We just drove right on by-

Left about an hour ago to keep the adoption appointment, but as we were looking for the address (the house is fairly hidden behind another home) I noticed cats all over the place near the house we were searching for. I lost count at 19. On the doorstep, I could see countless cans of opened cat food sitting around. I double checked the address- yep- same one and looked over at Shimmer who was trembling in her carrier and we just drove right on by. I don’t think this woman needs another cat- just could be fluke though I doubt it. None of the cats looked in good shape and all of them were outside, I guess she didn’t lie to me all the way- she said she had no indoor kitties!

No way am I going to put Shimmer into another nightmare. She is back with her brother now, grateful to be out of the dreaded carrier.

Hanna- now cancer free

Here is the sweet girl with her battle wound. They gave her a long-lasting antibiotic shot so I didn’t have to stress her out with giving her meds every 12 hours. They also did a long-term pain shot so she could just be left alone to decompress.


This is the last weekend for adoptions and I am hoping that Shimmer has found a new home. I will take her over there tomorrow to meet Janna a 71 year old who just moved here from my old stomping ground- Orange County California. She said she is lonely and she wants a lap kitty- an inside only kitty and I told her all about Shimmer’s shyness and it didn’t seem to deter her. Shimmer will growl and hiss at you, but once you actually start petting her- she is all over the moon happy to be touched and loved on. Human touch is just such an alien feeling for her it takes a lot of patience to wait her out and let her learn to trust someone. But to find her just the right home- that would be the best Christmas gift I could ask for! I have her online as a special needs kitty and it sounds like Janna needs her as much as she needs Janna.


The Hanna Scare

I had to take Hanna back in this morning. Her wound was simply not healing and it kept oozing this nasty black sludge. This time, we did test her and she can back faint positive for FIV (feline aids). It was so faint the vet and I decided to retest her and she came back negative. TYG!

I left her there and the vet just called- turns out when he removed the growth from her it was not a spider bite- it was skin cancer which is odd because usually only light colored kitties are susceptible to melanoma. The good news is he got all of it- but she has 22 stitches in layers now. They will dissolve in about two weeks and she should be right as rain.

She is such a sweet girl. I am glad we re-tested her- I really don’t wish to add to the Bridge Babies count this late.

I also took Mike’s 19 year old kitty Taylor in. I thought she might be in renal failure but thankfully it turns out that she has a UTI and the x-ray revealed that she has enough internal hair in her colon to build another cat! I have to pour laxatone down her throat 4 times a week and if that doesn’t help her feel better- then they will do surgery on her to remove all the hair. I groom her twice a month but she mats if you look at her- she is part Persian and Maine Coon. She loves Mr. Mike to death- she barely tolerates me but I am the mat remover, the medicine giver, the groomer and claw clipper. He gets to love her- I just get to do everything else for her so it make me Public Enemy #1 in her eyes. She was so scared being a the vet that she peed all over the table so the vet grabbed a urine stick and found out about the UTI. Nice timing there Taylor-

Here she is looking a bit under-the-weather with her favorite human


Some of you are asking about how Mike is- I am afraid it is not good news. He has been told by his doctors that now it is not “IF” he loses his other leg- it is “when.” If you would pray for him, I would appreciate it so much. The veinous stastis and neuropathy are wrecking havoc with his good leg. He has developed yet another ulcer on his good leg and the surgeons tell me that fighting this is fighting a losing battle.





We rescued Hanna late last night after a phone call from an elderly man saying he had a cat trapped in his garage and the shoulder looked “odd.”

When I arrived, I found an older and very friendly female mackerel tabby that at first glance looked like she had a chunk bit from her shoulder- but when I got her home and started to work with it- the wound looked really bizarre and kind of gross. I did the best I could and started her on antibiotics but this morning, it still looked strange so off the vet we went.

Turns out, it isn’t a cat bite (which I knew already) but they narrowed it down to one of two things- a hobo spider bite, or a cyst or tumor that has ruptured. We are going to treat it for one week and if no changes occur- they want me to call and make an appointment to get the tumor removed surgically.

This kitty is as calm as toast and doesn’t act painful in any fashion which would support the cyst/tumor theory. Only time will tell and if the neucrotic tissue starts to recede than it is a hobo spider bite- if not, she has a surgery in her future. Another odd thing is although she is 10 years old or better- there is no spay scar and her nipples look like they have never been productive in her life! Maybe I should change her name to Enigma.

here she is-




Shim and Benson

Almost immediately upon arriving home and putting these two into isolation, they became calm as toast. This morning, they are eating, drinking moving around the room. I don’t have them in cages, they just have all the space since they are sharing the same disease. The heater is on, they are warm and comfortable and have stopped shaking. They have not lost their trust in me, I was able to get both my hands on them this morning to treat their eyes. I’ll put a humidifier in there today once this darn rain stops slamming down on us. But I am so happy they are home- this disease can last up to 4 weeks- but at least I know they are safe and no longer terrified.

Shimmer and Benson

The two kittens have been in foster care for quite awhile. Last night, I received a frantic call from the daughter telling me I needed to come immediately the kittens were “sick.”

Turns out the kittens have been sick for quite awhile and no one called me which angers me more than you know. I have used this family for years but right now, they are embroiled in a drama suitable for a reality series about cheating spouses.  Although I can appreciate the crumbling of a long-term marriage, I wish someone had called me sooner. These two kittens are quite the mess. I dropped them at the vet this morning, I don’t suspect they will let them come home, that’s how bad it is. bad nasty URI complete with swollen pink eye and deep hacking coughs which can be either feline herpes to the nth degree or pneumonia. To add to the frustration, these two left here almost socialized and came back almost true ferals again. It took me three hours to capture them inside the bedroom they were stuffed into. What a mess and how sad that two adults with a lovely home life could digress in such a fashion that this happened at all. The daughter told me that her mom has been following the husband all over town and stapling nasty emails on the doors of the motels where the trysts are happening. She almost got arrested for pete’s sake!

Waiting for the vet to call. I just hope it is good news and the kittens can recover-

Anisha’s Plight

Hey Guys,

I just received an email from a girl in India. She has found herself in a pretty hopeless situation when the mom cat shunned her new litter and tried to kill the kittens. The girl has the two survivors out of the four and I am doing my best to guide her through this confusing process. There are no vets, no local rescues, nothing but herself and her will to help despite being told not to bother.

Please keep her and the babies in your prayers. I wish I was there to help her out- Years ago, I had a similar email from India and it was the same story- the neighborhood telling the girl to stop with the heroics because they are kittens and “kittens die all the time!” But this girl has courage and is stepping up, bringing these babies indoors and doing her utmost to see them through this. Not an easy task. She has my heart-


Anisha did her best, but the two kittens passed away late last night- edited 11/22/16  Thanks for the prayers-

Giving Thanks

It is close to Thanksgiving Day soon and we are going pretty low-key this year. Roasted turkey breast (no whole bird) sorry kitties! My stuffing casserole and a green salad. No desert, Mike has lost 53 pounds in two months and I don’t want to wreck that miracle.

For the last few months, one of my blog followers who will at this time remain nameless- has been sending me a lot of vintage jewelry (circa 1960) she has collected over her lifetime. I do cats, no jewelry, but these pieces, they blow me away. First I am stunned that someone is granting me her collection so I can raise money for the cats. It is an extensive collection. I would say I have over 800 pieces right now.


I went to a holiday show today but I need to get these out of town. I had people coming up to me and asking me “I see you have $30.00 on this necklace, I’ll give you $3.00!”  I made a whopping $12.00 in 7 hours. I can’t blame the people in town- most of them can’t even pay their bills but I had these pieces low cost and it didn’t seem to matter. I need to be in a bigger show where the pockets are deeper. Everyone was oohing an ahhing about the exquisite pieces- but no one was buying. So I will keep trying.

I thank you nameless one for your generous heart and your giving spirit. I know the kitties would thank you as well!