Google’s Vet Visit

She has gained 2 pounds!! I think we might finally be ahead of this monster, but I don’t want to get my hopes up yet. She still has such an oily coat that is never a good sign and even after a bath, five minutes later, the oil returns. We will continue with her medications, supplements and extra treats (boiled chicken, cooked lamb and veal) and see how it goes. Her rump isn’t as red, her gums aren’t bleached white and Dr. Steve was encouraged and not defeated. She is upstairs now wishing I bet, that I was up there with her to play with her. That will have to come later in the day-

My Father…

I got word recently that my 93 year old father is slipping away from reality and waiting to embrace death. This is the man who taught me compassion towards animals, especially cats. I will never forget in the home we grew up in, there was a drainnage ditch behind our house. My sister and I were playing in the backyard and she spotted a speck of white bobbing in the water below the ditch. Screaming, she ran into the house and I peered through the wire wondering what in the world this white would be?

Soon, here comes my father to the rescue Mr. Love (my maiden name) as he was known throughout our neighborhood. Ladder and net in hand, he climbed the fence and scooped the white object out of the ditch. He handed my sister Nancy, a wet, sodden bunny rabbit and then went back to scoop again. There were two rabbits some callous person had thrown over the fence to drown them. I believe that was the first taste of human to animal cruelty that I encountered. It would not be the last.

Under my father’s care these rabbits grew up in our home. We called the big white bunny Sherlock and his counterpart, a black and white bunny was of course Watson. They freely ran through the house with our cats and when the cats got so bold as to even get close, Sherlock would turn his enormous bunny butt and slam them across the room with one kick! They never ventured near him again. The rabbits pooped in the cats litter pan. They would scamper through the halls and sleep on our beds (much to the dismay of Mother) and brought us all such joy. Well, some of us anyway! LOL

I remember kittens coming home in Daddy’s mailbag from time to time. He used to walk to work every day and had to cross a field to get to the post office- he would often find abandoned kittens there and bring them home to show us how to care for them.

Now, he is withdrawn “cranky as all get-out” according to my mother and believes mistakenly that two of his daughters who worship him, hate his guts. He is near-deaf from an old war injury and his vision is clouded by cataracts that Mother couldn’t get him to have removed back when they could be- now it is to late and he is near-blind.

I was told he doesn’t want me near him- he doesn’t want anyone but my middle sister and she will go there and be with my parents (yes they are still married) once a week for a month.

I can do nothing at all except continue on in the tradition of this man I remember. The one who taught me how to bottle feed a baby squirrel found in the grass. The man who lifted me high over his head, so I could return a baby robin to the nest. His love for all creatures is what has driven me to the path I am in, and I can only mourn the passing of his mind and soon the rest of him- and embrace all he taught me, teach others and continue to rescue the creatures who need it the most.

It is my way of honoring him- today and for however long God wants me on this planet. Thank you “Daddy”for the love you gave me to pass on to others in need.

Speaking of critters in need- Google is going back to the vet today. We are going to have to opt for the bloodwork to see what type of bacteria has invaded this little kitten’s body. It will take a few weeks, I am told for the final culture to grow- but perhaps then we will have an answer as to why Google who eats like a horse is dropping weight daily.

Please light a candle~~~~~

I just got the call, Trey tested positive for FIV- which stands for Feline Immunodefiency Virus- in other words- AIDS for cats. I asked that he be put down. 🙁

They said he didn’t have any broken bones, just a lot of open cat wounds, abscesses and the like. Someone didn’t neuter this boy and he paid for it with his life.

Trey, I am so very sorry that your life was so difficult and I couldn’t somehow make it better except to release you from pain-

Cat with possible broken leg and multiple injuries trapped!

This tom is old- poor boy. He is the one who I mentioned a few days ago that was seen near a hospital by someone who has adopted a cat from me. I dropped off my trap yesterday and he was caught today. He is upstairs (still in the trap) but he is an ominous growler and I don’t want to put him into the cage before the vet sees him (which will be first thing tomorrow morning). I hate to keep him in the trap but think after looking at all his injuries including a large slash across his neck! That this is the only way to handle him right now. We just got back from West Eugene to pick him up- I have fed him and gave him water and hope he doesn’t wear his food by morning. He is covered and quiet now. i don’t know if the aggression he showed me is because he is wild, or because of pain- but tomorrow I suspect he will stay at the vet overnight so they can fix his leg that is pretty mashed up. 🙁


Remember that Miracle in God’s Pocket?

Well, he pulled it out and passed it on to this little girl! Her temp was down from 104.7 to 100.8! She ate all the food that the vet gave her to sample and for that reason he does not wish to give up on her yet. He said he wants to try her on some medication and special food and then if there is no change, he will opt for the more expensive bloodwork that would test for trich, salmonella, giardia, bartonella, pasturella and other bacterial infections. She got another panalog enema (poor kitty) and a bath of her back legs and now she is home and eating. Here’s hoping this new course of action will turn the tide on Google and her life subscrption won’t be cancelled!


She is so hot, lethargic and out of it this morning. It doesn’t look very good. I have an afternoon appointment with my vet and I don’t know if she will be coming back home with me. Although she is still so very hungry all the time- that is the only sign of life she shows at the moment. The smell around her is increasing and my heart breaks that I have no magic wand to wave and make her better. Right now, unless God pulls a miracle out of His pocket, it doesn’t look good for her.


I was able to do two things yesterday on behalf of Google. One was to talk to one of the best feline vets in the country and two I was able to get ahold of my feline specialist.

The consensus is that Google might have a severe case of colitis. complicated by giardia and or tritrichomonas. This would account for the thickening walls of the colon, the stench of the poop and the inflammation of the rectum. I was instructed to give a one-tenth of a cc of imodium to her- switch her diet to either lamb or chicken. Feed her small frequent meals- withdraw the dry food until I can buy some Purina OM Feline Formula and encourage her to drink more. But, I am not to relax as there is a slim possibility this little one could have FIP (because of the constant fever). I was told of a new product out there for vets that combines prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes although neither could remember the name of this product, only that it started with an “S”

One vet advised that if the poop continues to show up constantly that in her experience, the surgery would only give Google a short respite and then it would flare up again.

So today, my panic factor is lower. *G* I am breathing easier and I am cautiously optimistic. This morning- Google has no poop looping out of her rectum. She is oily as hell because of all the petroleum products gobbed all over her, but she is loving, and forgiving and eating her chicken and organic yogurt (though I had to mix the latter with Karo syrup). I did not withhold food on Google, though I did sleep through the night and not get up to check on her. Between her illness and Napoleon being adopted out- the last few days have been hard for me. I will miss my lap kitty very much, but he is living with a gentle, mellow older gentleman who must have been a hippie in his former life! I almost said the word “groovy” several times during our conversation about how to work with Napoleon and his trust issues. LOL Preston is a wonderful soul and it is a perfect match- now Napoleon has to figure that out on his own.

I stepped away from helping the black cat with the injury and I feel badly- but my hands and attention are focused on Google right now. If they can catch this blackness, I will take him but I can’t invest the time to go and try and trap him myself. One battle at a time is my motto-

Brought her downstairs at 7:00 this morning and put her in our large cage in the living room- 15 minutes later she thanked me by pooping IN the litterbox! YAY!!!

Please help me save Google

and not the search engine either! The small kitten that I have had only a few days is in a pretty bad way. After the vet visit, it was determined that her sphincter is open all the time. The poop is coming out formed and she has no clue that it is even back there! It is not diarrhea, it is formed poo. The vet at first thought it might be an ininception- but says the colon walls are way to thick to support that theory.

Bottom line is if it is still going on by Monday, I have to take her in again and make a major decision. Do I pay for an expensive surgery so they can try and find out what is going on- or do I put this cutie-patootie down?

The put panalog ointment where the sun don’t shine and coated her bum with desitin all the while, poop just keeps pouring out of her poor bum- poor kitty- and the stench is overwhelming.

But the bright spot is this is not a nasty contagious disease- the bad part is they don’t KNOW what this is having never encountered it before.

If you can help me raise the funds- please click the donate button. Prayers for Google as well, she is pretty miserable and yes, she has a voracious appetite still-

God bless all of you- I have to run to an adoption

Here she is just two days ago- (look at those sunburned ears!)


Don’t know if you can tell but this is after her panalog enema 🙁 She is so hungry, she is eating the plate!