Possible Adoptions Looming

I have families waiting for home inspection for the following kitties: Tover, Napoleon, Salem, and Rayne. Mike says if this keeps up, we are going to run out of cats soon! Wouldn’t it be nice if there weren’t anymore cats needing my help? That would be wonderful because it would mean all the strays were out of danger. A pipe dream I know, but for a moment- it did bring a smile to my face.

Rayne is doing better- her one back leg is bright red and throwing heat but I can’t find a bite wound or injury so she is still on cage-rest and for now, off the adoption list.

Morning Scare

This morning, Rayne started to act peculiar. She couldn’t really walk and was attacking her hind end with great vigor. When I picked her up she made a gurgling sound and tried to bite me! I called the vet and took her right in. They think she fell but they aren’t sure. She is on cage-rest today and tomorrow and I am waiting for her to deposit her gift to me in the litterpan to see what the stool looks like. Her stomach is really tight and gassy. I pray this is nothing at all for there is a lady waiting in the wings to adopt her.

Surprise adoption…

This morning, with God’s guidance, I found a home for Miss Hiss aka Clarity! It was the strangest thing. I received a call from someone inquiring about Sinclair (who has already been adopted) and when I told the caller that, she said thank you and hung up.

I was getting ready to go about my business which consisted of getting the upstairs room ready for the four kittens being spayed today- when a small voice said call her back and ask her if she would like a siamese adult. I did just that and boy would she! Turns out she lives about 20 minutes from me and I went over there and met her and her lovely family- husband, two kids and a pot belly pig! We talked for hours, we come from the same town and she is so comfortable around cats. Her children were all speaking in their “quiet voice” while Miss HIss came out to say hello. Done deal! I can visit any time and she might also want one of Miss Hisses kittens.

It was an answered prayer because Miss hiss attacks me any time I try to work with her kittens. Now, she can be away from them (they are 7 months old and she should be driving them away soon) and I can work with her kittens now to get them into loving homes. That’s five adoptions in as many days.

Letting Go

Today is going to be a bit of challenge for Mike and I as we are (hopefully) adopting out some of our favorite new arrivals.

I have turned down so many homes for Kira. Once in a great while, you are lucky enough to have a kitten or a cat who is an old soul, and Kira is just that. She has a sense about her and when another cat doesn’t feel good, Kira knows and responds by cuddling up to them, grooming them and just being a small mom. If you don’t feel good, you can’t get her off your lap. She curls up on your chest right under your neck and turns into a warm, purring heating pad. She is a great comforter.

We also joke in the mornings when we let her out of her cage that we are releasing the kraken! Her energy level is right up there with the energizer bunny and the only time she slows is when she knows one of her feline friends has the feel bads. She is really an incredible girl and a young couple in Springfield are anxiously waiting to meet her. They have no other pets, no plans to get another cat or a dog. They saw her on on Petfinders- fell in love with her- discussed it for days then contacted me thinking for sure she was already placed. The gal, Amanda impressed me in the application form by telling me stories of four cats she had when she was growing up. One of her cats- the one she took with her when she got married died recently at the age of 22. They are a good match and unless something goes horribly wrong with the home visit, this will be the last morning that Kira will lay on my shoulder as I sit and type.I will miss this little angel.

Toad and Willow are off to another home. It is another family, this one with older children. The husband (Angel) contacted me first, then his wife called and we spoke. Their application form speaks volumnes of the love they hold for cats and they want their children to experience that type of love as well. They have been looking for over a year for two kittens who also speak to them.

Toad is my kitty. He bonded with me from the very beginning and is not happy unless he is draped around my neck, sitting on my lap or sleeping on my chest. If I sleep in the bedroom with the newcomer- he will sit at the door and cry pitifully wondering why Mom won’t let him in to sleep too. We call him our doorstop because if he is laying on the floor in the way, you have to scoot him gently out of the way with your foot, and he lets you. Just lays there enjoying the “ride.” Both littermates came from a bad place and now it is time for them to leave here and spread the love they received here to the new family. Willow who is my fountain guard might hide at first, but I doubt that Toad will hide with her. He has to be with someone at all times and in a family of four, it is likely someone will be with him at all times and experience the love of both of these beautiful kittens.

And as four leave (muggles leaves on Weds) two more are preparing to come here and be helped. For now a good samaritan is holding them in her apartment (against the rules) and would face eviction if caught. But she said she can do this until Weds as the landlord is out of town and the assistant manager is a cat lover. The story is the landlord when he returns is going to set out poison-laced food for the cats in the complex. The past landlord was fired for allowing cats by the owners and this new person apparently hates cats with a passion. I will never understand that type of hatred (thankfully).

So today, three lovely kittens will leave us and there will be tears of sadness and joy shed. But to think of them being in their own forever home makes me smile. Every cat deserves that and every true rescuer tries to make that a reality.

Now, if only someone would adopt Tover- my year and a half black boy who loves to lay on my arm when I type! It’s like having five pounds of concrete in the crook of your arm. And every so often, he will leap up at my face as if to say “Mom I am right here- pay attention to me not to the stupid computer!” What can I say- I just love cats…. I put up with a lot as do they!

Toad when he first arrived and than how he looks today


And then, there is Kira that is likely not to be a very big kitty due to neglect and malnutrition-


And last, but certainly not least is Willow the Fountain Guard


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She had a “Blonde Moment.”

The gal who adopted Sinclair and I connected yesterday and I asked how it was going. She said there must be something wrong with the medicine because Sinclair didn’t like it much and it got all over the room. The medicine is clinidrop.

Turns out that when I left him with her, I told her he had the tail end of ear mites but that the medicine had spilled all over the counter and she would have to get more from her vet. On the clinidrops, I told her that this medicine needs to be given every 12 hours—well- she ended up putting the clinidrops in Sinclair’s ears! LOL

She wanted to flush his ears out after I told her she put it in the wrong opening- but I called my vet and he said just to leave it alone and it might cause an infection or it might not.

At least she didn’t put ear drops in his mouth! That would have ended badly.

Guess it is time to retire!

I took “Maggie” to the vet today to get her checked out. Oops! name change- Maggie is now Muggles because she is a he! I don’t usually get it wrong when they are older- I do when they are newborns- but I was told she was a girl and I never checked! Thank God he is neutered! no chip- so he is up for adoption today. The family that wanted “her” no longer wants “him” because they say all males spray…sigh

But there is a home for him and I will find it. Kira goes to get spayed tomorrow and there are 6 families wanting her! The remaining Siamese kittens go in on Monday and hopefully that will be the end of the neuters!

Late night phone call-

Just when I thought I had heard it all!


“hi, are you the lady who rescues cats?”

“Yes I am, what can I do for you?

“I need you to come and rescue my cat!”

“OK, what are we talking about here?”

“We are talking about my cat! I need you to come and rescue her!”

(I’m thinking this man is pretty dense) so I ask-

“Rescue her how?”

“She’s in a tree about 20 feet up! I need you to come and get her down for me! She has been there three days and she is going to die!”

I do rescue but have an intense fear of heights. Thankfully, I know a guy who scurries up trees faster than squirrels loves to climb and has in the past, rescued my cats from trees. I called him and left that situation in more capable hands. LOL