And now we wait

They did a few tests today bumping up the cost of the visit to $221.00 but now we just wait until the results are in. She is still not eating and has only gained a few ounces. No fever, she doesn’t present as sick so this is a wait and see time. I will call tomorrow to get the results of the preliminary bloodwork and go from there. Thank you for giving of time, prayer and monies for her cause. I have to say she is worth every penny spent to try and figure this out.

Here she is and not easily amused- LOL

The Chemical Kitties

I am pleased to say that four of the five kittens with the burns and lesions in their mouths are now able to eat cat food gruel. Apparently, they decided that after what they went through, they grew up a great deal because they are shunning the kitten food and going for the adult food instead. Hooty is back from foster care and he misses his foster mama a lot. She loved to nap with him in the afternoon. I don’t have that pleasure. His tongue is still shredded and nasty and he still goes for the ham Gerber baby food over all else. But the thick, gooey saliva that used to hang from his mouth and get all over his chest and front legs is gone. They went through their medications both the pain and antibiotic so hopefully from here on in- it will be an up hill battle-


This Princess was dumped on  us last night. At first, I thought she was a kitten- but examination of her teeth show her to be older than I initially thought. She is skin and bones, a lovely smoky gray long hair Persian but she is an older cat and as of this morning- her weight is 1 pound 4.5 ounces! So she has either been starved almost to death or she is quite sick. She is such a love- I hope in the morning when I take her in- they will tell me good news about her- but deep within I suspect that won’t happen. If I had to guess her age based on the tarter of her teeth- I would put her at 9-10 years old. 🙁 the most sobering find- the inside of her ears are yellow indicating jaundice.

Bud has a New Forever Home!

He is currently still hiding in the couples bedroom but has moved from under the bed to under a night stand- which is a bit of relief because he is more visible there than way under the bed.

They have three children and the oldest, the daughter flipped for both the kittens. I took Hobbit with me to keep Bud calm because the last time he went in the carrier, he came home minus his balls. With Hobbit next to him, he seemed a bit more at ease in the truck, but typically anxious and nervous once he was let out  in the bathroom. When I went to say goodbye to him, he did venture out of hiding and let me hug me. I really hope it works out, but one thing our house does not have are small children and he will need to adjust to the noise of the 3 year boy as well as a brand new home.

It seems like a really good fit- but only time will tell. The daughter told me she was going to use her puppy dog eyes on her dad really hard so he will let them also adopt Hobbit! LOL  I did tell them that Hobbit is probably 2 weeks away from her spay and she can’t go until then. They have another cat that is 2 years old so they wanted a playmate for her.I am praying for the best of all outcomes here for Bud.

ALL the toxic babies are now eating on their own- drinking is another matter but as long as they are eating wet food, we are okay. Hooty is coming home tomorrow. I had hoped they would fall in love with him but he is a biter like his sister Bindle and the bites hurt so I think the allure of him has faded. I was told his mouth is still a bit bloody and his tongue is still blistered. I know they are going to beat him up because he doesn’t smell the same as he did so they won’t know him- but I believe he can hold his own with the rest of them.

We have a new low-cost grocery store in Albany now- Winn-Co so I stopped on the way home and used the adoption donation to buy more baby food for the kittens. I also put my name up to be one of the local charities that they will be helping in the future, But they just opened their doors and they said they would contact us when they start doing donations. Crossing my fingers.

mike is deep in mourning and I am not sure how to help him. Losing both of his cats so close together has been tough for him. I heard him last night crying and I went to him, but what he wanted was just a feline friend so I put Pigeon and Skya on his chair. Pidge jumped down right away, but Sky stayed until morning. I’m going to let Slider out of the bedroom tonight and see how it goes with her. She is a beautiful marbled dilute cow kitty and constantly underfoot when I am in there. My hope is she will adopt Mike for her very own and ease his sense of loss.

Glory Bee- 2000-2017

She was a glorious cat both in color and definition. Found wandering the streets next to the ELKS Club in Sweet Home, they could not keep her so we were called. She was a bit of a scrappy one this kitten- pure calico attitude and she attached herself right away to Mike. She would lay on his lap when he came home from work, follow him out to the shop when he was working on building his custom knives and sleep on his side of the bed every night. Me- the only thing I was to this kitty was a human can opener. But that was okay because she had to have a lot of meds when she first arrived here.

The one thing I could count on was the minute the can was popped open, she would slide into the kitchen and start to meow constantly until the food was deposited on the dish and going into her mouth. I swear she had Siamese mixed in that stray DNA somewhere.

Everyone who visited here, wanted her and about 10 years ago, I put up a donation box in town with her portrait front and center on the box. A few days later I get a call and an angry male voice says:

“You have my cat!”

“Excuse me? Who is this?”

“Doesn’t matter my name, I WANT MY CAT!”

Confused, I responded that I have a lot of cats at the sanctuary and which one was he talking about? He was talking about Glory Bee although her name he insisted was Marshmallow (ugh)! He said he had been at one of the local stores and he was surprised to see her. She had been missing over a year and he and his wife feared she was dead. His wife he said, had cancer and when the ambulance came to take her one night- Marshmallow got scared and bolted. He didn’t stay to find her- he followed his wife to the hospital and ended up staying with her there for four days (she later passed)

I told him I would meet him and give him his cat and we made arrangements to meet at a local restaurant and he never showed. In fact, I never heard from him again. So we kept Glory Bee right where she belonged.

This cat has totally ignored me all these years except at meals. Like I said, glued to mike and when he got sick and had to be in a nursing home, she visited him with me. He would refer to her as his “Food Thief” because while he was eating, she would hop on his lap and wait for him to get distracted and quick draw out her front paw and pull a meaty prize off his plate!  I had to be careful what I served, not only to protect Mike’s heart, but also to be sure that the food was cat safe. That’s how quick she was- her favorite to nab was meatloaf.

Three weeks ago, she was no where in sight- she was hiding. No matter how many cans of food I popped, she never appeared. I finally found her way under the hamper in the hallway and when I reached for her, she growled so I let her be. That night – she jumped on my bed and head-bumped me so hard she left a bruise on my chin! She was telling me something. I would feed, she wouldn’t care. I would carry her food to her- she wouldn’t eat- every night for two weeks in the wee hours of the morning she would jump on my bed and do her desperate head bump. I finally decided despite just losing Taylor, I best listen to Ms. Glory and that’s why we ended up this morning putting her to sleep and out of pain.

Could I have kept her alive for awhile longer? Oh yes, I could have with pain meds, B-12 shots, Lasix, fluids and a special diet- but at what cost and why? She had a glorious run- she was loved loved loved and she will be deeply, deeply missed-

On a Brighter Note!

Bud (shown below) was neutered yesterday and went online tonight about 30 minutes ago and already has 2 families waiting to meet him and bring him into their home. I will meet with the first family 10:30 a.m.

The good news is he also has a sister who is almost identical in markings to him, so if both homes check out as solid- they might both win the mack tabby lottery. Hobbit has not been spayed yet- she is still a bit underweight

Glory Bee

This is one of our now oldest cats as the others passed on this year. This morning, I am taking her in for bloodwork and urine check as she is exhibiting some worrisome behaviors. She is, as Taylor was, Mike’s kitty- preferring to stay with him the majority of the day. Lately she has taken to hiding, she is peeing out the litterboxes in one sitting and she isn’t first to the food dishes as she normally is- also 30 minutes after she eats, she throws it all up. She is 17 years old. She’s a cantankerous calico (only to me) she loves Mike completely. I am hoping the swelling on her side will turn out to be a UTI or something simple. When I have picked her up recently- no matter how carefully, she gurgles and squeals and makes these very strange noises creating concern. So once again- off to the vet we go.

On the way to the vet, Glory started opening mouth breathing and couldn’t catch her breath. Her head and ears were on fire and the only liquid I had in the truck was a diet pepsi no ice. When I got her to the vet, they took her in right away and put her in a quiet place and observed her breathing which was quite labored- They took x-rays and she has fluid around her heart and in her chest. They are waiting for the results of the bloodwork but if she also is in kidney failure, I will put her to peace tomorrow.

Photo of Hooty

This might show you some of the damage done to these babies more than anything else. My computer is up and running-even paypal now works but all my photos had been lost in translation, until Mike found them late last night and brought them back from the black internet hole they fell into! That white on his tongue (according to the vet) is the chemical solidifying and when it falls off some of the barbs on the tongue go with it- making kitties very painful and super reluctant to eat or drink. 🙁