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Everybody can breathe now. We have four of the five cats and they are safe! One tomcat did not want to be captured, so I left him with the man because they seem to have bonded. I left him with PLENTY of cat food (and human food too). I told him that when I go after the holidays to do the spays, I will get this big black boy neutered and bring him back. In the meantime, I told him, I would keep him supplied with enough dry food for the cat that he doesn’t have to worry about it. So we now have a beautiful muted tortie girl and a mackerel tabby boy (about three months old) and two long-haired black tomcats in our sanctuary. They were SO Bloody Hungry! I am only feeding them small amounts right now because I don’t want them sick.

Now to back-track- the deputy called me and told me to meet him at the location. I took George with me, he is here today helping out. I told him if I even saw a gun on location, I was going to get the hell out of dodge. and he agreed.

The man turned out to be quite nice- just really down on his luck. A big brute of a guy and you can tell his elevator doesn’t quite go clear to the top. He helped us gather up the cats and when I left the deputy sheriff had stayed behind and was talking to Jeff about all of this.

I am grateful this worked out for the cats. I am not grateful to have 4 more mouths to feed and vet and neuter- but it is what it is. I couldn’t leave them there to turn into ducks in a shooting gallery!

All cats are doing well. They have plowed through food and unless I am mistaken, the muted tortie girl (she is so gorgeous) is pregnant! I don’t think she is quite four months old- I’ll know for sure on Monday when I call to get them in to be seen.


Hoping this is a bad joke

Ad on CL this morning:


I have 5 cats, 4 adults and 1 kitten, that need a new home. They are strays that I have been feeding and have socialized. I can no longer feed them, and rather than let them starve, I am killing them. I have killed 4 of the original 12 cats, (the four skinniest kittens). Three of the kittens ran away after that and now I am down to one days food for the remaining 5 cats.
Why don’t I feed the cats? I’m mentally and physically disabled and live by charging people to stay in my house. Everyone has left me; One left after I broke up with her, one started doing meth, stole a laptop and left, and one decided to stop paying me, “I’m not here that much so what do I really owe you?”, he is leaving by the first. I had to give away my car because I couldn’t afford insurance, and I’m turning everything off.
Peace in Christ


I have been on the phone with the police and I have responded to the ad. If this guy is on the level and he responds to me, I will take reinforcements with me when I go over there to save whatever cats might be left. As I told the officer this morning, if this man is so unbalanced that he is putting this crap online, what is going to happen if he is ignored and all of a sudden starts shooting people instead of cats? I will let them know what happens if he even answers me. I just hope it is someone’s idea of a sick joke.


Updated: 10:30 a.m Sadly, this does not seem to be a joke. I talked to the man a bit ago on the phone and he sounds like he is barely hanging on by his last thread. He was saying he killed the five kittens because they were starving and had an URI. He said the neighbors turned him and the sherriff came out to talk to him, but regardless, starting tomorrow he will again start shooting cats because he is out of food.

I told him I would bring him food or take his cats from him (though God knows where I am going to put them!) What was his pleasure? He asked me to just take all of his cats. He says they are friendly although none have been vetted or spayed or neutered. :(  I have been in contact with a sherriff’s deputy and am waiting to hear back from him as to how to proceed. ALL my being wants to go over there and take those cats out of danger, but he sounds like reality is slowly slipping away. I don’t want us to make national news by the headlines of this guy going bonkers and opening up and shooting not just cats but other people (me included). So I am holding back, though it is hard. If I can get his cats, I will have to take Karen’s two ferals out of the large enclosure and put them outside and let the five new cats have the stall enclosure. Karen’s cats have been here long enough to understand this is home and there are plenty of places they can hide. It’s just hard to stay still and DO NOTHING knowing that there are 5 cats in danger of dying.  The guy sounds pretty young too- what a shame. His last words to me chilled me. He said they were coming on Monday to turn off his electricity so all he has left to do now is sit in the dark and think. :( God help him and I hope the Deputy calls me back soon.

Hope’s Journey~

On September 22, 2014 the call came through that an emaciated “dirty” scrungy kitty had walked into this woman’s kitchen and wouldn’t leave. After finding out her husband’s idea of a good cat is a dead one, I left immediately to go and pick the cat up. At first, I thought it was a black cat, but it turned out to be so covered in fleas and flea dirt that is the discoloring of her coat and what I was looking at. I gave her several baths and she bled red in every single one. We rushed her to the vet, it was determined she was about 10 years old and anemic- she had the bad form of anemia, the non-regenerative type, severely dehydrated and just hanging on.

We gave her fluids and meds, I brought her home put her by herself in a cage with an outside patio attached and wanted to see if I found her in time. I didn’t find her quick enough and this week has been really rough. She stopped eating, she lost weight, she would lose urine when she slept and if she did eat something it ended up being hurled across the cage in an impressive (and scary) projectile vomiting. She was telling me that she was done- it was over. She didn’t want to play this game any longer.

I took her in this night for her journey’s end. My vet agreed that if she was going to kick this flea-induced anemia she would have done it by now. He didn’t think that he could find a vein- but I prayed so hard because the alternative is not a good one if a vessel can’t be found. He hit the vein the first stick! I was at her head whispering in her ear and telling her how much  joy she brought to my life in the short time she was here. When the fluid hit, I just saw her take a huge sigh or relief then she licked my hand and she was gone.

Run free Hope in the heavens. Play in the grasses and find that special boy up there who will be your best friend. I loved you- I wish I had gotten to you sooner. Thanks for trying to fight- you were such a courageous kitty to the end.



Christmas arrived early for the kitties~

Yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised by the arrival of a package from our friend Pat who runs Plain Brown Tabby. She sent our seventeen rabble rousers toys and treats for Christmas! This way,  after they get through trashing the room in fine style, they can dine on Kitty Kaviar and Whole Life Chicken and re-charge for the next time!

It was their first exposure to catnip and honeysuckle treats and I clearly saw who is going to be alpha in the group as Tweedledee promptly scored the majority of catnip toys and hid them under her belly. Anyone came close to even wanting a sniff was warded off by some pretty impressive growls.

Thank you Pat! This morning among the trashings of the room there were sightings of these toys as well among the rubble.  I think I will hold off rewarding these guys for their hard play time though- no reason to encourage them! :)

“Well Hello There…’

This morning when I went in to feed the elusive, starving cat, I heard this meow over my head. I looked up and he was perched in the rafters- like a vulture ready to pounce on the food. He allowed me to pet him, I admired his boney structure and told him he was safe and would have all the love and food he needed from here on in. He reminds me a lot of my Norton kitty. Once he is filled out- he will be beautiful

Found on Craigslist

All I can say, is I wish I had wrote it!


I found your cat, and she’s way cooler than you are. (Saint Augustine)

That title is a bit misleading. Your cat found me, actually. And she totally rocks, so I’m almost glad that you’re such a shortsighted idiot. She showed up about two years ago to eat out of a nearby dumpster, but she didn’t trust people enough to let anyone near her. Everyone in the area naturally assumed she was feral. It took about a year and a half before she would even let me get close enough to pet her, but then something strange happened; once she did let me pet her, she decided I was her human. She became really affectionate. Greeted me when I came home from work. More or less lived on our porch for the last six months. Once it started getting colder, she even took to jumping into our laps when we were sitting outside. It was a pretty crazy transformation from the skittish little thing I met two years ago.  So we took her to the vet earlier this week, (because it’s pretty obvious no one is coming back for her, and the weather has been getting much too cold for a seven pound ball of fur to just be left to the elements) and we found out the damndest thing. The vet found a little tattoo on her belly, and said that it meant she was not just spayed, but had previously been adopted. Now, that’s great news for us, because not only did we no longer have to worry about adding on the additional fee of getting her spayed to her tests and shots, but once we brought her inside, she loved it. I was worried she’d feel caged, but apparently this is the pampering she has been wanting for a while now. She sleeps on the bed, gets along well with our dogs, and loves to snuggle. She’s a great little cat. But I wanted you to know, if you figured you’d just abandon your pet when you moved away, and she’d be fine- you were right. She’s fine. She lived the last two years of her life eating out of a dumpster, afraid to let anyone touch her, and living off of lizards, mice, and (at least on one occasion that I witnessed) bats, but she’s fine now. She has been adopted, and most certainly has adopted us as well. I also wanted to clarify something for you. If you ever, “adopt” another pet in the future, that word comes with a certain promise. It means that, “I am your person, and you are my animal” you kind of belong to each other after that. It’s your job to shelter them, your job to feed them and keep them healthy, and if you can’t bring them with you when you move- it’s your job to find a new f@#%ing apartment that does allow pets. If you can’t handle that, maybe next time, you should adopt a damn plant. Don’t forget to water it, jerk.

Separate Quarters

These cats may have been buddies in the park, but they are not comfortable with each other (or anyone else right now) At food time this morning, a bad fight broke out. I grabbed a towel and threw it over the fighting boys and separated them. The orange boy is now in the Intro cage inside the enclosure and the black and white cow kitty male is in the deck enclosure.

The black and white kitty has a suspicious wound on his front paw .It almost looks like he had been eating or chewing on himself? It’s not a regular bite wound- with just two puncture marks- it is ragged and worked on and quite deep. I didn’t notice it before because he went immediately under one of the low tables to hide. I am taking him over to see the specialist tomorrow morning. I did put ointment on it- it looks pretty gnarly. She told me to start him on clinidrops- so I started the antibiotic.


George came over this morning and he rigged up a door where I can block off the catio if need be. It is just a piece of wood on hinges and a slide bolt, but it will help me a great deal once I start working with this cat to block off the small catio. He also (bless his heart) helped me weigh and de-worm the 17 kittens and Aurora in the bedroom. We cheated and instead of putting the kittens inside a large carrier after they were each dewormed- we just put them in the bathroom so I wouldn’t double dose the mackerel tabbies and torbies who are so hard to tell apart! Pumpkin now weighs 4 pounds!  He made a comment about how playful she is now- he saw her last when she was failing fast. I told him she is getting back at all the darn humans who stuffed her with drugs, ointments and yucky food to get her well!

They still have remnants of ringworm but as cold as it is, I really don’t want to dip them. I need to get some more antifungal ointment and use that. It gets them a bit damp but not as bad as the dip does. I ran out yesterday and this darn cold/flu whatever I got is keeping me home today. So they get a bit of a reprieve. But I have to have this black and white kitty looked at. It is a nasty wound.  I have some old x-ray films left from when Cyclone was x-rayed, so I made a quick e-collar to keep him from biting on his paw.

Also I got a phone call early this morning from Alaska’s new owner. She is so enchanted with this cat it makes me smile. Her 23 year old son who is autistic has become Alaska’s best buddy. Catherine said they are going to call this “kind, kind kitty- Isis. I told her Isis is a grand name for this cat. Isis gets irish lullabies sung to her at night and she now has a velvet cave she can curl up inside of. Morgan, the boxer has been curious about the kitty- but they have yet to meet up close and personal yet. Thankfully, Morgan is highly trained and obedient. I don’t see any issues. Alaska never seemed to mind B-Dog while she was here.

The beautiful calico that just arrived, went to her new home this morning. She now has a 62 year old woman and a 7 year old granddaughter to love on her. I couldn’t be more pleased. Melinda gave me $40.00 for a rehoming fee and I promptly turned it over to my vet. When I left their home, the three of them were cuddling on the bed. The calico’s name shall be Callie according to the granddaugther  whose name happens to be Chloe..

This call was hard to ignore

I just received a phone call from a manager at a local trailer court. One of their residents bailed 2 months ago and left behind two of her male cats! She has been back and forth in the park visiting “neighbors” and although her cats are living in the abandoned trailer, she has not stopped ONCE to check on them, feed them or do anything with them. When she is asked about what she is doing, she just snarls at the people asking. The manager said the neighbors were feeding them but they have their own cats to deal with so they quit. The cats are literally starving now and this morning, apparently one of the neighbors to this abandoned trailer came out on her porch and was attacked by the gold and white cat! He launched at her and scratched and bit her arms, she said he was trying to get into the house where her cat’s food was by the door. She fended him off and went immediately to the managers. If I don’t come and get these cats, I was told they were going to be dispatched in a miserable way.


The woman  who abandoned them had left the back window of the trailer open (about 8 feet from the ground) and the cats were running up the side of the trailer and into the window, but there is no food inside to sustain them.

Ok, so I go over there, and call them to the window, lift each one carefully out of the window and into a waiting carrier. They are bone skinny- oh my God and they are now in the deck enclosure. Are they aggressive? Not as bad as some, not as good as others. I did get scared once, but there is enough food inside the enclosure for 24 hours and perhaps by then, they will settle down. Interestingly as I was carrying them to my car, the woman who owns them drove right by and didn’t even glance our way! The neighbor told me the woman has hooked up with a real scumbag who hates cats- so I think Karma is coming her way.

I will do pictures later of these two, if I live long enough to take them that is! LOL  No, they are not that aggressive. They are scared and they are hungry and in cats, sometimes that is a lethal combination.

Captured at last!

The very last female (calico) running our property has now been trapped. She is a beautiful dilute calico- reminds me of my Dad’s old Calico. She is pregnant so she is being spayed as I type. I also have a home for her- wish I could say that for all the cats here! But there is an elderly woman who lives with her son out in the country and she wanted a calico cat quite badly.

Here she is:

Queen Callie01caliconew