Grace passed away between the 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. feedings. She died quietly surrounded by inanimate furry objects and warmth. I have emailed the woman who initially called me about her and tried to express to her how important it is, when you see kittens just born in your yard- not to ignore them but bring them in and keep them warm at least to 90 degrees- then to call someone who can try to help.

Had she survived- it would have been a miracle. But I do know that had that happened, she would have been an amazing cat.

By the Very Grace….

Grace is back home with me. She did eat for the vet and he was so amazed at how tiny she is. He said in school they just always told him when they are that young to keep them warm- keep them warm- keep them warm. Said she should live in my bra for the next two weeks. But that can’t happen because I am to active and she keeps falling out. So she is here and she has eaten and fallen asleep on the pet disc that is heated.

Does he give me even a 60% chance she will make it? No, he does not. Said if she does to pat myself on the back because so much can take her out at such a young age. I told him if she survives, she survives through God’s grace and not my care-

It’s always tough to say goodbye

Sweet Grace is losing her energy and her fight for life. This morning, she shut down in regards to elimination and now when I feed, the formula just collects at the front of her mouth. I have an appointment in a few hours to go to the vet and do the unthinkable but I think it is best to let her go before she really starts to suffer. I did my best and had an excellent feline specialist nearby pulling hard for her as well but it was not meant to be. Had the litter been brought into the house instead of left outside overnight in the elements, perhaps the outcome would be different. Only God knows why this little one has lived for just a few days- I am praying that my vet will say I am mistaken- that would truly be a miracle-

Sweet Gracesg

Prayers…Well Wishes…Support Urgently Needed

I picked these two up today early in the morning. The family saw them being born last night, but left the babies lying in the yard without protection thinking the queen would come back for them. There were five- now there is just one. Three were dead before I arrived, the fourth one, who I called Angela died about 5 minutes ago in my hands. She was so cold, they both are- despite all I did to warm them up. Her sister is still here with us. I am sorry, but I give her odds of survival to be quite low. She is eating and peeing- but she is barely moving. She may even be a he- it is way to early to tell.

Please send what you can my way- God knows where to put it where it does the most good. I am feeding this wee one about every half-hour. I can tell she is missing her sister already as she has crawled off the heat block several times looking for her- God bless this little one- she/he needs it-

The queen was found behind the barn dead-she died birthing the last baby 🙁

little wee oneweeone

Google, Tover, Harper and McGee all have new homes!

I have to say that my latest ad has given me more positive results than any other. I am so tired of driving around (Mike says I am a driven person) but all these cats now have their own loving family (even McGee who is 7 years old) The woman, a retired schoolteacher, wanted an older cat for her senior Russian Blue she settled for Tover who is 3 years old.

Google now has two twin boys to love on her goodness and McGee is being enjoyed by a empty nester preparing for the departure of her daughter to college in a few days.

I took Ash with me on a potential adoption but she got so carsick in the cat carrier- I felt so sorry for her- she is the first one I have ever had that got carsick. So she came home (because she smelled a bit fragrant) and I went back with Harper her brother and he got adopted instead.

I guess I will take her off the potential adoption list. I don’t think they make enough FeBreeze to cover her next car trip!

Sweet Star is on a Mission

Little Miss Star has a new home and a new owner. An 18 year old autistic boy and his family. While I was there doing the home visit, the mom and I got to talking. She shared with me that her son (who is so gentle and polite) had been bullied in school and the victim of a practical joke. One of the most popular girls at the school came up and asked him out on a date! He had never been out with a girl before, and mom said he came home all excited talking about how he has a girlfriend and they were going to text, and talk and go out. Well, it turned out she did it as a joke and when he found out- he was so devastated. He asked his mom “Why don’t people like me?” My heart broke hearing this story and when I took Star out of the carrier (I took four kittens over there for him to look at) she climbed up in his arms, licked his face and claimed him as “Hers!” It made me smile.

When I left the home, he was introducing her to his tropical fish (which I am sure she will very much be interested in) and he was showing her around his bedroom.

His mom thanked me profusely and said that Star is just what he needs to make his life whole again. As for me, I told I felt a very unfriendly urge to go have a few words with a snobby teenage girl- but I would restrain myself! I am just glad that Star has a new family, a boy who will love her and a mission to accomplish.

The Kittens have discovered the Lava Lamp

Yes, I am dating myself. I own an lava lamp and last night, the kittens discovered the wonders that lie inside this glass dome. They have yet to figure out how to get to all the oozing goo inside but they are enchanted to try. Mike fashioned a small chicken wire fence barrier around it because we were afraid they would burn themselves. So they sit behind the fenced barrier and watch with wonder as the oil and water and heat do their magic.

They bring such humor into our day- Bently has a new trick (which I hope he soon grows tired of) but when I am out in the enclosure scooping out the pans, he sits on his haunches and watches me carefully. Mike calls him the litter supervisor! Once my scoop is full of waste, out swipes his paw and all the stool tumbles back into the pans! He thinks this is a great new game- making mom do double duty dookie pick-up and disposal.

Curly has found that the new magnets on the refrigerator (given to me by my mom) are so fun to jump at and slide down to the floor. Once the magnet hits the floor it is fair game for all. By the way, did you know magnets stuck by cat hair don’t stick to your refrigerator well?

What happened to trusting people?

Found out late today that a check written for a substantial amount for the adoption of two of my kittens was written on a closed account and came back NSF. I have already deposited the check and given the monies to my vet, so come Monday morning, I will be scrambling because I will be going into NSF territory with CATS which makes me very sad. The person had already given me the check post-dated and I kept it until the date she said to release it, but she never told me the funds weren’t available. Used to be a handshake and your word were as good as gold- but apparently not anymore. Life sure has changed in the last few years. Just wish she had been upfront with me instead of trying to get away with something.

On a better note, I have an ad out for the adoption of the 13 black cats I currently have here and three of the thirteen were adopted today! I drove out to Creswell, then up to Cascdia and over to Springfield, but three of the kittens now have wonderful homes. I wonder if the other ten might be placed in similar situations? Time will tell-