A Different Type of Rescue

This morning, on my way to feed a feral cat colony, I saw in the highway this shape- it looked like a rock. I wondered what a weird shaped rock was doing in the road and as I got closer the rock moved! It was 8:00 a.m. and there was traffic (not heavy) so I pulled over and darted out into the road and picked up this tiny  turtle! Thank God it wasn’t a snapping one!


It didn’t seem to be injured, so I took it over to a friend of mine and we decided to release it out into a local lake near her home. We were having a really bad storm and the lake was so choppy but this little guy- he couldn’t get in the water fast enough! I was just glad I noticed him and he hadn’t been hit by a car or had any wounds on him. This lake has a lot of turtles so hopefully, he will find a mate and live a happy life of 20 plus years!

Also, thanks to a friend of mine who runs www.felinefurniture.com (who by the way is also selling his business now) Scott designed a special outdoor cat house with doors that opened, but once the cat got inside, he couldn’t get out. There is wire on the side of the cat house so you can see who is in there and also to provide air for the trapped kitty. The only way the kitty can be let out- is by someone human. I trapped Chappy! Finally! it worked as soon as I put the house out by the enclosure. Chappy went in- and he was trapped.

I took him in the bedroom and just wanted to cry. He is bone skinny. He’s been outside I think about 8 months since the escape. He smells terribly, he was horribly matted (he’s part Persian) He hissed and growled at me at first, but he was so dehydrated and worn out I was able to work on a few mats with a seam ripper. I also gave him 180 ml of fluids- gave him a B-12 shot, force fed him some AD and started him on Clinedrops (he has a wound on his belly). I have done all I can to get him comfortable and come Monday, I will once again be at the vet. I’m so tired of being at the vet all the time- our bill now sits at $800.00. I was trying to keep ahead of it this year, but then we had all these really bad cases come through.  But he needs to be seen. When I pet him, all I feel is his backbone and mats. I will just have to work on the mats slowly over the next day working as he can handle it. He is growling at me and swearing but has not tried to bite me. I think he is just too depleted.


Odie and Benson

I was once again at the vet’s this morning. This time with Odie and Benson- both of them fighting injuries to their front legs. Odie’s turned out to be a deep bite wound probably inflicted by the feral tomcat let loose on our property and one that is allergic to traps! :(

Benson wasn’t so fortunate. After observing him for months alternately going lame on his front left leg, and after being dragged to the vet several times to see if he would walk for them and show them his pain- I took him in this morning with every intention of having them do films on his shoulder and get to the bottom of his lameness. The newest vet in the clinic- she saw us (I really like her) she has infinite patience with scared kitties feral and otherwise. Odie who last time he was there had to be muzzled and he still managed to bite a tech- had all sorts of warning flags on his chart. After talking to me about how he behaves, the vet decided to opt for wrapping him in a warm towel, working slowly and carefully and he was a champ. I couldn’t be more proud of him!

With Benson, it turned out not to be a fracture, or a sprain or a dislocated shoulder. This sweet year old Siamese has pillow foot which is extremely rare in cats- but he has it on three of his pads. :(  This disease is an auto-immune disease that causes the pads of the feet to become spongy and squishy and they will break open and bleed. It is extremely painful and they don’t know what causes it. We gave him a pain shot, a shot of depo-medrin and a shot of covinia and an anti inflammatory. Unfortunately, this disease is a precursor to stomatitis and early kidney failure. He’s only a year old!

I pray the steroid shot kicks in and he can at least have a few more years with us without suffering any other repercussions for this dreadful disease.

Someone stole my favorite cat carrier

Along with a garbage bag of recycled soda cans. They just lifted it out of the carport! I am heartsick because it is only one of two top-loaders that I had. I love the top loaders when you are dealing with the feral cats. It’s just so much easier to put them in through the top then in the side door. :( Well I need to call the sheriff and report it I suppose. Although I am sure they have other pressing matters to attend to. Dang it all anyway!

Saying Goodbye to Sarah

I just gave permission for Sarah to be put to sleep. The last two options we tried 2 injections of B-12 and the appetite stimulant did not work. Sweet Kitty who deserved so much better was just put to sleep and is now out of her pain and confusion and her altered state of mind. We will never really know what claimed her- but her babies are doing okay for now and I hope that continues

Sarah and her babies

Here is Sarah looking slightly more than hammered. She had just been given a face bath because she had been licking up some tuna juice and fell asleep in the plate. :(  You can tell there just isn’t something right about this beautiful girl. Again we are going to do a B-12 shot and an appetite stimulant if those fail- Sarah will go to the Bridge. :( 01sarah

Here are her babies


Bless her heart- she WANTS to be a good mom!


Didn’t Make it in Time

Right when I was getting ready to jump into my jammies and call it a day- the phone rings. It’s the Sweet Home Police Department telling me of a call they just got about a cat hit by car and stuck on fence! The location was 10 minutes from my home so off I flew.

When I got there the witnesses had taken the cat off the fence and laid him in a field. I gently picked him up and saw that he was barely breathing- both back legs were broke. They said that is what caught in the fence after he was flung off the road. :( I called my vet and off I went to see if we could save this boy. he started having seizures 15 minutes into the drive, but he was still alive when the vet got there.

But we were too late. He was too broken and damaged to be put back together so we stamped his Bridge Pass. At least he didn’t die on the road- the person who ran him over didn’t stop- but two other cars did- so he at least gained death with dignity. He looked from all appearances like a stray or someone’s cat who didn’t care about him. He was neutered but he was covered in fleas. I wanted him to be okay, I wanted him to live- but it was not meant to be. I think I have enough in the overflow of the donations to cover the bloodwork and this unexpected late night call/euthanasia which was $130.00

Goodbye Sweet Boy who has no name. I was going to call you Brash because that is how you looked even in your agony. I am glad I got the call about you. I’m sorry it was to late to save you-

Sarah Update

Just spoke to the vet. They have done bloodwork in house in order to find a quicker answer. kidney and liver values are not alarming. I hope I made the right call- blood work over a feeding tube? The decision haunts me a bit as I know that Sarah is entering the one week mark since she has voluntarily tried to eat food. But not only is she at risk if we don’t get answers- but her four babies who are right now doing great- are at risk as well. They are keeping Sarah supplemented by sub cu fluids and forced feedings. They tell me she acts like she has checked out- her body is present, her mind is not.

Thank you to those of you who have donated either prayers of money on her behalf. Her situation reminds me a lot of what Shell had to go through in her private hell before we got to her. Let’s just hope it isn’t to late that we arrived.


I’ve been so busy trying to save her and the babies, that no photos were even taken of them yet. I hope to have photos by Weds of next week- but not sure at this point. All concentration is going on getting this family healthy and back together again in one piece!

Emergency Fund Raiser Underway

The new mom- the one I wrote about yesterday is just hanging on by a slim thread. The vets say she is “just out of it.” Pupils wide and dilated, won’t rest, can’t nurse, no interest in her babies. Really sad for her age. They discussed some options and for right now, I am going to authorize blood work so we know what we are working with here. They want to put a feeding tube in her because of her inability to eat- but they want to see what the blood work reveals first. Really sad for her- she should have NEVER had these babies.  I need to come up with at least $225.00 for the complete bloodwork necessary to try and find out if we can save her. If you can help- God Bless you- if you can’t please send prayers. I have named her Sara because she needs a name of strength facing what she is currently facing.


Thank you for anything you can send-

That was Wonderful and Unexpected…

Had a new rescue this morning, a 6 month old kitty with four babies! The story behind them is that she showed up as a stray a few weeks ago, had babies in a place that she should have never been at- and about four days ago stopped eating and caring about much of anything. So I rushed over to get her and get her and the family to the vet ASAP. She is still there by the way- she is highly anemic (crawling with fleas) and dehydrated to the point of exhaustion. She looks so much like Turner- because her care was so labor intensive after I dropped her off as an emergency- one of the vets  has said she will foster the family for us! They are going to continue to give mom sub cutaneous fluids in an attempt to revive her and see if she can actually give milk to her babies. The four day stall in not eating concerns me because of feline hepatic lipidosis and her already being depleted as the four little ones sucked on her breasts. But, she is giving minimal milk at this time. The fact that the vet wants to take over her care makes me rest easier at night. I wouldn’t put her in a foster home right because of how bad off she is at the moment. I would put her babies into care so they can receive round-the-clock care. So this is ideal. The person surrendered her over to us, but called later and said he wants her back.