Temps down in the teens!

Got a call tonight about a found cat in danger of freezing to death because no one wanted him in their home. The kind-hearted woman adopted a cat from me years ago and kept my card and she is the one who called me- so Off I went. Yes, I am a bit off but it dropped down to 12 degrees last nigh!

Barnabus is in our warming barn away from all the other cats and lost and found posters will be made up tomorrow. Someone loved him enough to neuter him- no ear clip or microchip. He is a bit grumpy but at least he is warm and cared for-



Something to smile about

Barley in his new home. Trent is still hiding under the bed, but I told Miao to just give him time and he will soon join his brother-01barleyadopted

So although some of them don’t make it on to that better life of adoption. They all know that their lives do matter and someone indeed cares for them all-


I am extremely sad to say that Piewackett passed away early this morning. She would seem fine in the daytime, it was the night where she would fall into resp. distress- start to open mouth breathe and have problems despite all the vaporizers, heaters and heating beds at her disposal. Her nostrils were so tiny- I suspect genetically she was fighting something other than a bacterial infection in her lungs. Now, she is on the lap of God. I try to tell myself that this isn’t my fault- but I feel like I failed her and didn’t get to her in time- Here is her short life in the only photos we took of her:01piewackett01piewackettt3wksout



Sinatra and Buddy adopted to the same home!

Two of the four he older cats that we were tricked into “boarding” for two weeks many months ago, have now been adopted into a lovely home. I took four cats with me and the couple wanted ALL of them LOL but in the end, decided to take the two who were the most needy and showed it by rolling on their bellies and demanding to be loved. Of course, by the time I left the home, they were both hiding under the table, but that is pretty much normal. I am grateful the couple wanted the older cats because they really do miss their old family and have been hanging out in the cat enclosure even when it has got bitter cold.


The cats when they arrived here-



I was able to find Bugsby’s hiding spot but Sinatra was more elusive and I couldn’t find where in the house she was hiding. I did suggest they put both cats into one room right at first, but they wanted them out and about. Here is Bugs in his new home of course hiding under a table. I think Sinatra was behind the huge sofa- hopefully by now she has discovered the love waiting for her from these beautiful people. They will never be abandoned again.



“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Paws!”

I honestly don’t have a clue where to start so I will just start sharing my thoughts. Two weeks ago tomorrow, I was in hell dragging sickly kittens out a house of horrors. Unable to take all of them, I had nightmares about the ones left behind and called everyone I knew sharing the story, until one person who also cared, called me back and went in and rescued all the rest! When I was putting those babies into the carriers, mentally, I saw myself slapping my hand on my forehead and saying “What do you think you are doing Mary Anne?” But I kept putting more and more into the carriers leaving with 24 kittens.

We have since lost three- adopted out two and I have been putting the story out on the Internet and emailing all the agencies and anyone I know who rescues to see if anyone could take even just one kitten if not two. No takers, until late last night. A non-local cat shelter has decided this is a cause to get behind. They will take ALL the hoarder’s kittens just not all at once. They also cannot take any sick ones as their isolation room is full to the brim. This afternoon, I took over Jingles (the Siamese) Nubbles (the calico) Winks (the long-haired grey and white male with a perfect gray circle on his chin and Guppy a long-haired mackerel tabby. The others are still in various stages of sickness.

I shared in an earlier post about the theft of the cat food from our driveway- and thank you those of you who have sent food this way. It is trickling in and is truly a blessing! So back to today- a day of blessings- I drove home and as I pulled into the driveway, I saw a cat carrier sitting on our front ramp. I almost cried because right now, there is NO room in this Inn. I walked up to the carrier and noticed there was a big red bow on the side of it and it looked brand new! Crouching down, I peered inside and saw it just crammed FULL of individual canned cat food cans! A gift card hung on the door and read “From a loyal Blog Follower. Merry Christmas Mary Anne!” I broke down and cried right there. So thank you nameless blog follower may it come back to you tenfold.

I got in the house and Mike told me three people had called. Two wanting me to take their stray cats and one wanting a feral cat! I went “Huh? Someone called me to give them a feral cat?” That’s a new one for me. Usually they ask for a house kitty or a barn cat. I called this gentleman back and will meet with him on Friday with two kitties I think might fit his life- Molly my long-hair loveable tortie and Sinatra the cat with blue eyes that came here months ago to be “boarded” with four others. My hope is the family falls in love with Sinatra. She is missing all that love she had in her previous life, and it sounds like this new family has a lot of love to give her. But Molly is just as charming and so anything is possible.

The gentleman, Carl was really nice on the phone and we had a long talk about cats and more cats and then even more cats. At the end of the conversation- this man, who by the way “found out about CATS Inc.,” thanks to a donation box at the grocery store has offered to write a letter to multiple radio stations and tell them about what we do here to see if we can get some donations coming in. He has a background in radio broadcasting. He told me what he did, but my mind is tired and I can’t remember what he said he did there. He did also tell me that radio stations can really use a cat to hang around because one mouse can do a lot of damage to transmitters- GREAT idea.

Then I got another call from a woman interested in Glory Bee! She saw her on one of the other donation jars in town. I waiting to hear back from her as to when she wants to meet up-

I need to go- it was clean and fill litterpans day today, but I haven’t been home today much.

God Bless ALL of you. I am so grateful to have this blog as my sounding board and always amazed when I find out people really read it! 🙂 Thank you for your donations of monies, posts on the blog, prayers, donations of cat food and other goodies and just for loving these wonderful cats as much as we do-

I am so mad, I could spit nails!

Yesterday, I went to pick up the pet food donation early (because of the holidays). When I got home, I pulled into the driveway and opened the back of the truck. One of the barn cats jumped in (out of the rain) and I didn’t want to shut him in there so I left the top opened on the Suburban. I pulled out the cat litter first and ran it to the shed in back to put it away. When I got back all the canned cat food that had been donated was gone as well as some of the dry food. Who does that? I have some kitten food (canned) to feed but now it is the adults going without canned food because some slob took it upon themselves to help themselves to the canned cat food.

I feel like I did when we first moved here and planted our garden out in the front of the house only to come home during harvest time and find the homeless helping themselves to our potatoes, tomatoes and peppers! It is just a violation on so many levels. Most of the canned food is dented or crushed, yet they still took them. I have dry food thankfully- but the temp dropped to 32 last night and the barn cats keep warm by eating wet food. I can’t offer that this morning and the kitty is down to $12.00 which wouldn’t buy enough canned food to feed the masses here.

Well, I guess it is like Mike said- they must have needed it more than us. Serves me right to leave the truck in the driveway with the rear door open. At least they didn’t steal the truck! LOL  Gotta laugh, otherwise, I might cry.

Happy Thanksgiving ALL- Please stay safe if you are traveling or just staying home and give each of your furry ones a big hug- Sue, we are praying for you and Bob.

Love you guys!

Two Down- Nineteen to Go!

The two orange boys have been adopted by a wonderful, loving Chinese girl. Her name in English sounds like Meow (Miao) She fell in love with the two brothers and she understands about Barley’s deformity in his back leg and how he quivers at time, but it doesn’t matter. The boys were exploring their new home when I left- no fraidy cats here!

I have also called all the agencies I know to see if they can help lighten this kitten load over here. Hopefully, some will get back to me on Monday-