I Thought it was a Squirrel!

This morning, I was walking through our pine trees with Kota. He was off the leash and we were headed for the creek. Kota was right beside me, when suddenly, he stepped in front of me and threw me off balance. I stumbled backward and almost fell. Kota was pressed against my legs and he was looking up intently into the tree. I thought it was a squirrel that captured his attention when suddenly with a huge THUNK this tree limb fell right by where Kota and I had been standing! It grazed Kota’s hip and the vet said he has a bruised leg- This limb was huge and would have done so much damage to both of us- thankfully it was an offbranch of the limb that hit Kota and not the full limb. It’s been so cold here- the trees are laden with ice and sometimes just the weight of the ice will bring limbs tumbling down without warning. I didn’t even hear it break- but beautiful Kota did. They gave him a pain shot and put him on a week’s cage rest. Tomorrow he gets ribeye in his breakfast!

Sometimes, That Little Voice Inside You is God – Driven


Last night, quite late Mike’s blood sugar plummeted and I had to run to the store to get some sugared snacks to bring it back up. On the way home (It was about 10:30 p.m. I see a cat carrier at the side of the highway. As I drove past, I watched it pitch forward and thought (certainly not?) No one would leave a cat on the road in a carrier in 30 degree weather? Well guess what, they would and they did. I stopped and walked back and this cat was wild to get out. Thankfully, if the carrier had been thrown- it was sturdy enough to stay intact so I took kitty back to the house and examined her carefully. She is not fully feral but she isn’t socialized either. She was limping on her front leg- she is a polydactyl and I saw that her dewclaw was curled down into her pad- she was also full of mats from neck to tail.


She has been at the vet’s most of the morning. They have sedated her and started working on her- clipping her monster mats off (she is 18 pounds). By her coloring, she is calico/maine coon mix- gray and white, long hair with a badly infected paw. Those mats didn’t just spring up overnight- they take weeks and months to form. I am calling her Fluff because she really is a large ball of fluffy fur and maybe if I call her a sweet name, her wild side will tame down and she will be a lovely cat that I will be able to place in a home. I would guess she is about 8 years old. Whatever possessed someone to drop her in the night in such a precarious place is anyone’s guess and after paying for Solo and Slip- our fund isn’t going to cover the sedation and work she needs- but what do you do? Turn a blind eye and hope someone else will come along  and “help her.” Nope- you just listen to that small voice and know that it is guiding you to do the right thing regardless-

I’ll be dipped- she has a chip! Calling about her now

Ok that’s odd- her chip is out of Las Vegas! Maybe I should call her Vegas? LOL

She is back from the vet, she is pretty upset- she had two infected pads because the claws were growing into her pads of her feet. She was infested with fleas but not dewormed (They gave her a capstar) and they shaved her entire belly from neck to  butt. She is in foster care- we just don’t have room for her here at this time.Waiting to hear from her owners but if they think I am going to take her to Las Vegas, they have another thought coming! Not that I wouldn’t love to go and connect with some old friends there- but I can’t possibly leave Mike that long- or the other cats here.

An Unexpected Goodbye

Solo,  a feral orange girl who has lived inside a cage attached to our barn (with the door wide open all the time) has been injured and is walking wonky right now. If I had to guess, she has been bumped by a tire or rolled. She is very feral so the challenge comes in capturing her without getting torn up and getting her in and putting her to sleep. She was left behind when a hoarder was carted off to a nursing home and it took forever to trap her. The only time she has been to a vet is to get spayed and tested. We have had her 12 years and she was probably five when she arrived here. If I  even try to touch her back- she goes ballistic- looks like her hips are busted. 🙁

Update: At noon today, Solo took her last breath here on earth. She was surrounded by love, received gentle hugs and kisses on her final flight. She was gone before all the liquid found its way into her bloodstream which showed us she was clearly suffering. It was time to say goodbye to this golden girl who started life on a rough path. She was in such bad shape that this morning, I was able to reach into the cage, scruff her gently before putting her into a carrier. She had good years with us. I  will miss her coming out of the darkness to greet me when I have food for her and the others. Goodbye Sweetheart- I will remember you long~