode to see if the meds will help her. He has her on Amferol and Metronidazole. She did really well at the vet’s but only because she was feeling punky. She is Siamese after all!



She is getting worse instead of better so this afternoon we get to go to the vet! I know this is going to make me sound like a lunatic, but after she uses the litterpan there is a scorched smell in the pan? That’s the only way I can explain it. What I do know is this little girl is telling me in every way possible that she is feeling pretty punky, so I need to find out what is going on with her.

Cat Hypnosis- 101 and other thoughts

By 3:00 a.m. Alaska still hadn’t eaten a thing. With her refusal to take fluids, I was so afraid this was going to turn out to be an  intussusception (blockage) and the only way out of that is surgical/medical to take over. She was trying to use the litter pan and I was force feeding her laxatone to get things going. No sleep for the wicked last night (me) Every time I turned the lights off she would yowl as if demons were chasing her. She was pushing her litter box all over the cage and was clearly miserable.

I decided to hook up one of those child night lamps we have here. This one is a pretty broad based one with fish swimming around the rotating belt inside. We used it years ago when our grandchildren were small. I hooked it up and set it to the side of the cage. Turned it on and shut down all the lights. IT WORKED! She went over to the side of the cage probably fascinated by the fish swimming and fell asleep. This morning, her dinner plates were empty, her litter pan full! Perhaps it wasn’t just the parasites that were making her so uncomfortable, maybe this Siamese has a fear of the dark. We were able to get a few hours sleep after all.

This morning, she looks better. That haunted look in her eyes has vanished. I put out food but she doesn’t seem interested. In time, I think she will eat and in time, she will be okay without having to have seen the vet again.

Thank you to ALL of you for your prayers and support through this year. I don’t know how else to say this- our gratitude is overwhelming. NONE of this would be possible if you didn’t believe in what we are trying to do here. If you guys shared the same small-town attitude of folks around here and just swallowed the rumors that we are hoarders- we would have never been able to help as many cats and kittens. All if them: Jedi, Stumbles, Licorice, Matilda, Roscoe, Jetta , Jordan (the list is endless) all cats whose futures looked so bleak now have forever loving homes. We may be the first step to their new life, but you ALL are the windows that open up to new opportunities. Thanks for taking the pressure off with prayers, donations of food, caring personal emails and monies and other supplies. Even one box of trash bags sent to us, drives us down on our knees in thanksgiving for your belief that we do make a difference.

Our thanksgiving dinner this year will be sparse (our choice not to over-indulge) but our hearts will be full of thanks to all of you for EVERYTHING. Even when I felt I was walking a very short plank and going to fall into the water below- someone would elevate the situation and show me that HOPE is always possible.

God Bless ALL of You!

Mary Anne

Please pray for Alaska

She has not eaten one thing since the de-worming. I hope it is just that the nausea of the last couple of days have caught up with her and not something more serious like an obstruction. But, she was so full of worms it was insane. It isn’t that she isn’t eating- it is the fact that she back-pedals away from the food as if it is going to poison her. Most cats after being dewormed are so hungry because their bodies were being robbed of essential nutrients. If she hasn’t eaten by tomorrow night- it will be another trip to the vet for us One other concern I have is the litter pan is empty. She should be dumping tapes right and left but nothing- dry as the Sahara.  Hopefully tomorrow morning when we wake up and check on her, she would have eaten everything in sight and my concerns can be laid to rest.

The Great Pumpkin

Her eyes (both of them) have been fully visible since Friday. No squinting (as of yet) You can see a bit of puffiness on the lower third eyelid, but she looks so good compared to what she used to look like! She is still not very hungry, but this URI has really wacked her. She still will eat a bit of Dave’s canned food but not much else. Even the AD has lost its attraction.

You can see Pumpkin in this photo. Her eyes are still sensitive to the light so she closes them every time. But here is some of the clowder chillin out this morning:



Here she is celebrating her eyesight! She was a whirling dervish all day but I managed to get one photo of her before she scampered off to the next toy!



When Alaska got sick the other day, I assumed it was the antibiotics that were making her ill. But last night, I was up and down with her all night. She has got what is possibly the worst tapeworm invasion I have ever encountered on a cat! Because she is Siamese, she is very vocal about not feeling well and whatever place those parasites were coming out of last night- she damn well told me far in advance. Poor girl- she was in so much pain passing the adult tapes (something I have never seen before) I just have always seen the segmented tapes, she was moaning before morning.


I just dosed her with profender and gave Slater a worming pill as well. Now her appetite is HUGE and Slater also passed a passel of worms.He is now asleep snuggled down in Mike’s arms. It was a rough night here for Alaska.

The Craftiness of Kittens

Woke up about 2:00 a.m. to the sounds of one of the cats getting really ill. I scrambled up out of bed, grabbed my robe and turned on the lights. Every one in this room peacefully asleep. Then I heard it again coming from the living room.

It was Alaska, the medication they put her on for her URI had made her so nauseated. The cage was a mess and Slater (Slate) was huddled in the corner looking at me like “Mom, get me outta this mess please?” I picked him up and carried him over to Mike. Mike sleeps through anything, so I woke him up and asked him to please hold and cuddle Slater while I attended to Alaska.

My job done, kitty and cage now clean, I turned around to bring Slater back to mom and Mike had fallen asleep. Slater was no where in sight!

I blocked off access to the kitchen and looked high and low for this grayness. I found him up inside the gears of the hospital bed and when I went to reach for him, he skeedaddled and by the time I wiggled out from under the bed, he was gone.

Once again the search was on- an hour later, my living room was clean but Slater wasn’t in sight. I knew I had looked everywhere= but like Mike said, if I had looked everywhere, I would have found him. I decided to try my last move and plugged in the vacuum turned it on, then flipped it off and waited for all the cats to do their fly-by out of the room to safety. Slater was not among them. So, once again, I turned on the dreaded machine and ran it around the room. When I flipped it off, I could hear faint meowing coming from up above my computer. Slater had found his way into an old heating vent. Thankfully, when we remodeled years and years ago and moved the wooden stove- we plugged up the vent to prevent squirrels, bees, whatever to come inside. He wasn’t in very far so I was able to grab him. Now he is back in another cage just in case Mom’s sickness isn’t caused by the meds.

I think what amazes me is we had also sealed off the front of the vent with a decorative plate, but he had managed to pull that aside and find a safe hidey hole. Neither he or mom are feral cats. They are just neglected and unsocialized but when you get your hands on them (getting past all their posturing and swearing at you) they are starting to enjoy being petted.

I’m so grateful to have found this little scamp.

Reuniting Mom and Kitten

Decided that I didn’t want Mom outside even in a cage with a source of heat, so I brought her in and put her with her kitten. I stood by just in case there was going to be an issue. There was no instant recognition, but they didn’t go for each other’s throats either. It’s interesting that since putting them together, I can now put hands on them without using a towel or some other buffer. I can see flicks of interest in Alaska’s eyes when I pet her, so I know that somewhere along the way, she was owned by someone. What happened after that- no one will ever know.

Hoping this will stop Slate’s anxiety meowing at night. Though so far, they haven’t eaten any of the food since the move although that’s pretty expected.

Here they are together after being separated over a week:


Playing Catch-up

One more stray joined us last night. She came whizzing in the house during the storm when I let the dog back in. I don’t know where she came from, but she is in rough shape. Thankfully, she is now in a new home. She is a Russian Blue and one of my ladies loves the breed and has taken her. She is probably 14-16 years old? Skinny as can be- full of fleas and worms (not anymore though). There is a fear she has chlymidia because of a bad URI. She has been tested, prodded, thumped, she might have a malfunctioning thyroid, but Lori took her anyway! I gave her fluids-she was not a happy girl but she perked up a lot.  She is in pretty rough shape and Lori has said she will keep in touch and let me know if she gains any weight or not. There is also a fear of bad kidneys.

So one more vet visit on the books. I am really hoping that this will be it for the year. (Knock on wood).


Pumpkin’s eyes are a bit better, not great but opened probably 5 hours out of the day. Slate (the new gray kitty) is still swiping at me with her paws and growling when I approach her, but if I use a towel as a buffer, I can get my hands on her and just lay her on her side and pet her.

Her mom Alaska is slowly thawing out. She was on the cat post when I went to feed tonight instead of hiding in the carrier.

Picked up the food donations this week and God smiled on us regarding dry food- but not a canned cat or kitten food in sight. We are out now so my hope is the kittens will eat just dry (except for Pumpkin, I still have some cans of AD left). The outside kitties tonight got canned dog food with  my apologies. It is supposed to get down to the teens tonight! They need the grease and fat to stay warm- one thing dog food has is grease!

The Kitty has $12.00 left in it- not enough to get the food needed for the growing kittens- praying something breaks soon. I have donation boxes scattered about- hoping this weekend leads to some good donations coming through.

Here are the two new kitties- the other cat is gone to her new forever home- Thank You God!





Unexpected move

Yesterday one of my cat-hating neighbors hollered at me over the fence and told me if I didn’t do something about “that damn yowling cat he would!” He was referring to Manchester who is the sole occupant of the deck enclosure (and not liking his new captivity).

Manchester can’t come inside- even with the recent neuter, he is still a tomcat as far as his pee goes and he sprays. I went into the enclosure and talked to him. We had put a calming collar on him but it didn’t seem to matter. He wanted outside NOW!

It is still cold here- like much of the states right now. But, I opened up his door and gave him our blessings and let him go. He raced off toward the trees and I wondered if I would ever see him again. I did remove his collar first as it wasn’t a break-away collar. I did keep the door of the enclosure open. There are pet pads in there that are heated as well as a heated water bowl.

It got down to 20 degrees last night and this morning when I went to feed the outside kitties- he was sleeping inside the enclosure on the heating pad! YAY! So he is in the enclosure, but the door is wide open and I was so glad to see him. He’s not been here that long to where he would consider this his home yet.

On the kitties in the barn- they seem to have vanished for now. I looked high and low for them yesterday but they aren’t here nor is their food touched. The only possibility of escape would require them to climb up to the rafters (no real way of getting there without scaling the wall) and go out the small hay chute we have at the top. There is a door up there, but there is room for enterprising kitties to get out if they work on it. Since they are long-haired IF they did leave that way, their hair would be on the sides of the door. I will wait for a warmer part of the day before pulling out the ladder and climbing up to take a look.

My hope is they are just buried in the straw and hay and playing hide-n-seek with me.