At the midnight feeding, she had passed. Hardy is hanging on. he is fighting the feedings but he is also the biggest one of the litter and the only one left. I am  hoping he has the strength to keep on fighting.

Hardy is back from the vet and the vet said I should consider changing his name to Bruiser. The poor little guy is one solid  bruise from top to bottom! But he was active and playing and sucking any fingers that came into view- so when we got home, we had a food fest. He should be okay in a few days and the bruises will fade in time. He weighs 3.5 ounces.

Also this weekend, I trapped a nuisance cat and took it into the vet to be tested. Sadly, Jeffers tested positive for FeLV and we put her to sleep. They said she was about 14 years old, so she was a carrier- not actively sick. :(

The Phone is Going Nuts!

I have to be selective with what I am taking right now, as the enclosures (except one) aren’t quite finished. Our phone has just been ringing off the hook today. “No, ma’am, I am sorry, I cannot take your 12 feral cats that are fighting among themselves. No Sir, I cannot take your 9 outside stray cats that you have been feeding for five years and have just decided you can’t do it anymore.”

I broke many hearts today that is for sure. but there was one call I couldn’t ignore. A queen just gave birth on Weds. 6 kitten- 3 stillborn. She was being a good mom until this morning when she leaped back into the nest and grabbed one kitten and disposed of it quickly. The family, they were stunned. They had this stray kitty set up on their dining room table in the middle of their busy kitchen, with no cover over the carrier that was apart. They have 2 small boys and a daughter not very old and they wonder why the mom went into stressville? Come to find out when I went over there to pick up the remaining two kittens- although I told them to keep her away from the family- she jumped into the nest again, picked up a kitten and tossed it in the air. It landed on the table. :( She pounced on it- but the dad intervened and took it away.

These are two very fragile kittens. I am calling them Laurel and Hardy. They are pitch black and I pray they make it till the morning vet appointment. I have given fluids- tried to feed- one can latch on to the bottle- he is a little chunk so he isn’t as worrisome as Laurel who can’t eat because she has no energy. I have done all my tricks: karo syrup, coffee, warming beds. I wish I had those new heat lamps they have come out with specifically for baby kittens. But I don’t. I will do the best I can and hope for the best.

There is also another stray in the new enclosure but he is still in the trap they caught him with. He is an old black boy- and I do mean old. I have a 10:20 appointment tomorrow and the story is he got hit by a car about 3 weeks ago. He drags his back leg and  has road rash on his belly. I am calling him Jefferson-

Please pray for these cats tonight before you go to sleep-

Thank you all

Not the Normal Distress Call


This weekend, we got a distress call from a woman who said she had 63 cats and needed help! I don’t go on these calls alone, so I called another friend who also rescues and off we went with our arsenal of tools and help.

The woman lives near a pretty big park that accommodates round-the year campers. People dump off cats at this park all the time- we just pulled 10 kittens out of there someone left in a box near the trash can. The kittens were fine- just a bit wet.

But because of this location, most of the cats dumped at the park end up at this house over time. The house itself, driving up to it was one of those homes where you go “Uh oh, I should have packed my gun!” I was really hesitant at first until I turned the curve and entered the driveway and saw all of these lovely- healthy- friendly cats running out to greet me!

Turns out, one of my other friends Jodi had been working with this woman for about 3 weeks and had trapped and neutered all her cats and taken 27 kittens into the local shelter to be adopted out! On Jodi’s last trip, she told the woman about me when the woman said she needed help feeding this horde.

Although the house is in great disrepair- I feel sorry for the woman saddled with these cats- but I give her great props for the care she has put into them. She buys flea treatment from the vet every month and flea treats every one of them! But then she is broke. She has two heavily disabled teenage sons, 3 grandchildren, and one son who is a tweaker living with her in a 2 bedroom home! She started remodeling the house when they bought it- but then her husband died and she was left to figure it out on her own.

I told her I would help her as long as I am able to to feed these cats and will start trying to find homes for them one-by-one. I know they are safe there, they are cared for and so I am leaving them all there- if I get hints of people wanting to adopt, I will go over and get the woman and the cat and we go through the adoption process.

There was one cat there that someone had tried to stitch up its substantial wound with fishing line! My friend Jodi cut the line off. The wound had long healed!

A few photos show one of the new kittens Tag. When I opened my truck to leave after doing the feeding, Tag jumped in the truck! Deanna looked at me like “Well are you going to take him home?”

Tag jumped on the dashboard and demanded attention. LOL It was so cool and so unlike any distress call I have ever been on. We decided instead that Dee would take photos of him in the truck and I would use these photos to hopefully find him the right home. But I left him there. If I took him, he would be an enclosure all by himself and that isn’t fair to him. He has grown up at the place- it is on a dead end street so cars aren’t as much of a threat. It was funny when I took my food bin out of the truck and opened it up to feed- how many cats just came running. After I fed them and put the bin back in my truck about 14 cats lined up behind me- I felt like the Pied Piper! LOL If all my distress calls were this happy- I would have less stress than I do now.

Enjoy some of the photos shot along the way-







The Power of Prayer

102.6 this morning! Last night, I deeply prayed over this kitten and asked God to help me find the answer. I went looking in some of my cat vet guides that I received a few years ago from a good friend who is a vet. It was suggested for cats or kittens with fevers of unknown origin to use a specific drug- which I had on hand, that is injectable or pills. I have both. I then called that vet friend– she lives back East and told her what was going on. She gave the me the proper dose to use and in 30 minutes Benson’s temp stabilized! She then told me to give him another drug to help bring him down because being confined was making him nuts. I did this, he got a bit groggy and he slept- which is something neither one of us has been doing since this  all began.

This  morning, he is eating on his own, drinking on his own and whatever he had seems to be on its way out. I am so grateful for the prayers sent and the emails of support. You guys rock in the eyes of the Lord. I know you do!


Now Benson needs prayers

It seems to be never-ending here. Last night, benson came up to my chair and was meowing. Since he is a Siamese mix meowing is pretty routine, but this meow sounded different. I scooped him up to find him on fire! 104.5!

He has been caged and isolated. Started him on antibiotics and fluids am force feeding him, doing alcohol rubdowns and trying to just get him to take fluids. He is not a happy boy to be confined as he is still skittish and uncertain. He could use any prayers you might have left floating around. I could use a vacation in Hawaii! LOL


1:55 p.m. high temp has dropped now to subnormal 101.2F Extremely dehydrated gave fluids and force fed. he appears to be hungry just not eating on  his own.

The Kitten Who has Touched a Few Hearts

I called him Draco. he arrived last night almost in the middle of the night and he was born on Monday. His other littermate had passed away and he and another kitten were just clinging to life barely. The man asked me to take the weakest one and to instruct him and his family how to help the other kitten who had no strength to latch on to mom.

He lasted about two hours before the angels claimed him and with all this rain, I knew I couldn’t bury him. I went to one of the local grocery stores this morning and talked to the owner about Draco. I asked him something quite unusual- at the back of his property there is a small forest. I asked if I could lay the kitten to sleep there because I refuse to throw any cat away like garbage.

To my amazement, this man said of course, I could! So instead of driving for miles then hiking off the beaten path and finding a place in the woods- I laid Draco down in the ferns and placed fallen leaves over his grave. I would have never thought this man would allow me to do this on his property because it is quite the strangest request. I think I saw him wipe a tear out of his eyes before I turned away to go and do the necessary thing for this little black boy.

The Four-Footed Enigma

Riley aka Stryker began to act rather strangely this last week. Initially, other than hiding under the blanket all day and only coming out to eat at night (temptations and nothing else) he wasn’t showing any signs of aggression. Because of his declining weight and his picky appetite, we did a full work up on him: blood-work,x-rays, checked for infectious diseases, UTI all we could humanely do to track it down. Nothing remarkable reared its ugly head and I figured he was just in deep grief and missing his life.

I started going in to sleep with him which was successful for a few days. The minute my head hit the pillow, he would jump on me and nudge me, head bumps, purrs, almost knock me off the bed for goodness sake.Then he would settle down and sleep. It was peace at last (or so I thought). I was wrong.

After about three days of this sleeping arrangement, he would jump on the bed- nuzzle me, want to be petted but then he would withdraw. No coaxing would bring him close which was confusing, so I drifted off to sleep.

Because of so many past surgeries, I sleep with a pillow at my side. It just made things easier for me. I am also a light sleeper as I get up several times a night to check on Mike (who has sleep apnea and only sometimes uses his machine). So, I heard the noise before I felt the attack. It was a full attack by a pissed off cat. It was after midnight and when I heard him take off,  he wasn’t growling- he was mewing, very softly- continuously and then he leaped right for my face. My instincts kicked in and I held up the pillow over my face which he latched on to and started rabbit kicking and now he was growling and tearing at the pillow with his teeth!

At this point, I was out of bed and had the light on. I had a blanket wrapped around me for protection- but right now- his foe seemed to be my pillow. He shredded that. I flew out of the room and sat in the living room trying to come to grips with what had just happened and why? Finally, I fell asleep in my chair with gentle Molly purring the way into sleeptime.

The next morning, I shared with Mike what happened and he said maybe something set him off- but what? No cat was in the room with him, I was sound asleep- no cat can even get to the door thanks to our screen doors we have up all over the house. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and figured it was just a bad night for him.

Well the next night, after I had again fallen asleep after the pet fest, Riley attacked again. The blanket saved me from most of the scratches. He was not biting but he was scratching the living daylights out of my arms

I called the vet the next morning and asked him to go over the results again to see if we missed anything. Nope, nothing, all it good, all is “normal.’ I told the vet what happened and he seemed to think that the cats caused Riley to react so aggressively. Again, no cat can get close to him. he does not like other cats which is probably why he had 9 bites on him when he was first rescued.

My vet said to find a special needs home for him, so I carefully worded an ad and put it up on the rescue sites. I got two calls from interested people, but when I shared about the attacks- they never called back to confirm the foster home. What a surprise.

I finally called my vet and asked him to please put this cat out of his misery. Long story short- he refused. he said because nothing healthwise is wrong with the cat- it was my obligation to find a home for him where the “people can just lock the cat away at night and let him out in the morning!” I was so stunned- was he serious? I might as well have adopted out a time bomb and told the people, by the way, the detonator may or may not go off! What if he escaped from the room when he was in night terrors? God forbid, my biggest fear was if he got out of our room at night and went for my cats or worse, for Mike- we would all be in a world of hurt.

I decided today, to call my old vet and ask him for help. I told him some of the story and just said that my vet wouldn’t put this cat down. My old vet told me to bring the cat in and we would talk. I told him what had happened once we were in the room and when I told him about the attacks (four total) and showed him my arms and that my vet wouldn’t let me take this cat out of his anguish, he was incredulous.

15 minutes later, Riley had reunited with his former owner and was out of pain. I also talked to my old vet and asked him if he would accept me as a client again. he said of course he would. He said he has the utmost respect for me and what I do for the stray and feral cats here and if he can help, he would be glad to. He is also the only vet who has ever been inside my enclosures and he was here for several hours observing me with some feral cats he had turned over to me. I left him only for one reason. When I had to sell my horses, it was to painful for me to see him even with just my cats because it made me remember all we went through with Racer and Trav over the 13 years they were here with us.He loved Racer as much as I did and because of the constant founder the three of us bonded.

He also didn’t charge me an arm and a leg to put Riley to sleep- but because so much money has been invested in this renovation- which is still going strong- I was $46.00 short of covering the check. I am going to check my donation boxes tomorrow and do some juggling and praying to cover the cost. I didn’t want to put this lovely boy down- I cried all the way home- but I have also decided to go back to the vet who listens to me and respects what I do, even though he is 20 minutes farther from my home. I am still so angry that my regular vet told me when I asked him to put Riley down, that I needed to “be nice to him and not ask him to put down this cat,” Even though this cat after midnight was in pure aggressive agony. I will never forget as long as I live, those plaintive meows Riley was quietly pasting the room with. I could hear the meaning clearly- “help me, please help me.”

Riley- you were broke and I couldn’t fix you. I did try though and I did love you even though your nighttime terror scared the living daylights out of me. I am sorry so many failed you-


Sierra and the Calm Before the Storm

Yesterday, Ms. Sierra went to her forever home and she scored! The couple they are retired and they have built a railroad that encircles their 5 acres of land. I got to go on the neatest train ride! Earl, the gentleman used to be a long-haul trucker and he got into a massive accident when a dump truck plowed into him almost destroying his rig and his life. His son swore if he would fight- he would build him his own train and lay tracks and that is what happened.

They are the nicest folk I have met in a long time and I called this morning to find out that Sierra must know this too. She was in bed with them before they were ready to go to sleep last night! She is following them all over the house. I told them she likes to get underfoot and the house is beautiful- huge, larger inside than it looks on the outside. I took photos with my new IPhone but I can’t figure out how to get the photos off the phone and into the cloud- or whatever they call it. I am just so thrilled that this beautiful kitty has such a wonderful place to grow old in. They initially wanted two kittens, but Shimmer and Benson are way to unsocialized still to risk an adoption. Benson is only just now able to trust me enough to leap on my lap at night. But he still nips at me when I pet him.

Goodbye Sierra, I shall miss you being underfoot but I know you will be good company to these wonderful people who instantly fell in love with you! Just like I did.


We have survived 2 of 8 storms of “historic proportions” according to the experts. The last 6 are headed our way. All we have lost so far are large limbs in the back. I think we might be in for a challenge though, because this morning in our blackberry thicket there were over 20 turkeys hiding. They weren’t hiding from predators, they were trying to get out of the wind!