My hat is off to my handyman!

This morning, we were trying to figure out how to put screen into the cage where Quinn one of the new “feral” cats (courtesy of Karen) now resides. It is a converted guinea pig cage and on the top level is a cat house and their food. On the bottom level past the ramp there are the litter pans.

We decided the best way was to move the cat house so that Quinn would be able to scramble down the ramp, hide in the bottom and we put a piece of wood and a heavy rock over the opening so there would be no surprises.

The first part worked like clockwork. The minute I moved the cat house, Quinn scrambled down the ramp and we shut off the excess hole. The screen was applied.

So there is Quinn hanging and glaring at us at the farthest corner of the bottom of the cage, clinging to a board. I didn’t want to terrorize the poor kitty but I used a stick to see if I could dislodge him and get him moving. He wasn’t having any of it. So I grabbed a blanket to see if I could herd him up the ramp and George steps up and says “Let me go in there, shut the door, and I will pick him up and take him up the ramp!” Now George is much smaller than I am and he can fit inside such a space. Bless his heart- he wrapped up Quinn in a blanket, stroked his fur and talked to him (there was no biting or clawing) and then gently put him on the ramp and herded him the rest of the way up the ramp. We closed the hole and now George is inside putting in the rest of the screen.

I would say this goes above and beyond in my book-

George the cat-friendly handymanhm

New Kitty on property

Just what we need another cat, but one showed up this morning a young tom looking fairly haggard. He is a long hair tuxedo boy very striking- traps and food laid out- no way was he going to go that route. I see his ears aren’t tipped so he isn’t a runaway from a local feral cat colony around the corner. He bears a striking resemblance to a cat I saw at Karen’s when I went to pick up the original seven. She told me he was very aggressive and he was “No Touch.” I would hate to think she did this- but someone dumped him somewhere. He has already picked three fights with my barn cats and I grabbed my catch pole (which I hate) but I can’t have an aggressive tom roaming. He seemed to sense my intentions and took off in a run toward the creek. I am sure he will be back.

This morning when I went into the deck enclosure, one of the black boys stuck his head out of the house and said hello. I sat down on the straw and talked to him as I dished his food being careful not to look in his eyes. Then Striker, who was also in the house bapped the friendly one on the nose and he withdrew rather quickly. It was as if Striker was telling Malcolm- “Enough already, don’t encourage the human!”

George the handyman is here today, he will be putting in more windows in the deck enclosure, screening in the rest of the cage where Quinn is and putting pet proof screen on the porch enclosure where we ran out. Then I think I am done with this very nice man but he has asked if he can come back with his grand-daughter so she can visit the cats.

I almost had her~

Phantom, she came to feed tonight, and I decided to try and grab her. I opened up the catio door over my head and then just reached down to pet her. She allowed me to touch her so I took a deep breath and scruffed her (no struggle) she is way to weak. I picked her up and placed her in the catio and shut the door. By the time I made it to the inside of the house so I could open the window and let her into the cage, she had found an escape hatch (a 2.5″ opening) and wiggled free! Any well-fed healthy cat would have gotten stuck, but she is so depleted, she managed to escape rather quickly. Now I fear, it will be months before she will be trust me again. Dang-it I had her- I really did. I wish that hole had been sealed, but with the window closed she found a way out.

Renaming Kitties

Gadget, the 6 month old badly matted kitty from the last rescue is now in our bedroom. The name does not fit him, I had to come up with it on the fly at the vet’s office. I have renamed him Edison and for the first time since arriving here, he has been venturing out from under the bed. Last night, I woke up with something heavy on my foot and it was him. I was smiling in the dark but I didn’t move because I knew as soon as I did he would flee back under the bed.

I need to make friends with this scared kitty fairly quickly. I am finding mats of black hair all over the floor which is alarming. I also know he has tapeworms but it is hard to work with a kitty who is scared of humans. I will start going in and reading to him out loud today, sitting on the floor to remove the threat and leaving meaty scraps behind. I hope he will forgive me if I read him the book A Dog’s Purpose. :)

For the second day, Phantom has allowed me to pet her so I am encouraged by these positive signs.

Meet Matilda

This is Matilda and I know she looks like an unhappy kitty but I think she is happier here than she was at the other place. Her ears are a bit of a mess (but salt water is very corrosive and not recommended to fight ear mites). She loves to be petted and fussed over and she went to the vet on Thursday because there was a possible home for her (but they put a temp.stop on the adoption of her)> Part of the problem is that the vet cannot tell us how old she is. I just heard “She’s old.” But she is minus her teeth so how old is old- no one can really say. She has one lonely canine left in her mouth and the vet said that the only positive thing about kittens not getting nourishment when they really need it, is as they get old, their teeth just fall out of their mouth :( As most of hers already has done so. So no expensive dental work will need to be done, she will just wake up one day and the tooth will be gone.

She doesn’t walk perfectly, again a sign of neglect and age. She sort of wobbles when she walks and she can’t retract her back claws now. She may be a mess, but she is a loveable mess. She is the first one to greet me at the door, the one who wants to climb up on my lap or shoulder and just get all that lovin she missed out on in the crucial years. I love mackeral tabbies anyway and she is beautiful in my eyes, and I will do my best to find a home for her soon.


He can finally breathe again

Yesterday morning, Juno (bless his courageous heart) passed away. He died in my arms and it was our choice to let him go. After it was over, even my vet said it was time because he went so quickly. He started projectile vomiting two days ago, his diarrhea increased and his breathing became even more labored then before. There was a discussion of long-term use of prednisone and increasing the zithromax to every other day but in the end, we gave him the respect and dignity a cat such as he was deserves and let him go before the real suffering started. I told him on Friday that soon he would be able to breathe again and until that time, he had avoided the catio we built for him, preferring to stay on the top level in his carrier. But after I told him how much we would miss him but it was the right thing to do for him, he went outside in that catio and stayed there- even overnight.

I told my vet I wasn’t giving up because it was difficult, I was giving in because it was time. He showed all of us in the end that it was indeed time for him to do. That bubby was so tired of fighting to breathe.

We left his cage door open last night so his spirit would soar free- the catio door was opened as well. This morning, there were four kitties cuddled in the catio and we found comfort in that sight.

I’m sorry Juno, had we gotten to you sooner there might have been a chance to unrepair the damage done to you. You are a noble soul and we all shall miss you so very much.

Early Morning Smile

Late last year, we adopted out two kittens Toad and Willow. They were 4 months old at the time of the adoption. This morning, this photo was waiting in the que for me from their new mom. I suspected these two had Maine Coon in their blood and this photo confirms it. Toad is huge!


The mom wrote that both the kittens are now important members of the family and the two girls just love them both. Both Taod and Willow sleep with the girls at night. :)

The Deck Enclosure

Here is the finished building. The cats are still in hiding but in a few days, I suspect at least one of them will come out to explore. It’s quite comfortable in there and at least they are safe now.

There is a possibility that I might have found a home for one of the new cats. I will know in a few days- but Keegan who is very friendly may be moving to a loving home and living with a relative of a dear friend of mine. Fingers crossed that this will work out.



front door

My early morning alarm clock

Once again at 2:00 a.m. Patience woke me up. After getting showered and dressed I was roaming around the kitchen getting my thoughts together for the day. I noticed such a quietness about the house now that three of the seven kittens are gone. I hope they are doing okay in their new home. When I left, Sophie was hiding under the leather couch and Roscoe and Cagney were inside the carrier I left there. I suspect, once they understand that their world has changed all for the better they will become what they are: remarkable kittens with love to share.

Even though the place is only minutes from my home (driving time) Cagney once again started open-mouth panting when we were underway. If I hadn’t had all that testing done on her, I would suspect a heart issue- but we put her through everything and she came up healthy in all respects.

george will be here in a bit to finish the electrical. Time to go and feed the critters and get on with my day.

Even when I am at a standstill…God is still moving

George is here right now and he and Mike are installing electrical outlets inside the deck enclosure. The building looks fairly nice. There are three wired and screened windows now to let more light into the building. The original sunroof is cracked- when our neighbors tree fell so many years ago onto our land, one of the limbs hit the sunroof. It would be nice to replace it but for now it is boarded over as it leaks and it is still raining here.

I got a call late last night from a man who was looking for older cats to adopt. He wanted two of them, he wanted one of them to be a tortise-shell. He had called about Pippi and Piper, but they have a lot of issues between them and they probably will live out their days here. Piper is about ready to lose her eye and most people don’t want a one-eyed kitty.

So I offered up my two five-year olds- the owner surrenders back in Jan. Trinity and Denver. The man agreed to meet them, so off we went.

I couldn’t have ordered a better home. We went into the bedroom and both man and wife joined me on the floor as I opened up the carriers. Trinity came out first and they thought she was beautiful (most people in this area don’t take to torties). Trinity slid under the bed and I silently groaned. The bed was so low to the floor, I don’t think I would have fit underneath it if I had to go and capture her to take her back home. Denver took his time exiting the carrier, he got one pet from the man then he too vanished under the bed. Clint looked at his wife and burst out laughing. They both said in unison “Well, I guess they are ours now!”

In a few hours I will take Cagney, Roscoe and Sophia to a family looking for two kittens. If all goes well, four cats will leave here today and start their new life. Can I hear an “Amen!” :)

*8:06 PM Update: The family decided that they couldn’t decide between any of the three kittens so they adopted them ALL! I will miss those three immensely, but they are going to have a GREAT life!

Work is still being done on the enclosure so the photos will have to wait. The one black kitty in there is fierce and feral. He has already gotten me twice, that’s how fast he is. I told Mike I was going to call him Striker!