Helping CATS by shopping online

Just a reminder, if you are shopping online- you can go to adoptashelter Search for Oregon then Caring About The Strays. Designate this as your shelter of choice then click the shop now button. Anything you buy while on that website as us as the designated shelter, my cats will get a % of your purchase. They have amazon, ebay, travel sites so many merchants contributing to rescues there.

Sad Note to the End of the Day

Right before we sat down to eat, the phone rang. A woman walking her dog near the old airport reported hearing meows coming from the middle of the field. She said she called the police and anyone else she could think of and they all gave her my number…sigh..

When I arrived, she was waiting and she took me to where she last heard them. The area was a mess- huge deserted field of brambles, blackberry bushes and swampy marshy footing. I looked and called for over an hour, but honestly, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack and it was getting dark.

I returned home and brought B-Dog back and asked her to “Find the kitty.” It took her about 20 minutes, but soon she alerted to a thicket about 6 feet tall and about 6 feet wide. I went over and with some difficulty, pried the brambles apart and found two baby kittens (black) they were gone. 🙁

I took off my gloves and checked for a heartbeat, but it was still, so I covered them with swamp grass and let them be. I could hear faint meows coming from inside the thicket, but it was so dense, there was no way I was going to go in there and neither could Brandi. I called the woman who first discovered the kittens and told her what was going on. I left a lot of food out for the babies and I will go back tomorrow morning and see if I can see something in the light of day. I would guess the kittens are about 3 weeks old-

Thanksgiving Blessing(s)

To You and ALL of Yours, we wish you peace, love and laughter in your day whether you fill it with family, friends or felines! Stay safe in this wacky weather, hug those you love and smile at those you don’t! 🙂

My Thanksgiving blessing came early this morning, when I was able to actually pick Patience up and put Profender on her! She ran off, but I stayed where I was sitting on frozen ground and soon she came back to the feeders and allowed me to pet her! All is forgiven and now those nasty worms will have to go away and give her a better chance of surviving.

Keeping Waterbowls from freezing in Wintertime

I went to the local thrift store today and they had a large batch of coffee warmers (the type I used to sit on my desk to keep my coffee warm when I worked in corporate America) It got me to thinking, so I bought all 6 of them $0.50 apiece! I took outside extensions cords and ran them from the garage and now all the outside water bowls are heated. I had to switch to ceramic bowls- but it beats the alternative of having the water ice over. Just passing the tip along-


She comes to the feeders every morning and sits on the sidelines,softly crying. When I look at her and hear her cries my heart breaks and I wonder what horrors she witnessed when she lived with that hoarder. Her brother Stalker is now bolder. He comes out to the yard when I turn the yard lights on and tries to get me to follow him to their feeder first. No longer ducking away from me- he won’t allow me to touch him, but he no longer hides.

Patience, under other circumstances would be a beautiful cat. Like her brother, she is gray and white, but unlike him, she has long-hair that quickly catches brambles and blackberry thickets. This morning as I scooped out the food, she plopped over the fence and came right to me! I smiled, but didn’t stop my feeding and ignored her and then sat back and waited with my head low. I heard her crunching the kibble and reached out making first contact! I almost cried as I was petting her, she is pencil thin under that long hair. I know she is full of parasites and my hope is she will allow contact long enough for me to get some profender on her. It hasn’t happened yet, but it is oh so close.

I am amazed at how quickly the wet food I got at such a bargain is vanishing. But when you have the amount of cats that I do, and the weather has been so brutally cold rationing it out would be ridiculous. The outside kitties get canned food morning, noon and night, the cat enclosure kitties get it morning and night and the inside kitties get it late at night.

Agatha, the calico in the bedroom is doing well. She doesn’t hide under the bed any longer but she doesn’t want anything to do with other cats (or kittens) She seems to be afraid of them- not aggressive. We have a routine now, when I go to bed. After I turn off the light, I whisper into the darkness several times her name. She hops on the bed, and squeaks her meow to me then settles for the night. She is a funny cat and perhaps when she talks to others of her kind, they attack her thinking she is a mouse. Her meow is quite strikingly like that of a squeak of a frightened mouse. I need to put her on you tube! LOL

CATS Will Recieve Goodwill

Years ago, I was privileged to run across a pet fountain that has literally saved the lives of countless kitties in our sanctuary. The unique design and fun aspect of these pet fountains allow cats (unwilling to drink) a way to play and hydrate. The wonderful artist behind these beautiful custom-made pet fountains is giving back this year with a fundraiser for CATS. You can visit thewebsite to learn more:

Ebi’s pet fountains

Be sure and look around and see all the wonderful ways you can help your cat stay hydrated with such unique showpieces. They are so much easier to care for then the competition.Please spread the word to other cat lovers via social media and other venues-

Teen Angel

Last night, fairly late, I ran to the store to get some cat litter and other supplies. As I was in my favorite area (the cat food aisle) a young man came up to me. He was in his teens, impeccably dressed and looked fairly out of place. He sported a brilliant smile and he stopped me mid-aisle. “Here ma’am” he said. “Merry Christmas early!” He then handed me an envelope and I watched puzzled as without another word, he turned and left the store.

Inside the envelope, there was $200.00 in twenty dollar bills! A Christmas card was enclosed along with a note that said “Take what you need, do what you want or pay it forward..” This is the second time in my life that something like this has happened to me. After a bit of thought, I extracted $20.00 and bought cat litter and a Christmas card. Before I left the store, I wrote across the top of the envelope “Merry Christmas” and slipped the envelope into the cart of a frazzled mom with five kids. The original note, I left in the card. I wonder how far those $20.00 bills will end up traveling?

Kittyo Connects Mommy-o and Daddy-o with their precious pet

This just came across my desk. In 2014 will launch a new ap that will enable missing pet parents (on vacation-at work-or just out on a date) to connect with their furry one. The theory with this ap is that it will allow the pet parent to connect vocally, visually, and playfully with their cat(s) even giving them the ability to dispense treats and play laser games (Now why didn’t WE think of that?) 🙂 With over 8 billion dollars spent last year on pets- this ap sounds like it will fit right in. You can sign up early at to get this ap at a reduced cost. If I had a cell phone, I would ask if I could be one of the first to beta test it and then record my findings on the Internet. But, I am one of the only people on the planet (apparently) that doesn’t want a cell phone and my husband (who for thirty years was a calibration technician) agrees.

So just spreading the word for all you tech-savvy cell-carrying kitty parents to keep your eye on this website.

Mystery Tail

This tail just cracks me up. It gives her so much more character! We have moved her inside, the temp is supposed to drop into the teens, so she is in our bedroom now. Right now, hiding under the bed unless I go in and sit on the floor then she scoots out from under the bed and dives between my knees- silly kitty!

The tailagstail