Another in Need

Two days ago, I went to the local shelter to pick up yet another feral cat. While I was there, they were talking about a litter of puppies that just sounded so adorable- Great Pyrenees/Border Collar cross. I went on the floor to view the puppies and instead, I found this very strange looking older dog with the saddest eyes in the world. Looking at him, he is a cross of German Shepherd/Boxer/ some sort of coonhound (he bays) and he has the blue tongue of the Sharpei or Chow. All around him were pits and pit crosses and our eyes locked and his pleaded to me- “Please pick me.” His history is sketchy. They only had him a few days. He came from a transport from AZ. They knew zilch about him really and it didn’t matter. I had fallen in love. I put a 24 hold deposit on him, went home told Mike about him and before I knew it, we were back at the shelter with wheelchair and Juno in tow for the meet and greet.

Athough on paper, he was cited to be dog-aggressive- he and Juno played and rough-housed like normal dogs do. Juno is pretty persistent with new dogs when meeting them (like the energizer bunny) and he kept up with her and several times put her in her place. We brought him home- his name is Cooper.

He breaks my heart on a hourly basis. He shows me that he has been the type of dog who has never been in a home, never known a kind word. Just reaching out to him to snap the leash on his harness causes him to drop to the floor, roll over on his belly and cower! He is so gun-shy of Mike and I suspect it isn’t just the wheelchair that frightens him but men in general. I believe he has been beaten by a man. He is a bit shy with me, but he is warming up gradually.

I also would bet money that something traumatic happened to him in a car because when I ask him to jump into the truck, he cowers, pulls back and pees all over himself- much like Quincy did early on.
I can’t really lift him easily- although he is smaller than Juno he is lot more muscular and heavy- yet he still needs groceries as he is skinny. So we did some training with KFC chicken, and improvised launching platform (the top of a large dog carrier covered with a rug) and now after two days of training- he jumps in and out of the truck on his own! He has ZERO prey drive. A cat runs by, he lifts his head then goes back to sleep! We went to see Quincy this morning and they got along famously. He really is a sweet boy. He is two years old.

So here is a photo of him in the dog pen out back. If you click on the photo and enlarge it- you can see the blue tongue- but when you look at him overall, you just scratch your head and wonder how many males actually took this female in that heat cycle! His tail looks like that of a greyhound.



If anyone would like to comment on what type of crosses he has in him- feel free. I do know he has coonhound- his baying cracks me up. I think he has lived the majority of his life on the end of a chain or in a kennel and whoever had him did bad things to him.




Light a Candle and Place it in the Wind

It will light the way for a older mack tabby found on my porch this morning. I almost tripped over the cat carrier in the rain and I put the kitty inside the truck- not wanting to take a chance and bring it in the house. It was crying so badly. I rushed it to the vet and the temp was 95.2 :( She was trembling, lethargic, anemic, dehydrated. Her back claws had dried blood on them and when they put the needle in to test her- they couldn’t even get three drops. Her gums were bleached out and there was a evil smell overcoming her. I checked her over while they were talking about her and found a wound on the center of her back (scabbed over) but it was a substantial wound. Suspect she got hit by a car and then just bled out. :( The reason I said to place the candle in the wind is that this is how short her time with us was- about 20 minutes before her bridge pass was stamped.

I named her Badger and told her that I was so sorry that I didn’t get to her sooner. The original plan had been to get her tested, vaccinated and then have the vet keep her for the 5 day period when the vaccine finally kicks in and starts protecting- then take her home get her stronger and get her adopted out.

There was $10.00 inside the carrier) so I guess that is how much the owner thought she was worth. So yet another hit on the vet bill as unexpected as Avis and her family.

The De-Clawed Kitty

My declawed kitty has been moved into a foster home with a lady who fosters for me about 6 years ago until she fell in love with Sonic and adopted him. He died recently and she called yesterday and told me how much she missed her tuxedo kitty. He was 18 when he passed. She asked me if I had any tuxedos available, and I told her about this boy. We went to see her and I’ll be dipped if he didn’t just walk out of his carrier and go and sit on her lap! I told her he has to potential to strike out unexpectedly, but again, there are other cats here and Patsy has no kitties. She just laughed and said it was love at first sight so I don’t have to worry. She said she will be in touch if they have issues, but she doesn’t forsee any happening. When I left, he was curled up asleep in her lap.  I am not sure, but I think an adoption is looming.


Just received this email that made me smile:

Good Morning Mary Anne,

I know you had concerns about Clawdius and his first night here (do you like his name?) He has shown no aggression towards anything but the bowl of water on the floor. He tries to bathe in it! He sticks his feet in the darn thing and splashes water everywhere. I had to mop anyway this just gave me an excuse.

He slept on the bed until 6 and then I was woken by a soft pat on my forehead. His telling me it was time to get up and get fed. He is delightful and eases the ache in this old heart. I decided I am not going to foster him, I will adopt him. Please send me the proper paperwork and let’s get this done!

Thank you Mary Anne. My smile has been discovered again-

Good Thing I Ducked!

Trying to unwind from the last few days, I took a can of soda out and went to pop the top and heard this horrible noise…………..the photo speaks for itself. (No soda or human were harmed during this event). I just got a bit sticky and the cats had a ball licking up the floor!


My Thoughts… Jumbled Though They Are

I can’t wrap my head around the fact that this is distemper that took Avis. First of all, until just a few days ago she was eating like there was no tomorrow. With distemper they don’t eat. She was also drinking a lot of water (until she shut down) there was no vomiting, no bloody diarrhea, no lethargy. They tested her for distemper and although it isn’t conclusive because it is designed for dogs. It’s the canine scratch test, she came out negative. Maybe I am in denial, I don’t know but if it were distemper how in the world did her newborn kittens survive for over a week?

When distemper hit here 8 years ago, we lost 17 cats/kittens in two weeks. NO one here is ill- and the two other cats who came from the same trailer park are doing well- eating, drinking, hiding from me, using the litterpans, normal stool. Distemper shows no mercy and takes no prisoners.

I built the bonfire- burned two cat condos, all the bedding, the nursing box, the litterpans all of it went up in flames. I am not going to take the chance and say definitely that this wasn’t distemper but it sure didn’t act like that dreaded disease. I have to wonder if it might have been FIP instead? Only a blood test (white blood count) would say if it was distemper, but that is a moot point now as Avis was put down early this morning.

Brave and Courageous Avis

She has been laid to rest this morning alongside her babies. The whole family was put to sleep. The vets fear distemper. This shuts us down for five to seven years now to help kittens and we can’t help the adults until they are vaccinated against distemper and put somewhere safe for 5 days for the vaccine to take effect.

I made a huge bonfire this morning and burned everything that Avis and the kittens laid on or used. Lots more cleaning and sterilizing to do- grief and mourning will come later. Her temp this morning was 105.9 and we just decided to stop being heroic and let her find peace.

Rescue Calendar

Here is the cover of our 2017 Rescue Calendar- I am so pleased with the entire content, the whimsy and artistic expression that went into the photos, the captions, the lay-out everything! God Bless two of my blog readers who made all this possible. I am still in shock and awe over it all~



Avis will be at the vet till Monday. She isn’t doing good and could use plenty of prayers-the kittens are doing great! She is still nursing them and when separated from them, she goes ballistic. I think they are the only reason she is still alive right now. Her mothering instincts are over the top.


She will hopefully be coming home today with her babies. I will know more after noon. I have to run and pick up donations and will stop at the clinic after to see how she spent the night. She is such a good mother that even at her sickest point, she was nursing those babies. She figured out a way to prop herself up so her throat was arched (she couldn’t breathe) so she could nurse and care for her little ones.

She is not out of the woods yet. Her temp is still in the 104 range and she isn’t eating. I went back to say hello to her and she looks like death warmed over.:( They tested her for distemper (negative thank God)  She looks  so sad but God Bless her, she is still nursing!

Our rescue calendars will go to print on Monday- if you wish to order one they are $10.00 each plus shipping. Please email me and let me know at  Avis her bill right now  is $385.91. I was only able to give them $50.00 at this time but at least there was something there to give.



Prayers and Tears for Avis

The vet just called, they have no choice. After looking at the films they are going to open her up and spay her. Her temp is 105.9 but again there is no choice. There is a bone showing now in her films and they believe it has perforated her intestines and caused peritonitis. They will not know until they get in to assess the damage, but if it has punctured through, they will euthanize. One of the baby kittens is also at risk- he isn’t breathing right. I told her that I had a bad feeling about this last night and she said they all share that feeling which is why Avis is now headed into surgery despite all the risks.I guess when she was at the trailer park trying so hard to survive, she ate the wrong thing and now, she is paying the price in a very big way. This also helps to explain the loss of blood she has gone through since birthing those babies. And that is the sad facts of what happens with cats get tossed aside as if they are nothing and left on the streets to survive. They do the best they can and sometimes, it leads to a very fatal conclusion.

4:30 update: She has made it through surgery and will remain at the clinic for a few days until her fever breaks!!!


She is at the vet and hopefully being seen. I did a drop off even though I had an appointment later today. She started open-mouth breathing and I didn’t want to take the chance of losing her and rushed her in.

Looks like our carrier has finally fixed their connectivity issues. Here is Mason the poor boy who was four pawed declawed: :(  Not the best photo but he is quite shy at the moment.