Hollister and Getting Up to Speed

Hollister was adopted out last week and she was returned yesterday. Apparently, she bit one of the older kids in the chin and drew blood. I told the new adopters that her trust meter was fairly low and they said they understood having “rescued” another cat years ago with trust issues. But they aren’t willing to just let her figure out things for herself and although I saw the wound- it was nothing really. Not even that deep- but they tossed her back.

I suspect she will just stay here for awhile until the memory of all she endured before coming here has faded away. I never noticed before, but she has a mark on her back and the pattern looks somewhat like a heart. She has our hearts and that’s all that matters.

We are still turning down cats right-and-left and it makes us sad, because there is no place really for these cats to go. But with a nine-hundred dollar vet debt and the food supply tenuous at best-there are no other options available to us at this time. When you throw the word feral into the midst talking about placing cats somewhere safe- it narrows the field.

The weather here has been frigid especially at night.  Yesterday, it warmed up enough to snow and more snow is in the forecast for tomorrow through Thursday. Kota doesn’t quite know what to make of all this white stuff falling from the sky. He started barking at the snowflakes yesterday which we thought was pretty funny. I would love it to just dump on us heavy and stick- I think he would be one of those dogs who would just dive into a snowbank and love it.

This morning, I left my flashlight outside when I was feeding. I went out to get it (this is about 4:00 in the morning) I heard this skunk making noises of distress under the shop- of course the flashlight was sitting on the feeding table out there. I went to reach for it- and turned it on and that’s when I saw the skunk. She was under the feeding table surrounded by the baby nutrias. They were growling and gnashing their teeth at her. I am not sure what set all that up- but I didn’t stick around to find out. By the time Kota and I made it to the house, the skunk smell had followed us inside. Yuck- thank God for Vicks Vapo Rub under the nose- overpowers everything.

When it got lighter, I went back outside to see how things were going and noticed the fresh hole dug down under the shop. I don’t think the new tenants are going to get along very well. I don’t really know how fierce Nutrias are in the wild, but they come from South America and they are rodents so I imagine even the babies can hold their own in a battle.

Tripp is doing so much better on the CBD oil. He is no longer fixated on his tail- eating the carpet or trying to suck down socks in his spare time. What I like about this treatment is it doesn’t turn him into a drooling zombie cat. I am noticing he is gaining weight now- I think the oil gives him the munchies.

Hobbling Along

My knee is still incredibly painful. Worse time is at night- can only lay in one position and the cats are determined to lay on me which only increases the pain. I can’t knock them off because I can’t move my leg freely.

I went for recheck today and they are concerned that my right foot will not straighten all the way. It wants to point to the outside, which I find odd because when my knee buckles, it buckles to the inside pocket. They renewed my pain meds and told me to start trying to do leg lifts as best I can because the meniscus when injured can adhere to a tendon that it is not connected to. Now they are not sure if it is a tear or a deep tissue injury. An MRI has been scheduled but the calendar for those are full so it is weeks away. They are going to expedite the order.

I have help with the outside feeders and the sanctuary cats which leaves me to tend to the inside kitties. I think Kota is suffering the most, I am unable to take him anywhere except outside to go potty and I see all his energy starting to explode. He knows I am hurt and normally he will pull me out to his pen at night to go potty and now he keeps in step with me without the pulling.

I have a brace to wear but it doesn’t fit at the moment because of all the swelling. They don’t want me to wear it yet- they just want me to have it on hand.

I did send out all the donation receipts and thank you letters. if you did not receive one either by email or direct mail, please let me know. My thanks to James for his help with creating such a great letterhead and helping me put it all together into something that might pass for professional 🙂

I love you guys a lot but sitting is a challenge, so I am going to sign off now. Thanks for all you did for the cats in 2017- so far no one has stepped up as a merchant to take the pressure off of feeding them in 2018 but the year is just getting started. It will all work out in the end and I will hobble through it-

The Accident

Hey Guys,

A few days ago, I had Kota on a play date. There were two women I met a few months ago at the dog park and we formed a friendship. They have two dogs that Kota just really loved to run with and after a few times of running them at the dog park- Sue and Colleen invited us to their home where they have a large almost two acre fenced front yard that gradually goes down into a gentle slope. It’s perfect for Kota and Torrie (their shepherd mix) to run on because there are three rock walls the dogs have to jump on or over so that expends more energy. It is pure joy to see them run- like a big racetrack and the dogs get along great.  

I was on the lower level which thank God is grassy and wet and Kota was in front of me. I turned my back on him to leave and called him to my side. Oh, he came all right, at a fast clip and before I figured it out, he had hit me full bore in the back of my knees! I flew in the air and when I came down- I was lying on my back with my knees folded under me. I had hit my right shoulder and my head and I could feel this numbing pain traveling down my back toward my right leg. I could not move. Kota was beside himself, he knew instinctively that he had messed up and he was circling me and whining and nudging me as if to say “Mom get up, I don’t like this game anymore.” The only problem, I couldn’t move. I think I was screaming- it was a great deal of pain. 

I was lying in water and I knew I had to get up so I rolled over and tried to tuck my legs under me to get up- and then I know I screamed. Kota came to my side, and by bracing myself on him, I was able to get up. But, when I took a step, my right knee tried to buckle inward and a searing pain went through my body.  I knew because I was standing, that I hadn’t broke anything so slowly, I was able to get to the truck and with Kota’s help got into the truck and drove home. My knee was swelling at a great rate- so I iced it all that night and took ibuprofen hoping against hope it would be better in the morning. It wasn’t. 

I went to Urgent Care the next morning and they determined that I had torn my minescus. They gave me a pain shot, an anti-inflammatory shot and told me to stay off it for a week. I explained my circumstances, my husband and his needs and the cats plus the dog, so the doctor just shook his head and said do the best you can to stay off it, but don’t let it seize up. 

It hurts like the dickens. It initially swelled up to the size of a watermelon- but thankfully the shot helped to take a lot of the inflammation away. Today, it is the size of a cantaloupe. My problem is standing and sitting. I am using a walker to get around and I never realized how far it was to the mailbox until this happened.  They also diagnosed me with osteoporosis and I am supposed to really start taking calcium and eating calcium enriched food. The doctor said that they can’t replace the calcium lost, but that the diet will stop me from losing more. He said at my age, it is to be expected to lose calcium, but he was surprised at how much is actually gone. I told him about my early hysterectomy at age 21 which I believed had a bearing on the loss of calcium and he said that would do it. 

So how do I tell my cats that I can’t properly care for them right now. I have cut down the feeding time to only once a day which I hope will only last a few more days. I had a volunteer out yesterday, but she fed them dog food instead of cat food and my other volunteers haven’t been here in quite awhile.  My biggest concern is if I do have to have surgery- who is going to step in and care for Mike, Kota and the cats while I recover? My knee is still buckling when it shouldn’t be and I embarrassed myself yesterday when I went to the store to pick up my prescription and I screamed in pain when my knee gave out. People came running asking me if I was okay? I am concerned because I have a high pain tolerance- but not for this apparently.



The World According to Tripp

Watching Trip try and fight his way out of the neurological state he seems trapped in has been frustrating. The vets have tried all sorts of medication to even him out, but nothing seems to be working for very long. We took him in Friday for a second opinion and this time, the new vet seems to think that not only does Tripp suffer from Pica, but he also has feline hyperesthesia. Years ago, we had a kitten here with feline hyperesthesia and no amount of prescribed meds seemed to help Kahuna level out. So, I did some research, talked to a few people and decided to put Tripp on CBD oil. We have started giving him 10 drops (5 drops in the morning 5 at night) It does not turn him into zombie cat. It does not make him drool. He does not fight the medication. Have we actually found something that will level him out? Normally, he will wake me in the night choking because he acts like a Hoover vacuum at night- sucking down anything he finds on the floor including carpet threads. The past few nights, he has slept through the night only waking a few times to use the pan or to eat his food.

He is no longer chasing his tail until he falls over exhausted- his fixation on certain spots in the walls doesn’t seem to occupy him full-time anymore. He’s not chewing on the wall anymore in an effort to rid himself of whatever it is he sees on those walls. He’s calmer when he is with Michael- no longer climbing on Mike’s head and hanging on for dear life. Time will tell if this too will fail for him. But so far, it all looks good. We are crossing our fingers and toes.

An Open Thank You-

Canned Food has started to arrive for the cats and we are so grateful for the giving hearts behind the arrivals. Not all of the packages contain the name(s) of the contributor though, so thanking the nameless ones behind the love is the reason behind this posting.

Another reason is , if you could let me know ahead of time so I can keep an eye out. I would be grateful. Our home sits beside a busy highway and there have been times in the past when packages vanish. If you could email me at MaryAnneM@LadyDawg.net beforehand that would be great.

Thank you again for the gravy pleasers, the meow mix wet food and the fancy feast canned as well as Friskies Pate. Our cats here send you a BIG “Thank Mew very much!”

The Grim Reality

For the first time since opening up our rescue, our catfood cupboard contains only 12 cans of cat food. I have reduced the amount of wet food for the inside cats to feeding once a day, and for the outside cats, we feed them in the morning and in the night and only do the canned food if the temperatures are going to dip down into the thirties. There is dry food for now. We are going to meet on Monday and figure out if some of the volunteers might be willing to go beyond the outlying towns to secure donations. Wish us luck!

Hollister Freedom Day

Today, I opened up the bedroom door and let her just find the cracked screen and make her way to the other cats. She was out four hours and there were no confrontations of any kind. I did keep Kota away from her space- because dogs terrify her at the moment. That will change in time.

Please enjoy the latest pics of her. You can see she is now fully relaxed and feeling right at home. Such a cute kitty!


Her uneasiness has worn off, she is eating and using the litter pans now. She is racing around the room like her paws are on fire, so I let a few of the kittens into the room to see what happens. She’s a spitfire- took on even the biggest of them (Pidgeon). He’s three times her size- but he backed down and just looked at her as if to say “If mom weren’t here right now little one, I would eat you for lunch!”

I finally got her to eat some KFC chicken sans skin- added some warm water and pureed it down. She scarfed it up. She’s figured out that the master bedroom is now her domain and she will protect it at all costs. LOL  Such a tiny kitty with such a big personality. It’s a joy to see her feeling better.


Here she is the day after her spay-

Hollister- Day Two

I have broken through to her and she is coming out now. She flees at the slightest sound and she still doesn’t seem to be able to eat much. I have gone to get her some AD and even that didn’t tempt her. I was watching her last night and thinking about all she endured for the last two months. I just sat on the floor and started talking nonsense to her and finally she must have decided I am way to crazy for her taste, and she came out to say a proper hello. She is a beautiful girl.

Here she is this morning- For some reason the photo although it looks correct when I sent it email, it flipped it around. So just cock your head when you look at it! If I can’t get her to eat by Monday- I will take her in to be seen. I believe she is just bruised in her throat from the collars.