Requesting Immediate Prayer

The three cats trapped today do not have good stories to tell. I am making this short because I have my hands full at the moment. The crippled Tom had pillow paws which if you don’t know about that (thank your lucky stars) 7 years ago, I had a cat with this autoimmune disease and it eats the soft tissue of the pads of the cats infected with it. It is not curable, not really treatable and extremely painful. The tom has been euthanized by order of the vets.

The two girl kitties Lovey, and Little are both about 5 months old VERY pregnant and very close to having those babies. They are also too ill to put under (the vet said they would die) They have nasty URI’s they are not eating or drinking and snot is just pouring out of their noses. They are due within a week and it is the thinking that they won’t be well enough at that time to undergo the necessary spay and neuter. There is a chance the kittens being born won’t survive either. I have the kittens here now, they are on meds, fluids, saline drops, vaporizer, heating pads.  I have them in the bedroom and will keep all the doors closed so no one of my cats get infected.

The problem is the people who are caring for these cats – and they do care and love these cats are upset with me. They didn’t want the tom euthanized- and only for right now, I have the kittens for 24 hours. They wanted me to leave them there- but I persuaded them to let me have them at least till tomorrow and get them started on everything they need. I don’t know if they trust me anymore, which makes me very sad, but I can understand their feelings. I didn’t know they were euthanizing the tom- in a colony situation that decision is made by a vet for the better of the group and of course to get the cats out of pain.

Please pray that the right decision is made tomorrow on the fate of these kittens. I have done all I can to state my case, but the bottom line is it their decision to  make. I did tell them if they did (God forbid) decide to keep the kittens with them, I will do all I can to help them out but I won’t be there 24/7. And that is what these babies need right now, round the clock care. Don’t post anything negative or ugly about these two people. They really do love and care for their cats. Most people don’t even give a damn about them. I just know because I have been through so many high-risk cat/kitten pregnancies that things can go south in a hurry and if you don’t know what you can do to prevent some issues, it can all go bad quickly.

Please also pray for my actions with these two lovely kitties. I have given them clavamox, had to force feed them baby food because they can’t swallow well- their tonsils are inflamed (did you know cats have  tonsils) I have given them fluids and they are probably calling me names right about now! They are warm, the vaporizer is going, drops have gone in their eyes and their noses- they didn’t ask for this. I don’t need this especially right now- looking at another vet visit in a few days maybe. But I’m in it for the long-haul because that is how it goes. I have set up multiple “nests” in the room- but with my luck, they will probably have their litter under my pillow!

Thanks for your prayers-

Trapping Day

We only managed to trap four. There were spay appointments for ten but the cats are now wary of the traps and not going in them even to sniff the door. That happens when you break up a colony trapping them. I try to always go for all of them all at once- it just seems easier that way. But we did trap a crippled tomcat, and a pregnant kitten they are being neutered as I type.

Took Mike to Portland yesterday where he received his new leg! He can only do bilateral weight bearing right now. Which means only using the parallel bars.He had a mid-afternoon appointment and it went long. I took Quincy with us and left him in the truck in the parking garage with all the windows down. He did not jump out.

But what did happen to this boy happened later when I pulled into the rest home to drop Mike off. My intention was to jump out of the truck, unload the wheelchair. get my husband into the chair and take off. The windows were all up because it was night and getting cold. I left the keys in the ignition, unloaded the chair and set it up. I went and shut the doors and when I turned around, I heard the click of the automatic locking engage! Mike had decided to get out of the truck by himself and leaned on the locking mechanism. Before I could shout don’t shut the door- he shut the door. There we were- with keys inside, dog inside, windows up and no way to get in.

Called a locksmith and was told they could come in an hour. I was frantic because Quincy was inside and it isn’t cold inside a locked truck at this time of year. I kept stressing we had a dog locked inside. They said an hour was their best time they could do. So I called George and asked him to pick up the set of spare keys at the house. I know he drives like a bat out of hell. He made it to the hospital in record time and saved the day! Quincy was hot but not over-heated and I learned not to keep the keys in the ignition.

We start training him to pull the wheelchair today. He has a nifty harness to wear. I would never ask him to pull Mike alone so two of my friends are going to help out. One will be in the chair and one will be pushing as I do the leading. Quincy has a good heart and even though I have had him such a short while, I can take him out to the back pasture and let him go off lead and he doesn’t run away. He’s bonded to me as strongly as I have bonded with him. I’m glad I didn’t lose him last night.

Sending a request

Such bad timing, but CATS needs to come up with $150.00 quite quickly. I have some of the money needed to get these last cats spayed, but not quite enough. If anyone can help us fill in some of the financial cracks, that would be appreciated. These last remaining strays are so pregnant and so young.:(

Catching my breath

Quigley, who we are now calling Quincy (seems to fit him better) went swimming in the river today totally unplanned. I had taken him for a walk and he broke away and flew into the water where apparently, he was in his element.  I held my breath because out in the middle of the river, the current is quite strong but he stayed near shore. Next time, I will take my lunge line and I think that Brandy’s life jacket will also fit him. The cats in the house have become accustomed to him. The only time I am a bit anxious is when some of the cats are under the hospital bed and he sticks his head underneath and whines at them. He doesn’t go for them, just wants them to come back out and say hello.

I am glad I have worked with him about chasing cats inside- the outside cats are still his challenge and we are working through it. He can be a bit headstrong. I took him to see Mike again and “Nurse Bella” came into the room at that time. Nurse Bella is a 7 year old tuxedo girl who used to belong to a former patient. The woman got better and took her cat home with her when she was released after several months there. Once home, Bella vanished and showed up later at the nursing home crying to get inside! Apparently, this happened more than once so her owner relinquished her to the nurses and Bella has it down. She has several places she visits, she gets scraps from the kitchen. She does not pee or poop inside the home, she cries to go outside! She met Mike a few weeks ago, and he fashioned a cat toy for her, so she comes into his room and sleeps on his bed for awhile, then goes on to her rounds. With Quincy in the room-she ducked under the bed and hissed until we left. I don’t think large dogs are in her rounds and NO she is NOT declawed.

Starting Monday, there will be a second and last push to get the rest of that  outdoor colony trapped-neutered and released. Twelve of the twenty cats have been done, now it is the tricky part- catching the rest of the fourteen cats without re-catching the ones done last week. It had to be done this way though- as the slots for the spays and neuters fill up fast.

It means another several trips driving the cats up to Sa and then picking  them up the following day. I find it interesting that several of the kittens done last week are now following the caretakers around like pet cats. I think maybe they are trying to say thank you as some of them (not even 6 months old were very pregnant.

Donations would be wonderful to have right now as the spay and neuters are done on a donation-basis. Most of the cats were lured inside the traps thanks to some canned food arriving a few weeks ago via “Thank you M- for that much-needed arrival.


They called her “Angel”

I received an email yesterday about an abandoned baby found at one week of age and suddenly after just a few days, refusing to eat at all. I responded with everything I know about helping the wee ones, and this wonderful man took this kitten to the vet. She was given fluids and they were instructed on how to properly stimulate the kitty so things can keep moving. But the little one- it just wasn’t meant to be and she passed away peacefully last night. I am including her story and her image on this blog because so many abandoned ones just never get the chance to touch love. This little girl, she hit the lottery of love, even though her Bridge Pass was stamped way to early.

P.S. The lamb is equipped with a heating pad



New critter in the house-

01quincyonstayThis boy has four legs but isn’t a cat. I picked him up yesterday out on the coast. It was a pretty drive. He is a year old and it looks like God just put the head of a Rottweiler on the body of a German Shepherd dog! Thankfully, this fella has inherited the Shepherds brain as his stubborn streak is pretty low.  When I picked him up, he had no manners at all. He couldn’t walk on a leash without pulling my arm out of the socket and he is at one year old-90 pounds. He wouldn’t sit, stay, lie down. I spent 2 hours training him over the course of 24 hours with a friend of mine who missed her calling and should have been a dog trainer. It’s been wonderful. He now heels, he lies down- sit, well we are still working on this.

He was injured on Monday with his previous owners. They would let him outside and their property isn’t fenced and he wasn’t neutered so of course he roamed. He went missing for 24 hours and when he came back he was bleeding profusely. They took him to the vet where he had surgery on his front leg and he got neutered. They decided they should find another home for him because according to woman “the vet bill was a wake-up call and what happens next time if it’s worse?”

That’s when I saw the ad and answered it and after a few days of trying to arrange a meeting, it finally happened and I fell in love with this boy. From his head to his neck he is spot on Rottie. From his neck to his tail he is German Shepherd. He chased a cat one time and I let him know without raising my voice or swatting him with a newspaper- that this is not going to fly with me. He’s not chased them since and he slept in the living room last night open on the floor with five cats clustered near him. I was sleeping on the hospital bed right next to him with one eye open at first, but then sleep claimed me and in the morning nothing had happened to the cats or to Quigley (that’s what we are calling him)

He met Mike today and of course Mike flipped for him as well. So it’s a done deal- Quigley is now part of the family here.




The outdoor colony update= 10 cats have been trapped and will go be neutered tomorrow. Most of the cats captured were the female kittens and most of the kittens unfortunately were pregnant already. Thankfully, no one has produced a litter yet- the trapping of the rest of the colony will have to wait until there are more spots opened in the spay clinic.

Well Quig is whining at the door and I KNOW what that means  LOL  Gotta run

Chauncey’s Struggle

She was returned yesterday and she is missing Jessica big time. This wonderful, loving kitty that I remember her to be is not here at the moment. She is grieving, she is angry and she escaped out of the bedroom and went into the enclosure She wants to be left alone. Jessica called this morning to see how she was doing and we talked. I decided to just keep Chauncey here for a year and wait for Jessica to return from her teaching job. It will last one year and it will strengthen her quest for her masters. I’m just going to leave Chaunce alone, let her take her time to acclimate into the group again. Jess did not want to do this but this teaching job came up and she needed to make some tough decisions. She gave me some boarding money and I wished her luck. After hearing she will be teaching in Saudi Arabia, I am glad she decided to leave Chauncey with us. Chauncey will settle down in about a week and go back to the loving girl I know her to be. Right now, she needs space and time to deal with the separation of the first human she grew to love.

Mike’ oldest son and our grandson came for three days. Last time I saw Ben (my step-grandson) he was 8! He in now 19 and has grown up to be a fine young man. They kept Mike busy this weekend giving me a much-needed break. I was able to go and look at a puppy I saw on the internet and when I saw this boy, it tugged at my heartstrings. He had been seized in a puppy mill raid. He was HUGE at 7 months, loving, lop eared- just a doll. He had the ears and face of a shepherd, the paws of an Australian shepherd and the body of a great dane. He was so skinny! You could see his backbones, his ribs- man he was in rough shape. But despite all he has been through, he was there with sloppy puppy kisses.

I made the big mistake of taking him over to meet Mike before taking him  home and cat-testing him. Never again! This boy was on the cats- he had the look- I could just see him as I held him off thinking: “Oh look! There’s a cat over there by the tree. There’s one by a bush and another at the log pile.” Oh boy gotta herd em!”  Even in his skinny state he was strong and almost broke away from me. It’s not his fault. He wasn’t going to eat them- he was just responding to his high prey drive.

He is now in a home with two delightful women who used to work with Pitbull rescue and they have NO cats. Broke my heart- he was everything Mike needed- not to mention myself. But the cats have to be safe and that is the bottom line. I guess the best thing is he is no longer waiting in a shelter for a loving home.

A Quick Note

The kids are in from Alaska giving me a much-needed weekend break of being with Mike. Mike is back at Timberview and he looks so much better than he did. They found an electric recliner and he is sleeping in it and getting better rest. He is on oxygen at night. If I am repeating myself, I apologize.

I got a call from a former adopter and Chauncey is being brought back to us this weekend. :( She is not being returned for behavior issues, but the woman who is a professor at OSU has been offered a job teaching abroad and accepted. She has been trying to find a home for Chauncey but has been unsuccessful. She said taking Chauncey abroad is just not possible- long confinement in quarantine and a lot of stress on both of them. I am sad, because Chauncey finally did bond with someone and was doing so well. Now, she will be back in our bedroom in shock and grieving the loss of her person. Oh well, at least the woman called me and didn’t just leave Chauncey out in the cold.

Slater is in his new home. Right now, it has been reported, he is hiding under their piano. At least he isn’t hiding in the piano! The whole family has quickly fallen in love with him and I suspect in a few days he will be the center of attention in his new home. He is a gorgeous boy-

I have George coming to renovate the two doorways in our home so when Mike does get home, he will be able to get the wheelchair through the hallway and into the bathroom.entry. Unfortunately, our bathroom is really a water closet. I don’t know how we have managed this long to deal with the fact that when you walk into the door of the bathroom you can touch, toilet, sink and shower without moving a step! Home was built in 1935-

Results as I know it-

Last night, quite late, a doctor  called about the electrocardiogram study done today. She was NOT one of the doctors present during the exam. She is the cover doctor and she was interpreting the results for me. (I had called the hospital several times asking for information). She said the notes show that it was a technically difficult study to do because of several issues- #1 being his weight (316 pds according to the chart) and the fatty tissue between the heart blocking the view.  and #2 the heart was apparently beating with more beats then it actually should.( She said this is called an arrhythmia)The function of his heart is at 40-45% when it should be about 70% when you look at his age, lifestyle, weight etc.,  The right side of his heart was hard to view but the pericardium appeared to be normal.


She said in layman’s terms the notes indicate the heart does not look completely normal- the heart’s function is “mildly decreased.” There will be other specialists looking at the images she said in a day or two and the data and I might get more definitive information from them. The notes did say that this is something they believe he has had for quite awhile and it just didn’t get noticed or show itself until now. I wonder if the stress of losing his leg triggered it? I asked her, but she said that is something you need to ask the day team about because they are familiar with the case and she is not.


That’s all I know for now- one more thing- the nature of this disease is that sometimes when the lungs are full and the heart is struggling to keep up- there is some carbon monoxide that gets released into the brain. This can cause the person to become somewhat in a fugue state of mind. Saying things that are happening (that really are not) but because they fully believe that it is happening, they are unwilling to accept the fact that it hasn’t or didn’t happen. Not like a hallucination I was told, more like just a trick of the mind. The gas has to go somewhere and the only path open for it is into the brain. So I guess he’s a huffer now without wanting to be. :)

On the cat front- Slater the little grey boy that was living under my kitchen cupboards is going to a new home this weekend! He has turned out to be a delightful, funny little boy and his favorite trick is to climb up on the top of the refrigerator and try to swipe at me when I go in to the fridge for something. He doesn’t have his claws out- I think he is playing with my hair.

Gidget is the new kit on the block and I wish I could post pictures of her. She is beautiful a long hair-dilute calico who appeared out of nowhere, let me scoop her up and take her in to be evaluated. She does not appear to like to be in any of the enclosures or the house. She is about 2 years old and she has taken up residence in the barn. Since her arrival there has been a line of rodents deposited on the back steps nightly. She is a mighty huntress and until our riding lawnmower gets fixed (needs a fuel pump) I fear that line will get longer daily as long grasses attract rodents, bugs and birds. If it was left up to me, I would just let the grasses grow, especially in the back pasture where deer (in the past) have left their nesting patterns when they settle for a sleep. But my neighbors complain that the grasses need to be mowed and kept looking nice.

Mike’s oldest boy and one of his sons (Ben) who is 16 will be coming in on Friday. I told him I don’t know at this point where his father will be- but they are coming anyway. Unfortunately they can’t stay here. Both of them are allergic to cats!  I think the other kids are like me, in a holding pattern waiting to hear from some more doctors before deciding what is best to do.

And as far as how I am doing. I do appreciate the private emails sent from some of you. They help me stay grounded. I am sad but try not to show it. I am scared and give my fears to the Lord. I’ve been praying a lot but it seems I just can’t sit still for long periods of time. My foot has been completely healed! YAY I can walk without a limp now. They pulled 4 pieces of plastic out of my foot over a period of two weeks. My finger is quite numb- my nail on that finger is very colorful and it is no longer painful unless I bump it, but I still can’t make a fist.

Today I go meet a friend for coffee. Then I will go to the humane society and return their crap traps! Other traps have been secured to use for the colony and the trapping will begin in a few weeks. I just can’t focus on that right at the moment to much else going on. Then I will call the hospital and see what is scheduled for Mike and make a determination from there. The doctor did say last night that a possible discharge may be happening because this was there most expensive machine they used on him- and the results were pretty inconclusive. She said they can manage the disease by drugs and diet as long as the patient cooperates. Since his foot is still harboring that open ulcer, I can’t imagine them sending him home? I would think he’ll just have to go back to the rehab center at least till the wound completely heals- but at this point that is only my guess.

On an OMG note, I stopped by to check on my donation box yesterday at a local restaurant. Inside, was a check for $200.00! Turns out the owner of the restaurant donated it- she’s a cat lover! The money is very much needed to knock down the ever-present vet debt. :)

Well you know what they say- When God gives you a blessing, the devil gets jealous! Just went to the last spot where I have a donation box only to find out someone stole it. :( Makes me sad- guess they needed it more than the cats.


Mike update

Just got back from the hospital. Did not see or talk to any of the doctors, no tests were done on him on Sunday. They only do emergency cases on Sunday,  but he looks SO much better! He is not ghostly white, he knew who I was immediately. He isn’t coughing very much and he was sitting up on the side of the bed when I went in. I was so relieved because yesterday, he looked pretty grim.

I did talk to the head nurse and told her everything the ER doctor told me about his prognosis. she was pretty upset that the ER doc had told me all the worst case scenario stuff and said he really had no right, because he was not a cardiac doctor. She said she was so sorry he had got me all worked up without really knowing much other than Mike has congestive heart failure. As for the open heart surgery, that depends on how much damage is done to the heart and that scan won’t take place until Monday.

What she did tell me and what I learned is from here on in, he will be on a heart-healthy diet. This means NO salt  (or limited amounts) NO FAST FOODS- NO DIET COKES- NO HOT DOGS-CHEESE-NO BOXED BAGGED OR FROZEN FOOD and only 2Liters of fluid daily, any more than that amount of fluid and he will become short of breath because his heart isn’t working right in order to pass fluids through his body and he will start backing fluids into his lungs again. What he does have is not curable, but it is treatable with diet, medicine and they are going to have to figure out an exercise program he will be able to do on a daily basis.

These last three weeks since he has fallen ill has been stressful and frustrating. I wasn’t sure what to expect this morning when I finally arrived at the hospital. It was so nice to see Mike back again.

They are supposed to do tests on him tomorrow. I am not sure I will be there on Monday, but I will be there on Tuesday because by then they might have more results about the shape of his heart. It’s such a long drive up there.

This was only funny later on after I saw Mike, but when I got there and got off the elevator, there were two wards one on each side, both labled “B” I wasn’t sure where he was, so I went to the left. I went over to the nurse’s station and this nurse asked if she could help me? I told her that I was looking for Mike Miller and could she tell me how he was doing? She said, “Mike Miller is stable”. I said I was glad to hear that and asked where he was? She leaned over the desk and whispered “Are you the wife? Or are you the girlfriend?”

I was stunned and I asked her to repeat what she said to me. She did and she said that she wasn’t sure who could see him and his wife’s name was written on the board of his room. Was that my name? Gloria?

I told her no, that’s not my name, I am mike’s wife my name is Mary Anne and I bloody don’t know what she is talking about! I walked over to room 13 and saw the name plate- Mike Miller and peeked in- wasn’t Mike, some dude in his 30”s lying in the bed! LOL   The nurse about stepped on her tongue telling me over and over how sorry she was. I told her I’d give her a tip, when the  real wife comes in, she best not divulge the existence of a girlfriend or Mr. Miller’s condition may not stay stable!

Then I went to the other side of the building and found Mike. He was alert and chipper and when I left he was complaining about not being able to order what HE wants from the dinner menu! J